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Sumo, also known as the Boy, is the protagonist of Final Fantasy Adventure and its direct remake Adventures of Mana.

Born and raised in Granz Realm, the Hero had a happy childhood in which he was well provided for both financially, being the son of Consul Hermann, and spiritually, listening to the legends of the world as spun in song by Lord Granz. However, one dark day, his parents were accosted by Prince Stroud, who had taken on the moniker of "Dark Lord", for hiding the (supposed) sole survivor of his massacre of the Mana Village. While his parents stayed behind to try and reason with Dark Lord (a tactic that resulted in their deaths), the Hero fled alongside the girl. Unfortunately, he twisted his ankle and, telling the Heroine to run ahead, was eventually captured and thrown into the dungeons of Granz Castle. There, he was forced to become a gladiator-slave for the Realm, battling monsters daily just to stay alive.


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