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Final Fantasy Wiki[edit]

I would accept your request but for the fact that the Fandom wiki of the same name has a big leg up on any independent. Granted, they are far stricter over there than anyone should be (my personal opinion), but they do have sufficient reason to be so. I myself manage Fandom's Mana space. Let me be clear on one big thing: while anyone, including myself, is free to post as they wish and where they wish, I simply want to make sure that credit is properly attributed when either wiki uses the other's material. And if someone over here wants to post over there and vice versa, I only ask that each of us give them an opportunity to feel things out without twisting arms one way or another.

There may be a few users out there probably not worth the time and attention to get acquainted with either way. I know one such person who pre-dated Yours Truly on Fandom, but they always think that ONLY the original games are worth doing anything about because the new ones don't appreciate good art design. Or some other thing. In a broader sense, I'd rather not ban somebody from the Fandom site only to find them here creating some other kind of mess. I don't have any doubt that you have your own set of rules in place. But if I do anything to suggest to you that you should behave the same way we do, it might not end well. Thanks for your support. We will be in touch. Swordzman236 (talk) 20:19, November 22, 2021 (MST)

Three swords, one weapon slot[edit]

I honestly don't know how we're going to deal with this one, but it appears we have a disputed name situation, regarding the second sword obtained in SoM. Since three different teams had eyes on the game:

  • The original used "Broadsword", but did not use the compound word.
  • The mobile uses "Cutlass", which is a nautical curved sword with a slim blade.
  • The HD calls it "Rapier", which is slim and straight-bladed.

Yet all three are used elsewhere as separate weapons. So, what would you do here? Swordzman236 (talk) 11:18, January 31, 2022 (UTC)

Administrative snag[edit]

Although you are not on discord, it appears that something has gone wrong on the administrative level, and you may need to do something to fix that. What is your plan for resolving this apparent issue? Swordzman236 (talk) 03:00, March 12, 2022 (UTC)

Sorry to hear about the conflict you're having. At least you folks should have a chance to cool off, sort it out, and get your roles straight. I'm looking forward to continuing expansion of the wiki in the meanwhile. Swordzman236 (talk) 06:10, March 13, 2022 (UTC)