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The Wiki of Mana's naming policy is largely the same as the Super Mario Wiki's.

Naming hierarchy[edit]

The article title must be chosen based on the following priority list, sorted from highest to lowest priority:

  1. In-game
  2. Manual
  3. Strategy guides and other official publications
  4. Website
  5. Other merchandise (if applicable)

The {{conjecture}} template should only be used as a last resort, if a source for the name cannot be found.


If a name is not in-game, the user must create a reference to an official Square Enix source where they found the name. This also applies for events that are not shown in game, especially the backstory for earlier games, which can be found in the game's instruction manual. If a subject's name was changed in a newer release, the page should be moved accordingly.

Example: '''MAX Attack''',<ref>''Final Fantasy Adventure'' instruction booklet, pages 32 and 33.</ref>

More than one reference from the same type of media is allowed on an individual game basis, but the latest game should have its reference listed first.