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2024: Year of the Dragon!

We will be highlighting dragons and dragon-related items in the Mana universe in what is said to be an auspicious year in the lunar calendar.

The Dragon Lord is a character and boss in Trials of Mana.

A demonic dragon with aspirations of total world conquest, the creature dubbed the Dragon Lord was astonishingly close to his goal when he was defeated by a young Richard of Valsena and his knight-retainer Loki near Dragonsmaw where he had been left for dead. Yet his malevolence lingered, and it drew the attention of a young boy cast out from his home kingdom of Altena for his incompetence with magic. This young man would be offered a bargain; if he lent one half of his life force to the tyrant, he would in turn be granted nigh-unmatched magical power. The boy complied, becoming the Crimson Wizard. He would go on to advise his former ruler, the True Queen, offering her a similar promise of unimaginable power if she were to unseal the Mana Stones and take up the Mana Sword.

Although the battle had also left Loki on the precipice of death, the Dragon Lord revived Loki and took him as his own retainer, now dubbed the Darkshine Knight. Loki was to ensure that his new master received the sword at all cost.

And so, a generation after the battle, peace is once again broken in the pursuit of power. New heroes will rise to thwart the Dragon Lord's relentless ambitions.


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