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Secret of Mana

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This article is about the original Super Nintendo and mobile versions. For the game's HD remake, see Secret of Mana (remake).
Secret of Mana
Secret of Mana box art.jpg
Developer Square
Publisher Square
Platforms Super Nintendo Entertainment System, Virtual Console (Wii, Wii U), FOMA 903i, iOS, Android, Nintendo Switch, Super NES Classic Edition
Release date Super Nintendo:
Japan August 6, 1993
USA October 1993
Europe 1994
Virtual Console (Wii):
Japan September 9, 2008
USA October 13, 2008
Europe December 26, 2008
FOMA 903i:
Japan October 26, 2009
Japan June 24, 2010
Worldwide: December 21, 2010
Virtual Console (Wii U):
Japan June 26, 2013
Worldwide: October 30, 2014
Super NES Classic Edition:
USA September 29, 2017
Europe September 29, 2017
Australia September 30, 2017
Japan October 5, 2017
Genre Action role-playing
ESRB:ESRB E10+.svg - Everyone 10+
Mode(s) Single player, multiplayer
Media Cartridge, Digital download
Input Controller

Secret of Mana is the second installment of the Mana series. It was both developed and published by Square. The game was originally released for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in 1993. Ever since its release, the Mana series was formed, specifically to disconnect from the Final Fantasy franchise, which only includes the first Mana title, Final Fantasy Adventure.

Similar to The Legend of Zelda series, Secret of Mana features real-time battles, although like Final Fantasy Adventure, it has an Attack Gauge that, when filled, allows the player's character to inflict the highest damage to their target. Instead of a generic pause interface, the game introduces the Ring Command menu system, which the player can access by pausing the game to make certain decisions, such as use an item or equip a different weapon. For a large duration of the game, the party consists of three characters, who simultaneously fight at once. A second and even a third player, if they connect a third controller via the Super Multitap peripheral, can join in to control the second and third characters respectively.

In 2008, Secret of Mana was ported to the Wii's Virtual Console, and in 2013 it was ported to the Wii U's Virtual Console, although only in Japan. In 2009, Secret of Mana was released for FOMA 903i mobile phones and then for EZweb in 2010. In late 2010, the game was ported to iOS devices and then to Android devices in 2014. The original Super Nintendo version is one of the three titles included in the Collection of Mana compilation and one of the 21 games included on the Super NES Classic Edition. In 2018, an HD remake of the game was released for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, and Microsoft Windows.


Title screen

Darkness sweeps the troubled land, as Mana’s power fades… people await a hero who will wield the sword… Excalibur, Herald, Gigas, the blade has had many names, for it has been celebrated in myths and legends throughout time. But all these speak to just one weapon: the Sword of Mana.


Using the power of Mana, a civilization had grown strong… In time, Mana was used to create the ultimate weapon: the Mana Fortress… This angered the gods. The sent their beasts to destroy the Fortress… A violent war rock the world, and Mana seemed to disappear… Before all was lost, a hero with the Mana Sword smashed the Fortress… Though the civilization had been destroyed, the world was peaceful again. But time flows like a river… and history repeats…

Randi pulling out the Mana Sword

Upon hearing a villager mentioning something shiny lurking near the local falls, Elliot, Timothy, and Randi go there to investigate despite knowing all too well the area was off limit. While crossing a large waterfall on a narrow catwalk, Randi slips and falls into the basin far below, leaving his two friends scurrying back to the village. While exploring the lower grounds, the young lad starts hearing a mysterious voice beckoning him. He eventually finds a rusty sword wedged inside a rock. Prompted by the otherworldly echoes, he pulls out the weapon, all the while the voice coalesces into a ghostly knight. The apparition declares he entrusts the sword to Randi and disappears in a blinding light.

Randi being banished from Potos

With his new cutting tool at hand, the young man disposes of the overgrown weed previously blocking his path and made his way back to his hometown. He finds the populace in disarray, complaining about the light coming from the waterfall and the recent surge of monsters swarming the village’s outskirts. Upon reuniting with his mates and meeting with the elder, he learns that pulling out the Mana Sword from its pedestal has made monsters appears all over the area, dooming the town. Hearing the news, Elliot starts pummeling the poor boy backwards, blaming him from all that happened. A sudden earthquake is felt, creating a hole below the two boys, sending them several feet under the earth. There, Randi is forced to defeat a giant praying mantis while being assisted by a travelling swordsman. After taking care of it, the boys are hoisted back up and the older man introduces himself as Jema and directs him to the Water Palace to seek out the aid of Sage Luka. After him leaving the village, Randi is asked by Timothy to go to the Elder’s house for an emergency meeting. There, the villagers are all gathered to coerce the village chief into banishing Randi from Potos for his crimes. The old man obliges and tells the young lad to leave the village after he finishes his business here. He later confides in the young lad that her mother brought him up to Potos when he was just a baby, and he raised him as his own. After parting with his adoptive father, Randi leaves his hometown for good and makes his way to the Water Palace.

Randi meeting Luka for the first time

After taking the Cannon Travel center, the boy lands near the Water Palace where a small troop of soldiers from Pandora were stationed in. He learns that their commander Dyluck was sent to eliminate a witch from the Haunted Forest. Moments after, he crosses path again with Jema who waited at the Palace’s entrance to greet him. During his audience with Sage Luka, he learns him pulling out the Mana Sword caused a shift in Mana all over the world, causing monsters to appear. Should he defeat monsters and obtain their orbs he could reforge the holy blade back to full power. The Empire also seeks to revive the Mana Fortress of yore by breaking the seals of each Mana Palace. Luka then entrusts Randi to seek out the eight temples’ Mana Seeds and receive their power. Jema leaves for the town of Pandora to seek an audience with the king while Randi is tasked to head to Gaia’s Navel to gain the Dwarfs’ help. The seeress gives the adventurer a spear as a parting gift.

Randi at the Goblin Camp

While heading to his next destination, Randi is ambushed by goblins and put in a boiling stew for their main dish. Shouting for help, he grabs the attention of a female bystander, who quickly lets him out of his gloomy demise. As he is about to thank her, however, she claims she mistook him for someone else, and quickly leave the premises without disclosing her name.

Later, Randi reaches the town of Pandora, where he is advised by a standing guard to refrain from talking to people. He soon learns the realm is plagued by a curse turning citizens into zombies, wandering aimlessly. While exploring the castle, Randi bumps into the girl from earlier storming out of an arranged marriage meeting. Upon learning he is a swordsman, the lady going by Primm urges him to go to the Haunted Forest to deliver her fiancé Dyluck from the evil witch’s clutches and the two of them decide to team up. However, after deciding to follow his initial plan to explore Gaia’s Navel, Primm leaves to look for her lover by herself, angered at his stubbornness to head to the cave first.

The Dwarf Elder's show

Randi finds the Dwarf Village in the deepest part of the subterranean maze, where he encounters Watts the blacksmith who offers to forge his sword for 100 GP. Upon touching the holy blade, the dwarf’s hammer gains the ability to forge orbs into weapons. Overjoyed, he tells the boy to come later to receive another weapon. Randi decides to explore the village to pass time and comes across a shoddy sideshow run by the Dwarf Elder. He ends up paying a hefty sum of money for falling for the whole charade which involves helping a stray sprite pay back their debt. After discovering their ruse, he gets his money back, but is immediately whisked away by a rumble, sending them right in front of a giant carnivorous plant monster. After getting rid of the threat, the Dwarf Elder reveals that the beast has unearthed the entrance to the Underground Palace. However, it is still sealed by lava and the protagonist must ask Elinee the witch to undo the chant. The young sprite named Popoi is said to have washed up in Gaia’s Navel after a great storm flooded the area, losing their memory in the process. They decide to join Randi after hearing they may regain their memory should they come in contact with the Mana seeds. After receiving a bow from the Dwarf Elder, the team returns to Watts who gives them an axe and makes a shortcut to the surface.

Elinee sending Dyluck to Thanatos

The party ventures into the Haunted Forest only to find a distressed Primm fighting two werewolves. The young lady reunites with Randi and they resume their search for the Witch’s Castle. They found the old crone deep within her lair, about to teleport Dyluck to her master Thanatos at the ruins in Pandora. She claims her magic didn’t work properly on her and that the Mystic Knight from the Empire will invade Pandora once they’ll be no more sane troops to defend the realm. She then release her pet tiger to feast on the adventurers. The trio takes care of the furry beast, breaking the enchantment on Elinee. She reverts back to a regular old woman, telling them the magical herbs she once gathered in the forest withered. She made an oath with Thanatos and exchanged the souls of the villagers to maintain her powers. She adds that the Pandoran commander has already been warped to the ruins, and then advises the party to gain the magic of ice to neutralize the Underground Palace seal. Elinee finally gives the trio a whip as an apology before they head for their next destination. Back outside the castle, they hear Luka speaking to them telepathically, telling them to come to the Water Palace at once.

Returning to the temple, Sage Luka informs the party that Undine, the elemental of water might be in trouble as the barrier around her hideout has disappeared as of late. The adventurers venture into the cave, where they battle an overgrown reptile guarding the entrance to the water spirit room. There, Undine bestow upon Primm and Popoi defensive and offensive magic respectively. Randi asks what about him, but she replies the Mana Sword will once wield magic unrivaled by any other spells. She then gifts a polearm to the party before officially joining the party.

Meeting Gnome

Now infused with ice magic, the party returns to Dwarf Village where the entrance to the Underground Palace lies and break the seal by casting and ice spell. There, they proceed deeper into the vestiges when they meet with an irate magical creature, shouting at them from barging into the altar room. Popoi tries to brawl with them, awakening a fiery giant the party needs to take down. The earth spirit Gnome thanks them afterwards and decides to join the group. Randi then synchronizes the Mana Sword with the seed to gain its power, then Popoi tries to focus their mind into it to regain some of their memories. They claim to hail from the forest in the Upperland, gaining new clue as to where the party might explore next.

Meeting Thanatos

Sage Luka, however, is worried about Jema not coming back from his audience with the king in Pandora, and ask the adventurers to look into it. While wandering around Pandora, they find a dazed friend of Primm named Pamaela, who immediately disappears upon talking to her. The team finds her near the ruins’ entrance excited about the idea of being sacrificed. Primm tries to snap her out of it, but Pamaela slaps her in retaliation, and then storms into the ancient structure. The party chases after her all the way to the back of the ruins, where they finally meet with Thanatos, who already drained Primm’s friend & Dyluck of their energy. He then activates a trap under their feet, sending them crashing down into a sacrifice chamber where they must defeat the very source source who drained all the souls of Pandora. They succeed, but are too late to confront the Mystic Knight who eloped along with Dyluck & Pamaela, but not after lifting the curse on the kingdom. They find Jema amidst the victims, who explains that Thanatos is one of the best officers of the Empire. He then entrusts the party to revisit Luka while he’s investigating the Underground Palace.

Meeting the Scorpion Army

Back to the Water Palace, they learn to their horror that the Mana Seed has been stolen. According to Luka, however, doesn’t seem to have been perpetrated by the Empire. She has a vision of the water seed in the confines of Gaia’s Navel, where the party decides to investigate. There, they find Jema and the Dwarf Elder overlooking a large hole in the middle of Dwarf Village. Randi’s mentor explains that the thieves are drilling a hole toward the Underground Palace as they are after its Mana Seed. He entrusts the trio to chase after the thieves while he’s defending the palace. The party agrees and sneak into the Thieves’ Ship, where they meet face to face with the robbers calling themselves the Scorpion Army. Their leader, the Scorpion Boss claims they will someday rule the world with the power of the Mana seeds. They jump into their mechanical robot Kilroy to confront the protagonists, but end up overpowering their machine thanks to the energy of the stolen Mana seed. The trio thwarts their plans and the odd gang is forced to retreat. Once back in Dwarf Village, the elder thank them for their hard work, mentioning Jema retreated along with Pandoran soldiers. He gives the party a peculiar mallet as a reward.

Meeting Geshtar

Heading back to the Water Palace, they find the whole area infested with monsters, with Sage Luke being held hostage by the Empire. The commanding officer of the operation introduces himself as Geshtar of the Vandole Empire. He threatens the party to hand over the Water Seed lest they want Luka to suffer a dire fate, but the protagonists are either way forced to yield to the general. Geshtar breaks the Mana seed’s seal, then pits the party against his personal pet Jabberwocky. The trio defeats the two-headed dragon, then seal the Water Seed back as instructed by Luka. Jema, who came into the scene a moment ago, explains that the imperial forces have drawn back from the region as he was busy fighting them in Pandora. He adds he’ll be returning to his home country of Tasnica to see what he can do to stop the Empire and urges the protagonists to continue their mission by heading to the Upperland with the help of the nearby Cannon Travel center. Sage Luka adds to seek out the wisdom of Sage Joch living atop the Lofty Mountains.

Popoi returning to Sprite Village

Following Jema’s advice, the party made their way to the Upperland by taking a cannon and landed right in middle of the Forest of Seasons, hitting Popoi’s head in the process. This caused them to lose some its memory they had retrieved prior in the Underground Palace, forcing the party to further explore the premises. They met with a strange flock of bear-like creature called Moogles who claimed, according to the sprite, that they village has been invaded by Pebblers. The party decides to investigate the area, soon finding the aforementioned place swarming with the spiky moles. They quickly get rid of them, allowing the Moogles to take back their turf. Talking to one of them triggers a headache to Popoi, who suddenly remembers everything again. The creature reveals the secret to finding the hidden Sprite Village.

The party follows the instructions only to find the settlement to be deserted. A piercing cry echoes from afar, leading up to an overgrown fowl rampaging in the area. The giant bird is easily defeated and the party find a small temple behind the village. There, they find Popoi’s Grandpa who explains the recent attack from the Empire decimated the village’s population and made him lose his sight. The fact he laid low in the palace made him the sole survivor. He adds the sprites like him and Popoi are dependent of the Mana flow and should the imperial forces release the seals on each Mana seed, the ancient beast will be released once again. If that happens, sprites wille disappear from the face of the world. Popoi swears to protect the seals and take the wind elemental along with them not before his elder advises the party to seek the aid of the white dragon in a cave not too far from here.

The matangese legend

Using a wind spell on a nearby orb in the Great Forest allow the adventurers to make their way into uncharted territory, where they stumble on a mushboom village called Matango. There, they meet with King Truffle inside Fung Castle who immediately recognizes Randi as the legendary hero. According to a legend, a mighty hero would wield the hold blade riding a white dragon and save the world. He then adds one of his folk saw a white dragon fighting a huge snake inside the cave up north. The king promises to share the next palace location should the party bring the dragon unscathed here in the castle. On that note, the protagonists make their way up to the northern cave to find the elusive creature. They find the lone dragon after killing off a viper who probably defeated its parents. The party asks Truffle for help carrying it all the way to the castle. There, the king thanks the heroes for rescuing the creature and decides to call it “Flammie”. The young dragon shall stay at his side while the adventurers are directed to Kakkara Desert where the next palace is said to be.

Imperial ambush on the Sandship

The trio takes the nearest Cannon travel center who blasts them in the middle of the desert. They find a Sandship after some wandering, but are immediately taken for imperial spies and are separated from each other. As each of them is forced to repay their debt for being rescued, they are dispatched around the ship to do manual work. Randi is taken down the engine room and meets with a fellow worker named Sergo, claiming he’s a pirate. He offers to make a diversion to distract the guards while the boy tries to reunites with his friends. The operation is successful, leading Randi to explore the vessel. He then finds Popoi rummaging the kitchen. An old man complains they ate all food in the hold. Randi and Popoi teams up to find Primm in the captain’s quarters, with Commander Morie ordering her to massage his back. She refuses, exchanging some banter with him, but Admiral Meria storms in and starts scolding his grandson for his rude behavior. The older general tries to capture the adventurers, but are interrupted by a surprise imperial assault led by Geshtar. The imperial knight hops on his mechanical hover bike and engage the party into a fight. He is forced to retreat in the end, leading the whole sandship crew to be stranded in the desert. Meria apologizes for his actions upon learning the party’s conection with Jema, and a soldier help them find their way to the town of Kakkara.

Scorpion Army's hidden paradise

There, they learn from the ruler that the local oasis has run dry because of the disappearance of the fire seed from the nearby palace. The town’s minister also adds that the elemental spirit Salamando has also been kidnapped. The party finds a Cannon travel center next to the settlement and head to the frozen wasteland of the north to investigate. They land in Todo Village where a local Walrusker talks about a [[Tropics|tropical paradise hidden deep within the Crystal Forest. While searching the frozen woods, they stumble upon a lone shack with a talking reindeer pleading the party to get his master back from the Ice Palace. After further exploring, they find a warm settlement devoid of snow and ice in the middle of the frigid plains. In the middle of this peculiar place lies a large heater, holding none other than the fire mana spirit inside. They free the creature, which immediately joins the team, making the whole area freeze. Turns out the Scorpion Army was behind all this and stole the elemental to attract rich tourists. One of the lackeys blurts out that they saw an old man grabbing the seed while they nabbed Salamando back at the Fire Palace. This gives the party the incentive to explore the Ice Palace lurking at the end of the forest. Inside, they are greeted by an ice giant who is revealed to be none other than Santa Claus. He fell for the Mana Seed’s power once he sought to make children believe in him again, and transformed into this hideous gigas instead. He gives the Mana Seed back to the protagonists who return to the desert to put it on the fire altar.

Dyluck draining energy from Primm

This feat did not bring water back to Kakkara, however, and the protagonists press on toward their next destination by taking the cannon aiming to another continent. They arrive in enemy’s territory in a place called Southtown, where they meet an old tasnican undercover agent who gives the party the secret password to the sewer connecting Southtown to Northtown. There, they encounter the Resistance a group of young spies trained to defeat the Empire. Their leader is the young lady called Krissie]] who claims a man named Dyluck has recently stationed himself in the eastern ruins to steal people’s energy. They decide to investigate here, and find Pamaela speaking about marrying Dyluck, deeply upsetting Primm, who knocks her out. Krissie brings her to the local doctor while the party enters the old ruins. The party encounters Dyluck in the deepest part of the ruins, and he tricks Primm by stealing her energy. This betrayal angers Randi, who hits the soldier with his weapon. This momentarily snaps the possessed man out, telling Randi & Popoi to save her beloved friend located in the back room. The lady is found unconscious next to Thanatos who immediately paralyzes the two adventurers upon sight. His plans are thwarted, however, when Dyluck decides to transfer some of his life force the party, resurrecting Primm and freeing Randi and Popoi. The mystic knight retreats, leaving his underling Vampire to deal with them. The party defeats the creature, but do not make it in time enough to save Dyluck.

Imperial Palace confrontation

With nowhere else to go, the protagonists return to the Resistance headquarters and tell Krissie what has happened. She then informs the Emperor claims he wants a truce and disbands the imperial army, but the Resistance is highly skeptical of his true motives. They still agree to come to Vandole’s meeting in the Imperial Palace, but it is quickly revealed to be a trap. The party is put to jail along with the entire Resistance, and a destined to be mauled by powerful mechanical bioweapons. The adventurers fortunately escape and try to settle their argument with the Emperor. As they storm the throne room, they are greeted with Vandole surrounded by three of his four imperial generals: Geshtar, Sheex, and Fanha. Geshtar pleads the Emperor for a rematch, and fights the trio atop the palace while the others escape. He is killed off by them, but not before the mechanical genius burns the whole place to the ground. The party is saved in the nick of time by King Truffle riding a fully grown Flammie. He gives its favorite toy drum to the party, saying they can call him anytime, then escape the palace by flying toward Matango. Truffle directs them to the Lofty Mountains, where Sage Joch awaits.

Meeting Shade

The protagonists head there and climb the tallest peak to where the wizened old man is said to live. Inside a cave, they only find a strange humanoid bird telling them His Sageness went to the Palace of Darkness. The adventurers headed into the temple, synchronized the Mana Sword with its Mana seed, and befriended its elemental Shade. Upon heading back to the hermit’s cave, they learn Sage Joch went to Gold Isle. The party has no other choice but to comply and head for the aforementioned place. There, they learn about the ruler of the isle King Mammon has used the Wisp light elemental’s power to turn its city into gold, and locked it inside Gold Tower. The key to the tower was stolen by a Tasnican spy. It turns out the spy was Mara’s late husband and she’s been keeping it safe inside a box as a memento. She gives the key to the party and they return to the Light Tower to investigate. They rescue Lumina at the top of the structure and fuse the Mana Seed with the Holy Blade. Upon returning to Sage Joch, his pupil claims he is gone yet again, this time exploring the Moon Palace near Kakkara Desert. After flying to the aforementioned location, they meet with a friendly Robin Foot monster named Karon who let them cross the Sea of Wonder with his ferry. There, they go inside the palace with Luna the Moon elemental awaiting them. Randi draws out his blade once again before the Mana Seed before heading back to the Lofty Mountains. To no one’s surprise, Jehk discloses yet another location his master has gone to and the trio has no other choice but to go there as well.

The Test of Courage

They arrive as the Lemlian Castle of the Tasnican republic following Jehk’s instructions, where they learn form Jema about an imperial spy hiding amidst the castle. He is out for the chancellor according to the old knight, pleading the protagonists to stay alert. After searching the castle through and through, they finally enter the audience room to meet with the chancellor. To their utter shock, he frames them as imperial spies and tries to arrest them on the spot. Jema erupts into the scene, claiming the chancellor is a fake since he doesn’t cast any shadow, foiling the usurper’s plans. He reveals himself to be Sheex in disguise and attack the party, but they are no match for him and he is forced to retreat. The true chancellor thanks the adventurers for saving the republic and Jema instructs them to go learn true courage from Sage Joch before the Empire becomes unstoppable.

Back atop the Lofty Mountains, the party finally meet the old sage, who shall declare them worthy should they succeed in overcoming his Passage of Trials. The party accepts the challenge and the way opens next to them. They defeat the monsters on their way to the end one by one, until they come face to face with their final task: defeating their doppelgangers. They manage to do so, and return to the cave’s entrance with Sage Joch nowhere to be found. The mischievous bird is revealed to be the true Joch, as the old man was merely an illusion, stating he has been waiting for them to find their inner strength before unveiling the truth. He then directs them to the Sunken Continent where the last palace is said to be as well as the last remnants of the Mana Fortress.

Vandole ambushing the party

The trio calls Flammie and fly to the deserted island, but is cornered by Emperor Vandole and his crew as they enter the temple. He declares the last seal to remain here, having visited all previous palaces to undo them behind the heroes’ back. He flees to the last altar with Fanha, leaving Sheex to transform into his mavolian form to take care of them. The general is eventually defeated, but the seal is broken before they could do anything. The party nabs the last elemental and escape the raising continent by calling the white dragon. Fearing the worst, they go back to Water Palace only to find Luka behind bars. She claims the imperials army unsealed the Water Seed and put her in jail. The then adds that the seal cannot be restored with the Mana Sword anymore and her last resort is now to pray for a miracle.

Emerging Sunken Continent

Back on the emerged continent, the party finds the areas swarming with monsters, with the Tasnican forces amidst the brawl. Jema is among them, telling the heroes that troops around the world are fighting to stop the Empire from resurrecting the fortress. He tells them to go underground and make their way to the palace there. The party accepts and ventures into the bowels of the earth to chase after Emperor Vandole. They are stalled on the way by the Scorpion Army, now seeking to grab the Mana Sword by force. They activate their new & improved robot, but are defeated once again. After a never-ending trek around the Underground City, they finally reach the altar room where they find a dead Vandole to their bewilderment. They quickly learn that it was Fanha who betrayed the Emperor, gloating about controlling the Mana Fortress and soon the world itself together with Thanatos. The mystic knight discloses that Dyluck’s body is needed for his transfer ritual, and escape to the fortress while Fanha transforms into her serpentine alter ego to confront the party. She perishes along with Geshtar, who was revived by Thanatos to stall the heroes even further.

Scorpion Army in the Undergroun City

They escape the structure right as the Mana Fortress is about to lift off. As they land on the resubmerged island, they speak with Jema, who is deeply distraught at the idea of not having prevented the resurrection of the fortress. He then recalls of a distant land hosting the Mana Tree. The thick fog surrounding it has recently subsided due to the fortress consuming Mana at an alarming rate. Should Randi synchronizes the Mana Sword with the Sacred Tree, he should be able to bring the blade back to its full power. The party looks around the island before departing and finds Primm’s best friend Pamaela inside the palace. She deeply regrets behaving the way she did prior, but Primm comforts her, saying she was under the Thanatos’s spell. Pamaela reveals that she was jealous of Dyluck and her being an item and that was how the evil sorcerer was able to manipulate her so easily. The two friends make amends and the party heads to the hallowed sanctuary.

Destruction of the Mana Tree

Upon landing there, they hear a mysterious voice telling them to come hither. The heroes hack through the thick greenery and destroy many fearsome beasts to finally pinpoint the Mana Tree in the distance. Their rejoice is short-lived, however, as they see the Mana Fortress firing a missile at the Tree. The party awakes before the destroyed Mana Tree, telling Randi she has been awaiting his arrival. She tells them that the resurrection of the fortress has used up most of the world’s Mana, meaning that soon all the Mana beasts of this land will coalesce into one humongous creature, bringing Mana back to the planet. However, the recent decrease in Mana will cause the Mana Beast to enter an unbridled frenzy, destroying the world. The only way to prevent this is to defeat the beast with the Mana Sword. Randi is the last surviving member of the Mana Clan able to do this as the Mana Tree reveals she and the legendary tasnican knight Serin are his parents. He once challenged the Empire fifteen years ago, but was left badly wounded. With the last of its strength, he journeyed to Potos to retrieve the Mana Sword but never made it in time. She transformed into the Mana Tree afterwards to protect the world from evil. The Mana Tree bids her son farewell, then reseals the eight Mana Seeds of the world into the Holy blade before dying. Primm & Popoi are supportive of his loss, telling Randi not to give up as they got him covered.

Mana Tree telling Randi the truth about his past

After making last-moment preparations, they fly toward the ominous fortress for the final battle. They traverse the mechanical maze laid out in front of them, leading all the way to some familiar faces. The evil sorcerer reveals that his own body has reached its limit and needs another worthy vessel to house his spirit. As he couldn't take a normal human because his earthly envelope would tear apart, he went on a search for a human born in the shadow of darkness every few decades. It happens that Dyluck's body is one of them and is capable of augmenting his powers beyond comprehension. While the young soldier's powers were sealed as a child, he is no more than a puppet to Thanatos now and will be housing his evil soul and using the Mana Fortress to rule the world. The magic knight is suddently growing weaker by the minute and must now inhabit his new vessel before collapsing. Primm then lunges towards Dyluck as a way to prevent his possession going further attacking the evildoer in the process. The latter's body vanishes almost instantly but unfortunately, Thanatos's soul has become one with the major's body. Gloating about his newfound vessel, the possessed Dyluck tries to further his modus operandi, but suddently finds himself unable to do anything. An otherworldly but familiar voice resonates across the room, telling Primm to listen to it as it is Dyluck's spirit. His echo says that he cannot speak for too long since Thanatos's energy is too strong, but he knows a way to defeat the sorcerer. He reveals to the party that Thanatos was once an ancient sorcerer who sold his soul to Maviola in exchange for eternal life. While his spirit became eternal, his body slowly decayed and he must periodically find a new suitable host to possess. With each new body, his spirit grows ever darker as it feeds on hatred and destruction. Dyluck's spirit then apologizes to Primm, as he cannot join her in the mortal realm anymore and entrust Randi to take care of her. As he finishes his speech, Dyluck uses his last bit of strength to destroy his body, leaving Thanatos without a host and revealing his true face. Desperate to find a new host, the dark entity heads for the heroes in vain as he is eventually defeated.

The Mana Beast appearing

His death triggers the emergence of the Mana Beast, forcing the heroes to head at the top of the fortress to confront it. Randi is afraid, however, that Popoi would disappear along with Mana should they slay the creature. The sprite retaliates by stating that the world of sprites and elementals are separate from the human world, meaning that they will just not see Randi and Primm again. According to them, the fate of the world is much more pressing than sprites, so they better take care of the Mana Beast quickly since Randi promised his mother to do so. The three of them advance toward the towering being, with Popoi and Primm casting Mana Magic to fill the Holy Blade with power. A grueling and arduous battler ensues, eventually making the party victorious as the Mana Beast vanishes into snow.

With Mana disappearing, Popoi is no more, leaving Randi & Primm to mourn over they sprite friend. They swear before each other to never forget them, and return to previous locations to visit their acquaintances form all over the world. Randi leaves Primm to her father in Pandora before departing to his hometown of Potos, where he is seen putting the Mana Sword back into its original resting place. Popoi’s spirit is seen visiting the Sprite Village, before glancing at the moonlit sky atop a tree.




Action Function SNES
Move Move in the four cardinal directions. Pressing two directions close to each other at once will make the player character move in diagonals. SNES Dpad.webp
Dash Dash in a straight line, depletes your Power Meter. SNES A button.svg
Attack/Interact Strike with your weapon in areas with enemies. Also makes your character interact with an NPC or a sign if in range. SNES B Button.svg
Charge Charges up your Power Meter to execute a Power Attack, making the character move slower. SNES B Button.svg
Activate/deactivate character If a second or third controller (Multi-Player Adapter required on SNES) is recognized by the system, pressing start on the respective controller with allow the second or third player to control a character. SNES Start button.webp
Switch character Switch between playable characters. SNES Select button.webp
Strafing Make your character face the same direction as an enemy while charging its weapon. SNES B Button.svg + SNES L Button.webp or SNES R Button.webp


Action Function SNES
Open/close controlled character ring command Make the currently controlled character Ring Command open or close. Switches to the currently controlled character Ring Command if on an ally's. SNES Y Button.svg
Open/close ally character ring command Make an ally character Ring Command open or close. Switches to an ally character Ring Command if on the main controlled character's. SNES X Button.svg
Move Move left or right in the currently viewed Ring Command. SNES Dpad.webp
(left or right)
Switch ring commands Move up and down to switch to another Ring Command. SNES Dpad.webp
(up or down)
Select item command Press once in item Ring Command to select which character to consume the item with the hand cursor. Press twice to confirm. SNES B Button.svg
Select weapon command Press once in weapon Ring Command to make selected weapon flicker. Press twice on same weapon to equip, or on another weapon to swap. SNES B Button.svg
Select magic command Press once in magic Ring Command to enter selected elemental spirit sub-menu. Press twice to select magic spell with hand cursor and a third time to confirm. SNES B Button.svg

Merchant Rings[edit]

Action Function SNES
Move Move left or right in the Merchant Ring Command. SNES Dpad.webp
Select item/armor Press once in Merchant Ring Command to make slected purchase/sell flicker. Press twice to confirm purchase/sell. SNES B Button.svg
Cancel Cancel selected purchase/sell. Go back to a previous menu or stop interaction with shopkeeper. SNES A button.svg

Ring Commands[edit]

Secret of Mana introduces the Ring Commands to the series as various menu functions throughout the game. There four main ring commands tied to each playable characters.

  • Item Rings allow the player to view and use currently owned items.
  • Weapon Rings allow the player to view and equip currently owned weapons.
  • Edit Rings display information about weapons & armor, character status, window edit, etc.
  • Magic Rings are exclusive to Primm and Popoi. They are used to cast magic spells.

Item Ring Command[edit]

This Ring Command display all currently hold items. There is a maximum of 10 item varieties, each consumable items can hold up to four units.

Weapon Ring Command[edit]

All eight weapons found throughout the aventure are displayed here. Currently equipped weapons are marked with a miniature icon of each player character. An upper window informs about the currently selected weapon's name and attack power (right) compared to the character ring's equipped weapon (left). Players can switch equipped weapons to another by selecting one with the cursor and pressing SNES B Button.svg.

Edit Ring Command[edit]

This Ring Command has seven sub-menus to explore. Here the player can get information about various game components and even costumize certain gameplay elements.

  • Window Edit: This sub-menu allows players to customize message windows in three ways: background color, frame style, and background pattern. Players can use the SNES Dpad.webp button in any direction to change window frames and background patterns. They can also either press SNES A button.svg, SNES Y Button.svg, or SNES X Button.svg to customize the background color.
  • Targeting
  • Controller Edit
  • Status
  • Weapon/Magic Level
  • Action Grid
  • Equip Armor


Item Artwork Type Effect Description Cost Neko's Sell
Candy SOM sprite.png
Candy SOM artwork.png Consumable Recover 100 HP to one ally. It's a small, clear, round drop. You regain energy when you eat it and recover about 100 HP. 10 20 6
Chocolate SOM sprite.png
Chocolate SOM artwork.png Consumable Recover 300 HP to one ally. More than just a round drop, this chocolate has some teeth to it. It heals about 300 HP. It's a chocolate with recovery power. 30 60 20
Royal Jam SOM sprite.png
Royal Jam
Royal Jam SOM artwork.png Consumable Recover full HP to one ally. A very precious golden jelly. A sip of this liquid will completely restore your HP. 100 200 66
Medical Herb SOM sprite.png
Medical Herb
Medical Herb SOM artwork.png Consumable Heal status ailments. A heart-shaped medicinal herb. If you drink a decoction of this herb, it will cause all the status abnormalities except for the reaper's status to be removed instantly. 10 20 6
Cup of Wishes SOM sprite.png
Cup of Wishes
Cup of Wishes SOM artwork.png Consumable Revive a ghosted player. The holy power of angels is poured in this chalice. The Reaper can be driven away by raising it. 150 300 100
Barrel SOM sprite.png
Barrel SOM artwork.png Consumable Player becomes invulnerable from physical and magical attacks but cannot run nor attack. ? N/A 900 300
Magic Rope SOM sprite.png
Magic Rope
Magic Rope SOM artwork.png Key item Teleport to the dungeon's entrance. A rope with a will of its own. You can teleport away by holding on to it. N/A N/A N/A
Flammie Drum SOM sprite.png
Flammie Drum
Flammie Drum SOM artwork.png Key item Summons Flammie. You can call Flammie with this drum and fly to different places. N/A N/A N/A
Moogle Belt SOM sprite.png
Moogle Belt
Moogle Belt SOM artwork.png Key item Transform into and restore moogled player. This rare item holds the power of the Moogles. You can transform into a Moogle but wearing it. N/A N/A N/A
Midge Mallet SOM sprite.png
Midge Mallet
Midge Mallet SOM artwork.png Key item Transform into and restore pygmized player. This rare item holds magical powers. You can transform someone in little people by hitting them. N/A N/A N/A


The sword can be used to cut grass and shrubs.
Swords Artwork Attack Power Weapon Charge Effect Description Location Forge cost
Rusty Sword SOM sprite.png
Rusty Sword
Rusty Sword SOM artwork.png 3 1 | ジャンプ斬り N/A The blade on this sacred sword is rusted. Found in a rock in Potos Falls. N/A
Broad Sword SOM sprite.png
Broad Sword
Broad Sword SOM artwork.png 8 2 | 頭上回し斬り Raise Agility/Evade %. Sword with a ten finger quillon. A slender sword for both offense and defense. Sword's orb won from defeating Mantis Ant. 200
Herald Sword SOM sprite.png
Herald Sword
Herald Sword SOM artwork.png 14 3 | 3 段斬り Effective against amorphous/reptiles. Despite its old-fashioned blade, the sword has a sharp cutting edge. Found in a treasure chest in Pandora Castle after defeating Wall Face in Pandora Ruins. 400
Claymore SOM sprite.png
Claymore SOM artwork.png 20 4 | 前後逆波斬り Effective against insects. A sword that can easily slice through even hard objects such as shells. Sword's orb won from defeating Great Viper in Cave of the White Dragon. 800
Excalibur SOM sprite.png
Excalibur SOM artwork.png 27 5 | ? Effective against Demon/Spirit enemies. ? Treasure chest in Northtown Ruins. 1,600
Masamune SOM sprite.png
Masamune SOM artwork.png 35 6 | ? Raises % of critical hits. ? Reward from King from defeating Dark Stalker in Republic of Tasnica. 3,000
Gigas Sword SOM sprite.png
Gigas Sword
Gigas Sword SOM artwork.png 44 7 | ? Increases Strength by 2 points. ? Treasure chest in Mana Palace 6,500
Dragon Buster SOM sprite.png
Dragon Buster
Dragon Buster SOM artwork.png 52 8 | ? Effective against dragons. ? Sword's orb won after defeating Thunder Gigas in Pure Land. 12,500
Mana Sword SOM sprite.png
Mana Sword
Mana Sword SOM artwork.png 65 N/A The top sword. ? Unlocked by casting Primm and Popoi's mana magic during Mana Beast's fight in Mana Fortress. N/A
The spear has no overworld use.
Swords Artwork Attack Power Weapon Charge Effect Description Location Forge cost
Spear SOM sprite.png
Spear SOM artwork.png 4 1 | 横車輪突き N/A A simple, slender spear with a handle and blade cast in one piece. Given by Luka in Water Palace. N/A
Heavy Spear SOM sprite.png
Heavy Spear
Heavy Spear SOM artwork.png 11 2 | 頭上回し連続 2 回突き N/A The steel used in this spear increases strength and power. Spear's orb won from defeating Tropicallo in Dwarf Village. 200
Sprites Spear SOM sprite.png
Sprite's Spear
Sprites Spear SOM artwork.png 16 3 | 横車輪3 段突き Balloons enemy. Thrusting and striking poleaxe that can also cut. Found in a treasure chest in Pandora Castle after defeating Wall Face in Pandora Ruins. 400
Partisan SOM sprite.png
Partisan SOM artwork.png 23 4 | 狂乱 4 段突き Effective against amorphous/reptiles. Especially effective against indeterminate and reptiles monster types. Found in a treasure chest in Santa's House. 800
Halberd SOM sprite.png
Halberd SOM artwork.png 29 5 | ? Confuses enemy. ? Found in a treasure chest in Northern Ruins. 1,600
Oceanid Spear SOM sprite.png
Oceanid Spear
Oceanid Spear SOM artwork.png 38 6 | ? Puts enemy to sleep. ? Found in a treasure chest in Gold Tower. 3,000
Gigas Lance SOM sprite.png
Gigas Lance
Gigas Lance SOM artwork.png 47 7 | ? Increases Strength by 2 points. ? Spear's orb won from defeating Aegagroplion in Mana Palace. 6,500
Dragon Lance SOM sprite.png
Dragon Lance
Dragon Lance SOM artwork.png 54 8 | ? Effective against dragons. ? Spear's orb from defeating Mech Rider #3 in Mana Fortress. 12,500
Daedalus Lance SOM sprite.png
Daedalus Lance
N/A 56 N/A The top spear. ? Item Drop from Tsunamis in Mana Fortress. 25,000
The knuckles have no overworld use.
Knuckles Artwork Attack Power Weapon Charge Effect Description Location Forge cost
Spike Knuckle SOM sprite.png
Spike Knuckle
Spike Knuckle SOM artwork.png 2 1 | フック・フック・ストレート N/A A simple four-fingered weapon for fighting. Primm's starting weapon. N/A
Power Glove SOM sprite.png
Power Glove
Power Glove SOM artwork.png 6 2 | 連続ストレート・アッパー Inflicts damage on insects. A leather glove with a sharp metal iron on the striking area. Glove's orb won from defeating Biting Lizard in Undine's Cave. 200
Moogle Claws SOM sprite.png
Moogle Claw
Moogle Claw SOM artwork.png 11 3 | 連続技+後ろ回し蹴り Puts enemy to sleep. Gloves with the effect on sleep from its three long claws. Given by Jema after defeating Jabberwocky in Water Palace. 400
Chakra Hand SOM sprite.png
Chakra Hand
Chakra Hand SOM artwork.png 17 4 | 連続技+前後ローリングアタック Raises Intelligence/Wisdom. A mystical ring that affects the intellect and spirituality. Found in a treasure chest in Ice Palace. 800
Heavy Glove SOM sprite.png
Heavy Glove
Heavy Glove SOM artwork.png 24 5 | ? Inflicts damage on insects. ? Glove's orb won from defeating Metal Mantis in Imperial Palace. 1,600
Hyper-Fist SOM sprite.png
Hyper-Fist SOM artwork.png 29 6 | ? Effective against amorphous/reptiles. ? Found in a treasure chest in Palace of Darkness. 3,000
Griffin Claws SOM sprite.png
Griffin Claws
Griffin Claws SOM artwork.png 38 7 | ? Poisons enemy. ? Glove's orb won after defeating Red Dragon in Pure Land. 6,500
Dragon Claws SOM sprite.png
Dragon Claws
Dragon Claws SOM artwork.png 47 8 | ? Effective against dragons. ? Item Drop from Wolf Lords in Mana Fortress. 12,500
Aura Glove SOM sprite.png
Aura Glove
N/A 56 N/A The top glove. ? Item Drop from Wolf Lords in Mana Fortress. 25,000
The boomerang has no overworld use.
Boomerangs Artwork Attack Power Weapon Charge Effect Description Location Forge cost
Boomerang SOM sprite.png
Boomerang SOM artwork.png 2 1 | 2回弓横段り・連続小跳躍下突き N/A A very common wooden boomerang in the shape of the letter "H". Popoi's starting weapon. N/A
Chakram SOM sprite.png
Chakram SOM artwork.png 6 2 | 2 回構殴り・ためて縦振り Effective against amorphous/reptiles. Thin wooden board with metal blades on all four sides. Boomerang's orb won from defeating Spikey Tiger in Witch's Castle. 200
Lode Boomerang SOM sprite.png
Lode Boomerang
Lode Boomerang SOM artwork.png 12 3 | 2 回横段り・大波縦横斬り Slows enemy down. Fairly heavy iron boomerang with great destructive power. Boomerang's orb won from defeating Spring Beak in Sprite Village. 400
Rising Sun SOM sprite.png
Rising Sun
Rising Sun SOM artwork.png 17 4 | 2 回横段り・小跳躍下突き N/A A donut-shaped disk with a razor-sharp outer edge. Boomerang's orb won from defeating Frost Gigas in Ice Palace. 800
Red Cleaver SOM sprite.png
Red Cleaver
Red Cleaver SOM artwork.png 24 5 | ? Inflicts damage on insects. ? Boomerang's orb won from defeating Vampire in Northtown Ruins. 1,600
Cobra Shuttle SOM sprite.png
Cobra Shuttle
Cobra Shuttle SOM artwork.png 30 6 | ? Poisons enemy. ? Boomerang's orb won after defeating Blue Spike in Gold Tower. 3,000
Frizbar SOM sprite.png
Frizbar SOM artwork.png 38 7 | ? Effective against amorphous/reptiles. ? Found in a treasure chest in Underground City. 6,500
Shuriken SOM sprite.png
Shuriken SOM artwork.png 47 8 | ? Raises % of critical hits. ? Boomerang's orb won after defeating Blue Dragon in Pure Land. 12,000
Ninjas Trump SOM sprite.png
Ninja's Trump
N/A 53 N/A The top boomerang. ? Item Drom from Master Ninjas in Mana Fortress. 12,000
The bow has no overworld use.
Swords Artwork Attack Power Weapon Charge Effect Description Location Forge cost
Chobins Bow SOM sprite.png
Chobin's Bow
Chobins Bow SOM artwork.png 3 1 | 2回弓横段り・弓線振り N/A Not as powerful, but for what it is, it's a small, easy-to-handle bow. Given by Dwarf Elder in Dwarf Village. N/A
Short Bow SOM sprite.png
Short Bow
File:Short Bow SOM artwork.png 8 2 | 2回弓横段り・2回弓縦振り N/A The bow and arrow are made by layering metal plates to increase its power. Bow's orb won after defeating Wall Face in Pandora Ruins. 200
Long Bow SOM sprite.png
Long Bow
File:Long Bow SOM artwork.png 12 3 | 2回弓横段り・小跳躍下突き Effective against animals/birds/beasts. It is a very effective bow for hunting animals, birds, and beasts. Bow's orb won after defeating Jabberwocky in Water Palace. 400
Great Bow SOM sprite.png
Great Bow
File:Great Bow SOM artwork.png 20 4 | 2回弓横段り・連続小跳躍下突き Confuses enemy. Trigger type bow and arrow that uses strong tension to shoot through enemies. Bow's orb won after defeating Boreal Face in Frozen Forest. 800
Bow of Hope SOM sprite.png
Bow of Hope
File:Bow of Hope SOM artwork.png 27 5 | ? Effective on Demon/Spirit enemies. ? Found in a treasure chest in Northtown Ruins. 1,600
Elfin Bow SOM sprite.png
Elfin Bow
File:Elfin Bow SOM artwork.png 35 6 | ? Raises Intelligence/Wisdom. ? Bow's orb won after defeating Gorgon Bull in Gold Tower. 3,000
Wing Bow SOM sprite.png
Wing Bow
File:Wing Bow SOM artwork.png 43 7 | ? Raises Intelligence/Wisdom. ? Bow's orb won after defeating Kettle Kin in Underground City. 6,500
Doom Bow SOM sprite.png
Doom Bow
File:Doom Bow SOM artwork.png 52 8 | ? Raises % of critical hits. ? Bow's orb won after defeating Snow Dragon in Pure Land. 12,500
Garuda Buster SOM sprite.png
Garuda Buster
N/A 54 N/A The top bow. ? Item drom from Metal Crabs in Mana Fortress. 25,000
The axe can be used to destroy rocks and other sturdy obstacles.
Axes Artwork Attack Power Weapon Charge Effect Description Location Forge cost
Watts Axe SOM sprite.png
Watt's Axe
Watts Axe SOM artwork.png 4 1 | ため斬り N/A A primitive axe with a wooden handle and metal blade attached. Sold for 100 GP by Watts in Dwarf Village. N/A
Lode Axe SOM sprite.png
Lode Axe
Lode Axe SOM artwork.png 11 2 | 十文字斬り Effective against plants/fish. Traditional and easy to use battle axe. Axe's orb won from defeating Fire Gigas in Underground Palace. 200
Stout Axe SOM sprite.png
Stout Axe
Stout Axe SOM artwork.png 16 3 | 3 段斬り Increase Constitution by 2 points. A two-bladed axe that can be swung left and right. Found in a treasure chest in Moogle Village. 400
Battle Axe SOM sprite.png
Battle Axe
Battle Axe SOM artwork.png 23 4 | 前後津波斬り Effective against plants/fish. An axe effective against plants and fish monsters. Found in a treasure chest in Fire Palace. 800
Golden Axe SOM sprite.png
Golden Axe
Golden Axe SOM artwork.png 29 5 | ? Inflicts damage on insects. ? Found in a treasure chest in Imperial Palace. 1,600
Were-Buster SOM sprite.png
Werebuster SOM artwork.png 38 6 | ? Inflicts damage on insects. ? Found in a treasure chest in Gold Tower. 3,000
Great Axe SOM sprite.png
Great Axe
Great Axe SOM artwork.png 46 7 | ? Inflicts damage on insects. ? Axe's orb won from defeating Dragon Worm in Pure Land. 6,500
Gigas Axe SOM sprite.png
Gigas Axe
Gigas Axe SOM artwork.png 56 8 | ? Increases Strength by 5 points. ? Item Drop from Fiend Heads in Mana Fortress. 12,500
Doom Axe SOM sprite.png
Doom Axe
N/A 59 N/A The top axe. ? Item Drop from Fiend Heads in Mana Fortress. 25,000
The whip can be used to latch onto poles and cross gaps.
Whips Artwork Attack Power Weapon Charge Effect Description Location Forge cost
Whip SOM sprite.png
Whip SOM artwork.png 2 1 | 3 回横突き N/A A whip made of supple, tanned leather made of monster hide. Found in a treasure chest after defeating Spikey Tiger in Witch's Castle. N/A
Black Whip SOM sprite.png
Black Whip
Black Whip SOM artwork.png 6 2 | 横車輪ため突き Slows enemy down. A heavyweight, double-lashed whip that rips the enemy to shreds. Found in a treasure chest in Thieves' Ship. 200
Backhand Whip SOM sprite.png
Backhand Whip
Backhand Whip SOM artwork.png 12 3 | 頭上回し突き Raise Agility/Evade %. Whip that strikes down the enemy with the swiftness of the wind. Found in a treasure chest in Moogle Village. 400
Chain Whip SOM sprite.png
Chain Whip
Chain Whip SOM artwork.png 17 4 | 回転振り回し突き Effective against amorphous/reptiles. A striking weapon with a handle and iron ball connected by a chain. Whip's orb won after defeating Mech Rider in Kakkara Desert. 800
Flail of Hope SOM sprite.png
Flail of Hope
Flail of Hope SOM artwork.png 24 5 | ? Effective on Demon/Spirits enemies. ? Whip's orb won after defeating Doom's Wall in Northtown Ruins. 1,600
Morning Star SOM sprite.png
Morning Star
Morning Star SOM artwork.png 30 6 | ? Inflicts damage on insects. ? Found in a treasure chest in Imperial Palace. 3,000
Hammer Flail SOM sprite.png
Hammer Flail
Hammer Flail SOM artwork.png 38 7 | ? Slows enemy down. ? Whip's orb won after defeating Hexas in Mana Palace. 6,500
Nimbus Chain SOM sprite.png
Nimbus Chain
Nimbus Chain SOM artwork.png 47 8 | ? Inflicts damage on insects. ? Whip's orb won after defeating Hexas in Mana Palace. 12,500
Gigas Flail SOM sprite.png
Gigas Flail
N/A 53 N/A The top whip. ? Item drop from Terminators in Mana Fortress. 25,000
The javelin has no overworld use.
Javelins Artwork Attack Power Weapon Charge Effect Description Location Forge cost
Pole Dart SOM sprite.png
Pole Dart
Pole Dart SOM artwork.png 2 1 | 2回棒横段り • 片手横突き N/A Has a short handle and Easy to use for beginners. Given by Undine in Undine's Cave. N/A
Javelin SOM sprite.png
Javelin SOM artwork.png 6 2 | 2回神横殴り • 2回片手横突き N/A The tip of the bridge is sharp and pointy. Javelin's orb won from defeating Kilroy in Thieves' Ship. 200
Light Trident SOM sprite.png
Light Trident
Light Trident SOM artwork.png 12 3 | 2回神横殴り • 小跳躍下突き Effective against animals/birds/beasts. It is powerful against beasts and birds. Throw away to demonstrate power. Found in a treasure chest in Fung Castle. 400
Lode Javelin SOM sprite.png
Lode Javelin
Lode Javelin SOM artwork.png 17 4 | 2回神横段り• 連続小跳躍突き Balloons enemy. A thick, heavy javelin with a three-pronged tip and strong breaking power. Javelin's Orb won after defeating Minotaur in Gold Tower. 800
Fork of Hope SOM sprite.png
Fork of Hope
Fork of Hope SOM artwork.png 24 5 | ? Effective on Demon/Spirit enemies. N/A Javelin's Orb won after defeating Mech Rider #2 in Imperial Palace. 1,600
Imps Fork SOM sprite.png
Imp's Fork
Imps Fork SOM artwork.png 30 6 | ? Balloons enemy. N/A Javelin's Orb won after defeating Lime Slime in Palace of Darkness. 3,000
Elfs Harpoon SOM sprite.png
Elf's Harpoon
Elfs Harpoon SOM artwork.png 38 7 | ? Raises Intelligence/Wisdom. N/A Javelin's Orb won after defeating Snap Dragon in Mana Palace. 6,500
Dragon Dart SOM sprite.png
Dragon Dart
Dragon Dart SOM artwork.png 47 8 | ? Effective against dragons. N/A Javelin's Orb won after defeating Axe Beak in Pure Land. 12,500
Valkyrian SOM sprite.png
N/A 53 N/A The top javelin. N/A Item Drop from Whimpers in Mana Fortress. 25,000


Headgear Artwork Equipable by Defense Power Magic Defense Power Effect Description Location Buy Sell
Bandanna SOM sprite.png
Bandana SOM artwork.png Randi SOM sprite.png 2 2 N/A Cloth armor that wraps around the head. Protective gear. It is inexpensive, but minimal protection is better than nothing. Potos Village, Neko's 50 32
Hair Ribbon SOM sprite.png
Hair Ribbon
Hair Ribbon SOM artwork.png Primm SOM sprite.png 3 3 N/A Ribbon used to tie up hair. It looks beautiful, but not much protection can be expected. Pandora, Kippo Village, Neko's 55 36
Rabite Cap SOM sprite.png
Rabite Cap
Rabite Cap SOM artwork.png Popoi SOM sprite.png 5 5 N/A A hat that was made to resemble a rabite monster. It is a protective gear for children that can completely cover their heads. Dwarf Village, Neko's 45 30
Head Gear SOM sprite.png
Head Gear
Head Gear SOM artwork.png Randi SOM sprite.png 7 7 N/A Leather head protector often used by martial artists. It is strong, lightwright and offers good protection. Dwarf Village, Pandora, Forest of Seasons, Neko's, Item Drop from Kid Goblins. 70 46
Quill Cap SOM sprite.png
Quill Cap
Quill Cap SOM artwork.png Primm SOM sprite.pngPopoi SOM sprite.png 10 10 N/A A lightweight hat with a large feather ornament coveted by hunters. The feather is imbued with magic. Forest of Seasons, Fung Castle, Neko's, Item Drop from Nemesis Owls. 110 72
Steel Cap SOM sprite.png
Steel Cap
Steel Cap SOM artwork.png Randi SOM sprite.png 13 13 N/A An helmet made of fused laminated steel. It has no ornamentation, but it is the most popular armor for warriors. Fung Castle. 180 120
Golden Tiara SOM sprite.png
Golden Tiara
Golden Tiara SOM artwork.png Primm SOM sprite.pngPopoi SOM sprite.png 17 17 N/A A hair ornament made of gold. Its noble light has a mysterious power to keep demons at bay. Kakkara, Todo Village, Neko's Crystal Forest Branch, Southtown. 350 232
Raccoon Cap SOM sprite.png
Raccoon Cap
Raccoon Cap SOM artwork.png Randi SOM sprite.pngPrimm SOM sprite.pngPopoi SOM sprite.png 21 21 N/A ? Kakkara, Todo Village, Neko's Crystal Forest Branch, Southtown. 550 366
Quilted Hood SOM sprite.png
Quilted Hood
Quilted Hood SOM artwork.png Primm SOM sprite.pngPopoi SOM sprite.png 26 26 Agility +5, Hit% +2% ? Southtown, Northtown. 700 466
Tiger Cap SOM sprite.png
Tiger Cap
Tiger Cap SOM artwork.png Randi SOM sprite.pngPrimm SOM sprite.pngPopoi SOM sprite.png 32 32 N/A ? Northtown. 1,100 732
Circlet SOM sprite.png
Circlet SOM artwork.png Randi SOM sprite.pngPopoi SOM sprite.png 38 38 Agility +5, Hit% +2% ? Southtown, Northtown. 2,300 1,532
Unicorn Helm SOM sprite.png
Unicorn Helm
Unicorn Helm SOM artwork.png Randi SOM sprite.pngPrimm SOM sprite.pngPopoi SOM sprite.png 55 55 N/A ? Gold City. 5,625 3,750
Dragon Helm SOM sprite.png
Dragon Helm
Dragon Helm SOM artwork.png Randi SOM sprite.pngPrimm SOM sprite.pngPopoi SOM sprite.png 66 66 N/A ? Tasnica, Gold City. 7,500 5,000
Duck Helm SOM sprite.png
Duck Helm
Duck Helm SOM artwork.png Primm SOM sprite.pngPopoi SOM sprite.png 78 78 N/A ? Tasnica, Gold City. 11,250 7,500
Needle Helm SOM sprite.png
Needle Helm
Needle Helm SOM artwork.png Randi SOM sprite.pngPrimm SOM sprite.pngPopoi SOM sprite.png 140 140 N/A ? Mana Palace, Item Drop from Needlions. 30,000 10,000
Cockatrice Cap SOM sprite.png
Cockatrice Cap
Cockatrice Cap SOM artwork.png Randi SOM sprite.pngPrimm SOM sprite.pngPopoi SOM sprite.png 142 143 Prevents pretrification. ? Item Drop from Basilisks. N/A 15,000
Amulet Helm SOM sprite.png
Amulet Helm
File:Amulet Helm SOM artwork.png Primm SOM sprite.pngPopoi SOM sprite.png 143 142 +5 Intelligence. ? Item Drop from National Scars. N/A 24,000
Griffin Helm SOM sprite.png
Griffin Helm
Griffin Helm SOM artwork.png Randi SOM sprite.png 145 145 +5 Strength, +5 Agility. ? Item Drop from National Scars. N/A 29,666
Faerie Crown SOM sprite.png
Faerie Crown
Faerie Crown SOM artwork.png Primm SOM sprite.pngPopoi SOM sprite.png 150 150 +5 Intelligence. ? Item Drop from Terminators. N/A 38,666
Body armor Artwork Equipable by Defense Power Magic Defense Power Effect Description Location Buy Sell
Overalls SOM sprite.png
Overalls SOM artwork.png Randi SOM sprite.png 3 1 N/A Made of durable and lightweight animal tanned leather. Very useful at the beggining of the game. Potos Village. 20 12
Kung Fu Suit SOM sprite.png
Kung Fu Suit
Kung Fu Suit SOM artwork.png Primm SOM sprite.png 4 2 N/A A robe worn by masters of a martial art called kung fu. The chest area is adorned with bright embroidery. Pandora. 25 16
Midge Robe SOM sprite.png
Midge Robe
Midge Robe SOM artwork.png Popoi SOM sprite.png 7 4 N/A A children's ensemble adorned with a fur hood and a tail. It offers more in its design than its protection. Dwarf Village. 22 14
Chain Vest SOM sprite.png
Chain Vest
Chain Vest SOM artwork.png Randi SOM sprite.pngPrimm SOM sprite.pngPopoi SOM sprite.png 10 6 N/A This waistcoat is made with small metal rings woven together. While it's heavy, its doesn't provide much defense. Kippo Village, Dwarf Village. 120 80
Spiky Suit SOM sprite.png
Spiky Suit
Spiky Suit SOM artwork.png Randi SOM sprite.pngPopoi SOM sprite.png 13 8 N/A A suit made from leather. It is decorated with chains, belts, metal spikes, etc. Pandora, Dwarf Village, Forest of Seasons. 260 172
Kung Fu Dress SOM sprite.png
Kung Fu Dress
Kung Fu Dress SOM artwork.png Primm SOM sprite.png 17 10 N/A Traditional costume introduced by people from a foreign land. A slim dress with deep cuts on both sides of the hemline. Pandora, Kippo Village, Forest of Seasons, Item Drop from Werewolves. 350 232
Fancy Overalls SOM sprite.png
Fancy Overalls
Fancy Overalls SOM artwork.png Randi SOM sprite.pngPrimm SOM sprite.pngPopoi SOM sprite.png 22 13 N/A Tunic made of satin fabric. It is said that monsters that gaze at this colorful suit make them lose their will to fight. Fung Castle. 675 450
Chest Guard SOM sprite.png
Chest Guard
Chest Guard SOM artwork.png Primm SOM sprite.pngPopoi SOM sprite.png 28 16 N/A ? Kakkara, Todo Village, Neko's Crystal Forest Branch, Southtown. 1,000 666
Golden Vest SOM sprite.png
Golden Vest
Golden Vest SOM artwork.png Randi SOM sprite.pngPrimm SOM sprite.pngPopoi SOM sprite.png 34 20 N/A ? Kakkara, Todo Village, Neko's Crystal Forest Branch, Southtown. 2,250 1,500
Ruby Vest SOM sprite.png
Ruby Vest
Ruby Vest SOM artwork.png Randi SOM sprite.pngPrimm SOM sprite.pngPopoi SOM sprite.png 43 24 N/A ? Southtown, Northtown. 4,500 3,000
Tiger Suit SOM sprite.png
Tiger Suit
Tiger Suit SOM artwork.png Randi SOM sprite.pngPopoi SOM sprite.png 52 29 N/A ? Northtown. 6,375 4,250
Tiger Bikini SOM sprite.png
Tiger Bikini
Tiger Bikini SOM artwork.png Primm SOM sprite.png 64 35 N/A ? Northtown. 7,100 4,732
Magical Armor SOM sprite.png
Magical Armor
Magical Armor SOM artwork.png Randi SOM sprite.pngPrimm SOM sprite.pngPopoi SOM sprite.png 78 41 N/A ? Mandala, Lofty Mountains, Item Drop from Dark Knights. 11,500 7,666
Tortoise Mail SOM sprite.png
Tortoise Mail
Tortoise Mail SOM artwork.png Randi SOM sprite.pngPopoi SOM sprite.png 95 49 N/A ? Republic of Tasnica. 14,850 9,900
Flower Suit SOM sprite.png
Flower Suit
Flower Suit SOM artwork.png Primm SOM sprite.png 115 57 N/A ? Gold City. 21,000 14,000
Battle Suit SOM sprite.png
Battle Suit
Battle Suit SOM artwork.png Randi SOM sprite.pngPopoi SOM sprite.png 139 67 N/A ? Republic of Tasnica, Gold City. 30,000 20,000
Vestguard SOM sprite.png
Vestguard SOM artwork.png Randi SOM sprite.pngPopoi SOM sprite.png 240 90 N/A ? Mana Palace. 65,500 21,832
Vampire Cape SOM sprite.png
Vampire Cape
Vampire Cape SOM artwork.png Primm SOM sprite.pngPopoi SOM sprite.png 243 93 N/A ? Item Drop from Fiend Heads. N/A 31,332
Power Suit SOM sprite.png
Power Suit
Power Suit SOM artwork.png Randi SOM sprite.png 245 95 +5 Strength. ? Item Drop from Fiend Heads. N/A 31,332
Faerie Cloak SOM sprite.png
Faerie Cloak
Faerie Cloak SOM artwork.png Primm SOM sprite.pngPopoi SOM sprite.png 250 100 +5 Constitution. ? Item Drop from Fiend Heads. N/A 43,332
Accessories Artwork Equipable by Defense Power Magic Defense Power Effect Description Location Buy Sell
Wristband SOM sprite.png
Wristband SOM artwork.png Randi SOM sprite.pngPrimm SOM sprite.png 1 3 N/A Band made of tanned leather. A small gold piece is reinforced with small metal fittings for secure wrist protection. Potos Village, Pandora, Dwarf Village, Neko's 45 30
Elbow Pad SOM sprite.png
Elbow Pad
Elbow Pad SOM artwork.png Randi SOM sprite.pngPrimm SOM sprite.pngPopoi SOM sprite.png 2 4 N/A Elbow pads made of shock-absorbing material. Protect the whole elbow area. Kippo Vilage, Dwarf Village, Pandora 90 60
Power Wrist SOM sprite.png
Power Wrist
Power Wrist SOM artwork.png Randi SOM sprite.pngPrimm SOM sprite.pngPopoi SOM sprite.png 4 7 +5 Strength, +5 Attack Mystical bracelet. When equipped its holy power is released and the "power" goes up by 2. Dwarf Village, Pandora, Forest of Seasons. 150 100
Cobra Bracelet SOM sprite.png
Cobra Bracelet
Cobra Bracelet SOM artwork.png Randi SOM sprite.pngPrimm SOM sprite.pngPopoi SOM sprite.png 6 10 Prevents poisoning. A cobra-patterned armbands with mysterious powers. You can avoid being poisoned while equiping it. Dwarf Village, Pandora, Forest of Seasons. 280 186
Wolfs Band SOM sprite.png
Wolf's Band
Wolfs Band SOM artwork.png Randi SOM sprite.pngPrimm SOM sprite.pngPopoi SOM sprite.png 8 13 +5 agility. A bracelet with the shape of a wolf with crimson eyes that lived a long time ago. When equipped, the defense increases by 2. Dwarf Village, Pandora, Forest of Seasons. 400 266
Silver Band SOM sprite.png
Silver Band
Silver Band SOM artwork.png Randi SOM sprite.pngPrimm SOM sprite.pngPopoi SOM sprite.png 10 17 Prevents unconsciousness. It is a bracelet made of silver. When equipped, the "intelligence" rises by 2. Kakkara, Todo Village, Neko's Crystal Forest Branch, Southtown, Northtown. 525 320
Golem Ring SOM sprite.png
Golem Ring
Golem Ring SOM artwork.png Randi SOM sprite.pngPrimm SOM sprite.pngPopoi SOM sprite.png 13 22 Prevents petrification. ? Southtown, Northtown. 750 500
Frosty Ring SOM sprite.png
Frosty Ring
Frosty Ring SOM artwork.png Randi SOM sprite.pngPrimm SOM sprite.pngPopoi SOM sprite.png 16 28 Prevents frosty. Bracelet inscribed with a snow dharma pattern and an ancient spell as protection. Northtown. 1,200 800
Ivy Amulet SOM sprite.png
Ivy Amulet
Ivy Amulet SOM artwork.png Randi SOM sprite.pngPrimm SOM sprite.pngPopoi SOM sprite.png 20 34 Prevents being hit by Sleep Flower. ? Northtown. 1,875 1,250
Gold Bracelet SOM sprite.png
Gold Bracelet
File:Gold Bracelet SOM artwork.png Randi SOM sprite.pngPrimm SOM sprite.pngPopoi SOM sprite.png 24 43 N/A ? Republic of Tasnica. 3,750 2,500
Shield Ring SOM sprite.png
Shield Ring
Shield Ring SOM artwork.png Randi SOM sprite.pngPrimm SOM sprite.pngPopoi SOM sprite.png 29 52 N/A ? Gold City. 5,100 3,400
Lazuri Ring SOM sprite.png
Lazuri Ring
Lazuri Ring SOM artwork.png Randi SOM sprite.pngPrimm SOM sprite.pngPopoi SOM sprite.png 35 64 + 5 intelligence. ? Gold City. 8,800 5,866
Guardian Ring SOM sprite.png
Guardian Ring
Guardian Ring SOM artwork.png Randi SOM sprite.pngPrimm SOM sprite.pngPopoi SOM sprite.png 41 78 N/A ? Item Drop from Doom Swords. N/A 8,332
Ninja Gloves SOM sprite.png
Ninja Gloves
Ninja Gloves SOM artwork.png Randi SOM sprite.pngPrimm SOM sprite.pngPopoi SOM sprite.png 91 241 N/A + 5 Agility, +10% Hit, prevent entanglement. Item Drop from Dark Stalkers. N/A 16,000
Dragon Ring SOM sprite.png
Dragon Ring
Dragon Ring SOM artwork.png Randi SOM sprite.pngPrimm SOM sprite.pngPopoi SOM sprite.png 92 242 N/A ? Item Drop from Ice Thugs. N/A 20,666
Watcher Ring SOM sprite.png
Watcher Ring
Watcher Ring SOM artwork.png Randi SOM sprite.pngPrimm SOM sprite.pngPopoi SOM sprite.png 93 243 N/A Prevents moogling. Item Drop from Eggplant Men. N/A 25,000
Imps Ring SOM sprite.png
Imp's Ring
Imps Ring SOM artwork.png Randi SOM sprite.pngPrimm SOM sprite.pngPopoi SOM sprite.png 94 244 N/A Prevents engulfment, frosty. Item Drop from Ghosts. N/A 28,332
Amulet Ring SOM sprite.png
Amulet Ring
Amulet Ring SOM artwork.png Randi SOM sprite.pngPrimm SOM sprite.pngPopoi SOM sprite.png 95 245 N/A Prevents petrification. Item Drop from Tsunamis. N/A 32,000
Faeries Ring SOM sprite.png
Faerie's Ring
Faeries Ring SOM artwork.png Randi SOM sprite.pngPrimm SOM sprite.pngPopoi SOM sprite.png 100 250 N/A + 5 agility, prevents petrification, poison, pygmy, frosty, dizzy, balloon. Item Drop from Wolf Lords. N/A 36,666


Primm icon SOM sprite.pngPrimm's Magic
Spell Effect Description MP cost
Undine icon SOM sprite.pngUndine
Ice Saber SOM animation.gif
Ice Saber
Weapons gain the power of water! Gathering the power of cold air, turning enemies into snowmen a certain number of times. 2
Remedy SOM animation.gif
Recovers status. The holy power of water is harnessed, curing an ally of all status aliments. 1
Cure Water SOM animation.gif
Cure Water
Recovers HP. Holy water pours down from overhead and heals the HP of allies. 2
Gnome icon SOM sprite.pngGnome
Stone Saber SOM animation.gif
Stone Saber
Weapons gain the power to petrify. Weapons are enchanted with the power of stone for a limited time, petrifying enemies on touch. 4
Speed Up SOM animation.gif
Speed Up
Raises evade % and speeds attack. The power of earth increases speed for a limited time. 3
Defender SOM animation.gif
Raises defense/decreases damage. Ally gains the power of solid rock, boosting its defense for a period of time. 2
Sylphid icon SOM sprite.pngSylphid
Thunder Saber SOM animation.gif
Thunder Saber
Weapons gain the power of wind! Weapons gain the power of lightning for a certain amount of time. 3
Balloon SOM animation.gif
Lowers wisdom/confuses enemies. Changes the air composition around an enemy, leaving it in a state of confusion. 2
Analyzer SOM animation.gif
Detects traps/enemy's weak point. Searching magic makes the party see enemy's HP and individual values. 1
Salamando icon SOM sprite.pngSalamando
Flame Saber SOM animation.gif
Flame Saber
Weapons gain the power of fire! Borrows a certain number of fire magic to a weapon for a certain number of times. 2
Fire Bouquet SOM animation.gif
Fire Bouquet
Scalds enemy/lowers battle power. Fire surrounds and burns the enemy, reducing its attack power. 3
Blaze Wall SOM animation.gif
Blaze Wall
A wall of fire engulfs the enemies. Magic that surrounds the enemy with a pillar of fire and turns him into a fire dharma. 4
Lumina icon SOM sprite.pngLumina
Light Saber SOM animation.gif
Light Saber
Weapons gain the power of light! Weapon gains the light attribute a certain amount of times. 5
Lucent Beam SOM animation.gif
Lucent Beam
Evil foe hit with pure light. Holy beam of light reduces evil enemies to ashes. 8
Lucid Barrier SOM animation.gif
Lucid Barrier
Protection from weapon attacks. A dome of light covers the body and prevents all weapon attacks. 4
Luna icon SOM sprite.pngLuna
Moon Saber SOM animation.gif
Moon Saber
Weapons gain the power to take HP! Mysterious power of the Moon absorbs HP from a weapon for a certain period of time. 3
Moon Energy SOM animation.gif
Moon Energy
Raises critical hit %. Stimulate the cardinal points, reducing the enemy the evasion rate. 2
Lunar Boost SOM animation.gif
Lunar Boost
Raises battle power. Moon magic that passes your power gauge to the other party. 2
Dryad icon SOM sprite.pngDryad
Revivifier SOM animation.gif
Sends the reaper running. Using wood magic's life force, resilience, and healing powers to ward off the reaper. 10
Wall SOM animation.gif
Makes a barrier to ward off magic. Wood magic to repel the spells of the enemy. 6
Mana Magic Primm SOM animation.gif
Mana Magic
Awakens the Mana Sword's full power. This magic spell is shrouded in mystery except for the fact that it is related to the Mana Sword. 1
Popoi icon SOM sprite.pngPopoi's Magic
Spell Effect Description MP cost
Undine icon SOM sprite.pngUndine
Freeze SOM animation.gif
Causes a freezing ice storm. Cold air coalesces in the atmosphere then hits the enemy. 2
Acid Storm SOM animation.gif
Acid Storm
Acid rain lowers enemy's defense. Acid rain falls down on enemies, lowering their defense. 3
Energy Absorb SOM animation.gif
Energy Absorb
Takes away enemy's HP. Suck HP from an opponent and turns it into your own. 2
Gnome icon SOM sprite.pngGnome
Earth Slide SOM animation.gif
Earth Slide
Covers enemies in rock slide. Magic that shakes the earth violently, causing earthquakes and damages. 3
Gem Missile SOM animation.gif
Gem Missile
Rains jagged diamonds on Enemies. Hard, sharp diamonds surge from the ground toward the enemy. 2
Speed Down SOM animation.gif
Speed Down
Lowers Evade X and slows attack. Ivy emerges from the ground and entangles the enemy's legs, decreasing its speed. 1
Sylphid icon SOM sprite.pngSylphid
Air Blast SOM animation.gif
Air Blast
Wind-burn damages the enemies. Power vacuum forms around enemy and cut through it. 2
Thunder Bolt SOM animation.gif
Strikes the enemies with lightning. Calls for thunderclouds to fall on the enemy and inflict damage. 4
Silence SOM animation.gif
Confuses the enemies. Stops the air vibrations around enemy, causing it to sealing its ability to cast magic. 2
Salamando icon SOM sprite.pngSalamando
Fireball SOM animation.gif
Sends fireballs at enemies. Magic that burns the targeted enemy with flames and inflicts damage. 2
Exploder SOM animation.gif
An explosion rocks the enemies. Magic that causes a high-heat explosion and damages the enemy. 4
Lava Wave SOM animation.gif
Lava Wave
Magma engulfs the enemies. Magic that causes high-heat lava to erupt from the ground and inflict damage on the enemy. 3
Shade icon SOM sprite.pngShade
Evil Gate SOM animation.gif
Evil Gate
Wave of darkness hits the enemies. Magic which emits the wave of darkness extracted to the enemy. 8
Dark Force SOM animation.gif
Dark Force
Enemy's energy explodes. Black waves of darkness instill fear and damage to enemies. 2
Dispel Magic SOM animation.gif
Dispel Magic
Sets enemy's gauge to 0/halts magic. Magic that makes any accumulated status buffs or magic attacks ineffective. 4
Luna icon SOM sprite.pngLuna
Change Form SOM animation.gif
Change Form
Transforms enemy to weaker level. Bewitching magic that changes the enemy's appearance into a low-level monster. 5
Magic Absorb SOM animation.gif
Magic Absorb
Takes enemy's MP. By a mysterious power, the enemy's magic is absorbed by the caster. 1
Lunar Magic SOM animation.gif
Lunar Magic
Makes enemy/you do curious things. Magic that has unpredictable effects and sometimes affects allies as well. 8
Dryad icon SOM sprite.pngDryad
Sleep Flower SOM animation.gif
Sleep Flower
Lulls enemies to sleep. Petals with mysterious powers dance around an enemy, making it unconscious for a while. 2
Burst SOM animation.gif
Hidden energy strikes enemies. The tree's life force is concentrated and inflicts a great amount of damage. 5
Mana Magic Popoi SOM animation.gif
Mana Magic
Awakens the Mana Sword's full power. Mysterious magic that has something to do with the sword Randi holds. 1


# Enemy Type Level HP MP EXP GP Common Drop Rare Drop Location
001 Rabite Secret of Mana sprite.png
Animal 1 20 0 1 2 Candy 4 GP Potos Village Outskirts, Gaia Lowlands
002 Lullabud SOM sprite.png
Plant 2 36 10 3 8 Medical Herb 16 GP Potos Village Outskirts, Gaia Lowlands
003 Mushboom SoM sprite.png
Plant 3 60 0 3 7 14 GP Candy Potos Village Outskirts, Gaia Lowlands
004 Buzz Bee SOM sprite.png
Buzz Bee
Insect 4 65 0 4 11 Candy 22 GP Gaia Lowlands
005 Blat SOM sprite.png
Beast 5 55 18 7 10 Candy 20 GP Gaia's Navel, Witch's Castle
006 Kid Goblin SOM sprite.png
Kid Goblin
Demihuman 5 64 0 8 14 28 GP Head Gear Gaia's Navel
007 Green Drop SOM sprite.png
Green Drop
Amorphous 6 40 0 10 12 Medical Herb 24 GP Gaia's Navel, Northtown Ruins
008 Chobin Hood SOM sprite.png
Chobin Hood
Demihuman 7 60 0 12 17 34 GP Candy Haunted Forest, Witch's Castle
009 Eye Spy SOM sprite.png
Eye Spy
Amorphous 8 100 15 28 30 Chocolate Medical Herb Haunted Forest, Witch's Castle
010 Polter Chair SOM sprite.png
Polter Chair
Plant 8 128 0 21 22 44 GP Barrel Witch's Castle
011 Werewolf SOM sprite.png
Beast 9 140 6 30 36 Cup of Wishes Kung Fu Dress Haunted Forest, Witch's Castle
012 Iffish SOM sprite.png
Fish 10 140 18 35 29 N/A N/A Water Palace, Undine's Cave, Southtown Sewers
013 Ma Goblin SOM sprite.png
Ma Goblin
Demihuman 11 150 8 38 36 60 GP Power Wrist Underground Palace
014 Goblin SOM sprite.png
Demihuman 12 130 18 42 60 Candy Faerie Walnut Underground Palace
015 Chess Knight SOM sprite.png
Chess Knight
Insect 12 135 15 36 38 Medical Herb Cup of Wishes Underground Palace, Pandora Ruins
016 Zombie SOM sprite.png
Insect 13 150 20 50 48 Medical Herb 96 GP Pandora Ruins
017 Tomato Man SOM sprite.png
Tomato Man
Demihuman 14 40 46 65 96 Faerie Walnut Cup of Wishes Pandora Ruins
018 Evil Sword SOM sprite.png
Evil Sword
Machine 15 125 24 64 60 Candy 120 GP Pandora Ruins
019 Water Thug SOM sprite.png
Water Thug
Fish 16 145 10 77 65 Candy Cobra Bracelet Water Palace, Forest of Seasons, Great Forest, Cave of the White Dragon
020 Silktail Secret of Mana sprite.png
Animal 17 130 40 91 79 158 GP Chocolate Forest of Seasons, Great Forest
021 Nemesis Owl SOM sprite.png
Nemesis Owl
Bird 18 122 24 100 88 Medical Herb Quill Cap Forest of Seasons, Great Forest, Cave of the White Dragon
022 Steamed Crab SOM sprite.png
Steamed Crab
Insect 18 110 25 110 180 Faerie Walnut Candy Forest of Seasons, Great Forest, Cave of the White Dragon
023 Crawler SOM sprite.png
Insect 19 100 16 124 97 Candy Medical Herb Great Forest, Cave of the White Dragon
024 Pebbler SOM sprite.png
Animal 19 186 0 125 96 Chocolate Faerie Walnut Moogle Village, Matango Cave, Cave of the White Dragon, Frozen Forest
025 Kimono Bird SOM sprite.png
Kimono Bird
Bird 20 160 48 145 120 Chocolate Fancy Overalls Matango Cave, Cave of the White Dragon
026 Sand Stinger SOM sprite.png
Sand Stinger
Insect 21 200 10 170 144 Candy Medical Herb Kakkara Desert, Fire Palace
027 Pumpkin Bomb SOM sprite.png
Pumpkin Bomb
Plant 21 160 4 1 12 24 GP Medical Herb Kakkara Desert, Fire Palace,Southtown Sewers
028 Spider Legs SOM sprite.png
Spider Legs
Insect 22 230 21 188 156 Chocolate Candy Kakkara Desert, Fire Palace
029 Mad Mallard SOM sprite.png
Mad Mallard
Demihuman 23 200 0 215 174 Candy Medical Herb Kakkara Desert, Fire Palace, Southtown Sewers
030 Howler SOM sprite.png
Animal 24 190 16 240 180 Candy Medical Herb Frozen Forest, Crystal Forest
031 La Funk SOM sprite.png
LA Funk
Gas 25 100 20 265 190 Faerie Walnut Cup of Wishes Frozen Forest, Crystal Forest, Ice Palace
032 Dark Funk SOM sprite.png
Dark Funk
Gas 25 100 20 268 192 Candy Faerie Walnut Fire Palace
033 Shellblast SOM sprite.png
Reptile 26 180 16 300 204 Chocolate Cup of Wishes Frozen Forest, Crystal Forest, Ice Palace
034 Specter SOM sprite.png
Spirit 27 200 99 330 213 Faerie Walnut Cup of Wishes Ice Palace, Northtown Ruins
035 Red Drop SOM sprite.png
Red Drop
Amorphous 27 380 0 330 216 Chocolate Silver Band Fire Palace, Northtown Ruins
036 Blue Drop SOM sprite.png
Blue Drop
Amorphous 27 380 0 330 216 Chocolate Golden Tiara Ice Palace, Southtown Sewers, Northtown Ruins
037 Robin Foot SOM sprite.png
Robin Foot
Amorphous 28 125 16 368 240 Chocolate Quilted Hood Fire Palace, Northtown Ruins
038 Mystic Book SOM sprite.png
Mystic Book
Plant 28 190 99 370 264 Chocolate Faerie Walnut Ice Palace, Imperial Palace
039 Weepy Eye SOM sprite.png
Weepy Eye
Plant 28 165 80 370 264 Medical Herb Chest Guard Ice Palace, Northtown Ruins, Imperial Palace, Gold Tower
040 Dino Fish SOM sprite.png
Fish 29 240 25 400 264 N/A N/A Southtown Sewers, Imperial Palace, Mana Palace
041 Grave Bat SOM sprite.png
Grave Bat
Animal 30 210 25 446 258 Candy Chocolate Northtown Ruins, Palace of Darkness
042 Ghoul SOM sprite.png
Undead 31 230 32 450 288 Candy Medical Herb Northtown Ruins, Underground City
043 Wizard Eye SOM sprite.png
Wizard Eye
Undead 32 200 50 530 504 Chocolate Faerie Walnut Northtown Ruins, Gold City
044 Imp SOM sprite.png
Demon 33 138 64 582 312 Candy Cup of Wishes Northtown Ruins, Palace of Darkness, Grand Palace
045 Armored Man SOM sprite.png
Armored Man
Machine 34 250 20 633 540 Candy Cup of Wishes Imperial Palace
046 Emberman SOM sprite.png
Amorphous 35 125 36 685 516 Faerie Walnut Chocolate Imperial Palace, Palace of Darkness
047 Mimic SOM sprite.png
Mimic Box
Plant 36 290 30 740 399 Faerie Walnut Royal Jam Trap Chest (varies according to character level)
048 Dark Ninja SOM sprite.png
Dark Ninja
Demihuman 36 300 22 740 600 Candy Chocolate Imperial Palace, Palace of Darkness, Gold Tower
049 Trap Flower SOM sprite.png
Trap Flower
Plant 37 144 50 800 532 Medical Herb Candy Lofty Mountains
050 Bomb Bee SOM sprite.png
Bomb Bee
Insect 38 310 40 863 528 Medical Herb Royal Jam Lofty Mountains
051 Eggatrice SOM sprite.png
Bird 39 185 0 928 720 Medical Herb Chocolate Lofty Mountains, Underground City
052 Fierce Head SOM sprite.png
Fierce Head
Demon 39 308 80 928 864 Faerie Walnut Unicorn Helm Palace of Darkness, Underground City
053 Dark Knight SOM sprite.png
Dark Knight
Machine 40 200 56 996 1,020 Magical Armor Gauntlet Palace of Darkness, Mana Palace, Underground City
054 Beast Zombie SOM sprite.png
Beast Zombie
Undead 41 320 48 1,065 708 Chocolate Medical Herb Gold Tower, Passage of Trials, Grand Palace
055 Shape Shifter SOM sprite.png
Shape Shifter
Amorphous 42 350 0 1,140 1,500 N/A N/A Passage of Trials, Mana Palace, Underground City
056 Dark Stalker SOM sprite.png
Dark Stalker
Demon 43 510 60 1,219 900 Chocolate Ninja Gloves Republic of Tasnica, Passage of Trials, Underground City
057 Nitro Pumpkin SOM sprite.png
Nitro Pumpkin
Plant 44 420 20 1,300 468 Cup of Wishes Chocolate Passage of Trials
058 Marmablue SOM sprite.png
Amorphous 45 324 30 1,385 816 Faerie Walnut Cup of Wishes Sea of Wonders, Moon Palace, Passage of Trials, Mana Palace, Underground City, Grand Palace
059 Steelpion SOM sprite.png
Machine 46 390 52 1,472 960 Medical Herb Royal Jam Mana Palace, Underground City, Grand Palace
060 Metal Crawler SOM sprite.png
Metal Crawler
Machine 47 450 44 1,593 1,020 Chocolate Gauntlet Mana Palace, Underground City, Grand Palace
061 Kimono Wizard SOM sprite.png
Kimono Wizard
Bird 48 408 80 1,660 1,080 Faerie Walnut Royal Jam Underground City, Grand Palace
062 Basilisk SOM sprite.png
Reptile 49 580 41 1,755 1,200 Faerie Walnut Cockatrice Cap Underground City, Mana Fortress
063 Captain Duck SOM sprite.png
Captain Duck
Demihuman 50 523 22 1,850 1,440 Faerie Walnut Cockatrice Cap Passage of Trials, Underground City, Mana Fortress
064 Heck Hound SOM sprite.png
Heck Hound
Demihuman 51 550 40 1,964 2,450 Royal Jam Faerie Walnut Grand Palace, Mana Fortress
065 Gremlin SOM sprite.png
Demon 52 423 64 2,074 1,620 Candy Royal Jam Grand Palace
066 Doom Sword SOM sprite.png
Doom Sword
Machine 53 411 32 2,190 2,640 Cup of Wishes Guardian Ring Grand Palace
067 Turtlance SOM sprite.png
Reptile 54 560 44 2,300 2,965 Chocolate Tortoise Mail Grand Palace, Mana Fortress
068 National Scar SOM sprite.png
National Scar
Plant 55 630 58 2,425 2,600 Faerie Walnut Amulet Helm Grand Palace
069 Mushgloom SOM sprite.png
Plant 56 628 38 2,550 3,200 Chocolate Barrel Pure Land
070 Ice Thug SOM sprite.png
Ice Thug
Fish 57 440 40 2,680 2,850 Royal Jam Dragon Ring Pure Land
071 Needlion SOM sprite.png
Animal 58 599 28 2,800 2,430 Royal Jam Needle Helm Passage of Trials, Pure Land
072 Griffin Claw SOM sprite.png
Griffin Hand
Bird 60 600 99 3,090 2,560 Chocolate Griffin Helm Pure Land
073 Metal Crab SOM sprite.png
Metal Crab
Machine 61 533 28 3,230 2,846 Vestguard Bow's Orb Mana Fortress
074 Eggplant Man SOM sprite.png
Eggplant Man
Demihuman 62 300 99 3,390 2,444 Cup of Wishes Watcher Ring Passage of Trials, Mana Palace, Underground City, Pure Land
075 Ghost SOM sprite.png
Spirit 63 632 99 3,540 2,160 Royal Jam Imp's Ring Pure Land
076 Tsunami SOM sprite.png
Amorphous 64 388 99 3,700 2,100 Amulet Ring Spear's Orb Mana Fortress
077 Fiend Head SOM sprite.png
Fiend Head
Demon 65 1,150 99 3,868 2,280 Vampire Cape Axe's Orb Mana Fortress
078 Whimper SOM sprite.png
Machine 63 230 99 4,036 2,280 Power Suit Javelin's Orb Mana Fortress
079 Wolf Lord SOM sprite.png
Wolf Lord
Machine 67 280 50 4,210 2,400 Faerie's Ring Glove's Orb Mana Fortress
080 Master Ninja SOM sprite.png
Master Ninja
Demihuman 68 400 44 4,388 2,760 Faerie Cloak Boomerang's Orb Mana Fortress
081 Terminator SOM sprite.png
Machine 69 300 99 4,570 3,600 Faerie Crown Whip's Orb Mana Fortress


# Enemy Type Level HP MP EXP GP Weakness Orb Location
082 Mantis Ant SOM sprite.png
Mantis Ant
Insect 3 150 20 10 100 Sylphid Sword's Orb Potos Village
083 Tropicallo SOM sprite.png
Plant 7 315 0 80 132 Luna Spear's Orb Dwarf Village
084 Spikey Tiger SOM sprite.png
Spikey Tiger
Plant 10 520 21 210 288 Undine Boomerang's Orb Witch's Castle
085 Tonpole SOM sprite.png
Reptile 11 600 0 50 0 Salamando N/A Undine's Cave, Ice Palace
086 Biting Lizard SOM sprite.png
Biting Lizard
Reptile 11 770 6 210 348 Salamando Glove's Orb Witch's Castle, Ice Palace
087 Fire Gigas SOM sprite.png
Fire Gigas
Spirit 13 850 66 326 360 Undine Axe's Orb Underground Palace
088 Wall Face SOM sprite.png
Wall Face
Demon 16 920 99 580 720 Gnome Bow's Orb Pandora Ruins
089 Kilroy SOM sprite.png
Machine 17 900 18 686 650 N/A Javelin's Orb Thieves' Ship
090 Jabberwocky SOM sprite.png
Reptile 18 950 90 800 768 Gnome Bow's Orb Water Palace
091 Spring Beak SOM sprite.png
Spring Beak
Bird 20 720 99 1,090 864 Sylphid Boomerang's Orb Sprite Village
092 Great Viper SOM sprite.png
Great Viper
Reptile 22 1,330 8 1,410 1,056 Sylphid Sword's Orb Cave of the White Dragon
093 Boreal Face SOM sprite.png
Boreal Face
Plant 26 1,110 12 2,245 1,040 Luna Bow's Orb Frozen Forest
094 Frost Gigas SOM sprite.png
Boreal Face
Spirit 29 1,140 99 3,045 1,200 Salamando Boomerang's Orb Ice Palace
095 Mech Rider SOM sprite.png
Mech Rider
Machine 23 980 18 1,595 1,055 Sylphid Whip's Orb Kakkara Desert
096 Minotaur SOM sprite.png
Machine 30 1,200 99 3,348 1,440 Sylphid Javelin's Orb Kakkara Desert
097 Dooms Wall SOM sprite.png
Doom's Wall
Demon 34 1,180 99 4,750 648 Gnome, Lumina Whip's Orb Northtwon Ruins
098 Vampire SOM sprite.png
Undead 35 2,550 99 5,148 696 Sylphid, Lumina Boomerang's Orb Northtwon Ruins
099 Metal Mantis SOM sprite.png
Metal Mantis
Machine 34 1,220 40 4,749 1,464 Sylphid Glove's Orb Imperial Palace
100 Mech Rider 2 SOM sprite.png
Mech Rider #2
Machine 37 1,258 30 6,013 1,500 Sylphid Javelin's Orb Imperial Palace
101 Lime Slime SOM sprite.png
Lime Slime
Amorphous 41 3,470 99 8,000 3,000 Salamando Javelin's Orb Palace of Darkness
102 Blue Spike SOM sprite.png
Blue Spike
Animal 43 1,980 99 9,150 3,840 Gnome Boomerang's Orb Gold Tower
103 Gorgon Bull SOM sprite.png
Gorgon Bull
Animal 44 2,470 99 9,755 4,800 Sylphid Bow's Orb Gold Tower
104 Shadow X1 SOM sprite.png
Shadow X1
N/A 0 999 0 0 0 Lumina N/A Passage of Trials
105 Shadow X2 SOM sprite.png
Shadow X2
N/A 0 800 0 0 0 Lumina N/A Passage of Trials
106 Shadow X3 SOM sprite.png
Shadow X3
N/A 0 800 0 0 0 Lumina N/A Passage of Trials
107 Aegagropilon SOM sprite.png
Plant 46 3,016 99 11,050 1,800 Gnome, Sylphid, Luna Spear's Orb Mana Palace
108 Hydra SOM sprite.png
Reptile 48 3,382 99 12,439 3,600 Salamando Whip's Orb Underground City
109 Kettle Kin USA SOM sprite.png
Kettle Kin
Machine 52 1,230 33 15,555 3,360 N/A Bow's Orb Underground City
110 Snap Dragon SOM sprite.png
Snap Dragon
Dragon 56 1,215 6 19,200 12,480 Salamando Javelin's Orb Mana Palace
111 Hexas SOM sprite.png
Demon 57 3,465 69 20,103 14,400 Gnome Whip's Orb Mana Palace
112 Mech Rider 3 SOM sprite.png
Mech Rider #3
Machine 58 4,327 38 21,104 16,000 Sylphid Spear's Orb Mana Palace
113 Dragonworm SOM sprite.png
Dragon Worm
Dragon 61 3,525 99 24,290 17,460 Sylphid Axe's Orb Pure Land
114 Snow Dragon SOM sprite.png
Snow Dragon
Dragon 63 2,800 99 26,588 18,360 Salamando Bow's Orb Pure Land
115 Axe Beak SOM sprite.png
Axe Beak
Bird 64 2,800 99 27,784 20,400 Undine Javelin's Orb Pure Land
116 Red Dragon SOM sprite.png
Red Dragon
Dragon 65 3,000 99 29,000 21,800 Undine Glove's Orb Pure Land
117 Thunder Gigas SOM sprite.png
Thunder Gigas
Spirit 66 4,462 99 30,277 30,600 Gnome Sword's Orb Pure Land
118 Blue Dragon SOM sprite.png
Blue Dragon
Dragon 67 3,200 99 31,570 28,560 Gnome Boomerang's Orb Pure Land
119 Buffy SOM sprite.png
Undead 70 4,200 99 35,686 22,200 Sylphid, Lumina N/A Mana Fortress
120 Dread Slime SOM sprite.png
Dread Slime
Amorphous 71 5,000 99 37,000 26,400 Shade N/A Mana Fortress
121 Dark Lich SOM sprite.png
Dark Lich
Undead 72 6,666 99 38,600 27,000 Lumina N/A Mana Fortress
122 Mana Beast SOM sprite.png
Mana Beast
N/A 73 9,990 99 0 0 Luna N/A Mana Fortress


Mode 7 is utilized whenever the party rides Flammie high above ground

Secret of Mana began development for the SNES CD-ROM, and was planned to be a launch title for the peripheral.[1] When the SNES CD-ROM was canceled, Square shifted Secret of Mana's development to the Super Nintendo. Similarly, Final Fantasy Adventure started development in 1987 as a Famicom Disk System title, Seiken Densetsu: The Emergence of Excalibur, before ultimately becoming a Game Boy game. When Secret of Mana shifted development to the Super Nintendo itself, the team had to remove a lot of content to fit it on a 16 megabit Super Nintendo cartridge, which is significantly smaller than a CD-ROM. One of the most significant removals was the ability to take multiple different routes, opening the possibility for several different endings.[2] Some of Secret of Mana's unused features found their way into Chrono Trigger, such as the numerous different endings.

Like several other Square-developed games for the Super Nintendo, Secret of Mana utilizes Mode 7, particularly when the party travels on Flammie high above the world map, as during this, the largely scaled and rotatable background gives the illusion that the ground below is three-dimensional.

The English translation for Secret of Mana was worked on by Ted Woolsey, and was completed within 30 days, a month after the Japanese version was released. Within this short time frame, Ted Woolsey had little time to complete the game's translation, and portions of the game's script had to be removed due to space limitations.[3] In North America, prior to its release, Secret of Mana was titled Final Fantasy Adventure II,[4][5] indicating that it would be marketed as a Final Fantasy spinoff in a similar vein to how the first three SaGa games were released in North America as The Final Fantasy Legend, Final Fantasy Legend II, and Final Fantasy Legend III respectively. The idea was that the Final Fantasy Adventure series would focus more on action gameplay than the traditional RPG style of the main Final Fantasy series and the Final Fantasy Legend series. When Secret of Mana was chosen as the game's title, Mana became a entirely separate series from Final Fantasy not just in Japan but also in other regions.

Secret of Mana went on to be developed and ported across many more platforms as the SNES was eventually discontinued. The original game (with an updated translation and touch-focused player experience) first appeared in Japan circa 2009, and in the West from 2010. Available on both iOS/iPadOS and Android, this version has been updated frequently as mobile technology continues to evolve. However, the port became unusable on iOS for a period of six months in 2019 due to a rendering bug that presented in version 13 of the operating system. The bug was eventually patched out in the spring of 2020.


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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 聖剣伝説2
Seiken Densetsu 2
The Legend of the Sacred Sword 2

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