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Great news! The Wiki of Mana will be joining the Indie Wiki Jam campaign!

Indie Wiki Jam is a 2-week long editing event to encourage people to edit wikis they haven’t edited before.

How to join[edit]

When saving an edit, tag it with #IWJ.


Easy tasks[edit]

  1. Help build the Galleries with existing images
  2. Expand Category:Stubs

Moderate tasks[edit]

  • Create pages, using similar pages as a template:
Petrify‏‎ (1,137 links), Poison‏‎ (1,025 links), Dwarf‏‎ (970 links), Benevodon‏‎ (953 links), Sleep‏‎ (940 links), Resistance‏‎ (823 links), Snowman‏‎ (764 links), Hemp Robe‏‎ (726 links), Glaive Empire‏‎ (723 links), Felt Robe‏‎ (709 links), Silence‏‎ (678 links), Mythril Gloves‏‎ (668 links), Ash Robe‏‎ (637 links), Holly Robe‏‎ (636 links), Leather Robe‏‎ (636 links), Ebony Robe‏‎ (635 links), Silk Hat‏‎ (624 links), Cotton Hat‏‎ (623 links), Hemp Hat‏‎ (623 links), Ivory Boots‏‎ (623 links), Gold Key‏‎ (621 links), Ash Staff‏‎ (613 links), Bone Boots‏‎ (606 links), Felt Hat‏‎ (606 links), Lorimar Gloves‏‎ (606 links), Seven Wisdoms‏‎ (570 links), Hazard‏‎ (566 links), Crystal Armor‏‎ (558 links), Dark Armor‏‎ (558 links), Dion Robe‏‎ (558 links), Crystal‏‎ (557 links), Amigo Whistle‏‎ (551 links), Barbecued Tail‏‎ (551 links), Black Bone‏‎ (551 links), Black Mask‏‎ (551 links), Cancun Feather‏‎ (551 links), Gaia Card‏‎ (551 links), Honey‏‎ (551 links), Invoice‏‎ (551 links), Keepsake Pendant‏‎ (551 links), Kurt's Letter‏‎ (551 links), Mistletoe Wood‏‎ (551 links), Moondrop‏‎ (551 links), Pine O'Clock‏‎ (551 links), Tone Stone‏‎ (551 links), Barbecued Newt‏‎ (550 links), Blink Weed‏‎ (550 links), Blood Pouch‏‎ (550 links), Bubu Worm‏‎ (550 links) and Cactus Essence‏‎ (550 links)