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2024: Year of the Dragon!

We are highlighting dragons and dragon-related items in the Mana universe in what is said to be an auspicious year in the lunar calendar.

"Can you fly, sister?"

Flammie is a character and mode of transport in Trials of Mana.

A youngling dragoness descended from the great Winged Defenders of ages past, Flammie was found all by her lonesome atop the Laurent region's Celestial Peak. Though the Chosen and their party start off on a gender-confused wrong foot, Flammie is more than willing to help the heroes reach high places and travel the world to stay one step ahead of the villains, including the Benevodons that were released in the villains' civil war. The Mana Goddess gives our brave heroes the Flammie Drum to call upon her at will. She is also instrumental in containing Anise the Witch, the greatest threat the world has ever known.


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