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Sword of Mana 2

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Screenshot shared in 2018 by Shinichi Kameoka on Twitter.

Sword of Mana 2 was a planned game in the Mana video game series, intended to be the direct sequel to 2003's Sword of Mana. Discovered by anonymous Internet data miners in July of 2018, it most likely would have been released for the Game Boy Advance had development continued beyond the conception and planning stages. It is also unknown who would have published the title under authority from Square Enix. Based on available information, Sword of Mana 2 appears to be a retelling of Secret of Mana in the same sense that Sword of Mana was a revision of the original Final Fantasy Adventure. It is believed that the game was ultimately scrapped due to the poor reception and sales figures of Sword of Mana,

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