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Final Fantasy Adventure

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Final Fantasy Adventure
Final Fantasy Adventure box art.jpg
Developer Square
Publisher Square
Sunsoft (Game Boy re-release)
Platforms Game Boy, Softbank 3G, i-Mode, EZweb
Release date Game Boy:
Japan June 28, 1991
USA November 1991[1]
Europe 1993
USA April 1998[2]
Softbank 3G:
Japan August 16, 2006[3]
Japan November 6, 2006[4]
Japan February 5, 2007[5]
Genre Action role-playing
Rating(s) N/A
Mode(s) Single player
Media Cartridge (Game Boy)
Digital (subsequent releases)

Final Fantasy Adventure, also known by its Japanese title Seiken Densetsu: Final Fantasy Gaiden (or Seiken Densetsu), is the first installment of the Mana series. It was originally released for the Game Boy in 1991 in Japan and North America and then in 1993 in Europe with the title Mystic Quest, which was one of the first Final Fantasy games to release there, the other being Final Fantasy Mystic Quest. In 1998, Final Fantasy Adventure was re-released in North America by Sunsoft.

Final Fantasy Adventure features gameplay roughly similar to that of the original The Legend of Zelda, but with the inclusion of basic role-playing statistical elements. The game was a spinoff of the Final Fantasy franchise and featured some of its recurring elements, such as a Chocobo. Ever since the release of the second Mana title, Secret of Mana, the Mana series disconnected itself from the overall Final Fantasy franchise.

Final Fantasy Adventure's North American box art and logo were both designed after that of Final Fantasy Legend II's and Final Fantasy Legend III's. Both the North American and European box covers have a green background.

In 2003, a remake, Sword of Mana, was released for the Game Boy Advance. Its plot is a retelling of Final Fantasy Adventure's, and a lot of its gameplay was changed, including the removal of Final Fantasy-related elements. In 2006, Final Fantasy Adventure was remade for the Softbank 3G and i-Mode services for Japanese mobile phones and then for the EZweb service in February 2007. The Final Fantasy-related features were reinstated in all three versions, which have graphics on par with Sword of Mana. In 2016, a 3D remake of Final Fantasy Adventure, titled Adventures of Mana, was released for iOS, Android, and PlayStation Vita. Like the mobile releases, Adventures of Mana also has the Final Fantasy-related elements intact.

In 2017, a port of Final Fantasy Adventure was released as a part of the Collection of Mana compilation for the Nintendo Switch in Japan. In 2019, the compilation was released in other countries, and is the first time that the original Final Fantasy Adventure was reissued on to another platform outside of Japan.


Title screen

Tree of Mana grows with the energy of will from each and every thing of this world. It grows high above the clouds in the air on top of Mount Illusia. Legend tells that it gives eternal power to the one who touched it. Dark Lord was trying to find the way to the Tree of Mana to get the mighty power to conquer the world.

The story follows the hero and the young heroine as go on a journey to thwart the Dark Lord of Glaive and his sorcerer assistant, Julius, from destroying the Tree of Mana and dooming their world.

The story starts with Sumo, a slave from Empire Glaive, fighting a Jackal to the amusement of the Dark Lord. Our hero, along with his fellow prisoners, were forced to partake in daily combats inside Glaive's arena. This wicked pastime led to many of Sumo's former enslaved friends dying from their wounds. Our hero is then revealed to assist a dying Willy, one of the latest victims of Dark Lord's cruel competitions. Willy then tells Sumo that Mana is in danger and to let the Gemma Knights know about this ominous situation. Will entrusts our hero to visit a fellow Gemma Knight named Bogard that lives near the falls. Distraught and puzzled by his dying friend's words, Sumo tries to inquire more information from him but to no avail. The body of his former brethren lying coldly on the jail floor, our hero decides to follow his departed friend's advice and embark on his journey. In the adjacent room Sumo converse with other prisoners who take the opportunity to escape the fortress together. Amanda, the only female of the group, is eager to see his Lester again. After vanquishing a second furry beast in the battle arena, the young knight climbs down the stronghold's walls and heads to the nearby waterfall where he overhears Dark Lord and his assistant Julius discussing about the Mana Tree's whereabouts. According to the lord's advisor, the holy tree is located in a shrine far above the falls. To reach it, one must use the key belonging to a certain girl. The Dark Lord entrusts Julius to find the young maiden to which Julius acquiesces by teleporting away. Sumo is immediately spotted by the evil overlord who chases after him, eventually cornering the hero near a cliff. The Dark Lord strikes Sumo with his sword, causing him to fall down all the way to an unknown part of the lands. After wandering around, Sumo arrives at the quaint village of Topple where the inhabitants speak about the Dark Lord looking for a girl. Seeking Bogard's assistance, our young hero departs from the settlement, only to find a distressed maiden amidst enemies. A wounded soldier named Hasim by her side instructs Sumo to lead the girl to Wendel and taking her to Bogard before passing away. Our young hero accepts his plea and introduces himself to the lady who is revealed to be Fuji. The duo finally reaches Bogard's Cabin near a waterfall where they find an initially grumpy old man who has a change of heart after seeing the Pendant of Mana around the maiden's neck. Fuji explains that it was her mother's and ask the gentleman if he is a Gemma Knight. The old man nods then explains that he was fighting a man named Vandole from taking over the world by using the power of Mana. The Gemma Knights were about to lose when a lady assured their victory, the same one who was Fuji's mother. Bogard then entrusts Sumo with the Mattock and to go to the cave on the mountain's eastern side. By breaking the rocks blocking the path to Wendel, Sumo could seek the assistance of Cibba an eminent priest of the capital.

After acquiring the tool and bidding farewell to the old man, Sumo and Fuji traverse the high cliffs and eastern cave to ultimately find themselves in a marshy area. Here they find Kett's Mansion, a large building in the middle of the bog where they are greeted by a mysterious butler guarding a door. The servant tells the duo that the rooms ahead are occupied by Mr. Lee and invite them to use the western ones. The couple agrees and spend the night at Kett's, during which Fuji teaches Sumo how to use Cure Magic by giving him the Magic Book of Cure. The morning after, our hero finds himself alone in the guest room. The Butler doesn't seem to know her whereabouts either, so Sumo heads outside to investigate. After wandering in the marsh, the young knight discovers a Bronze Key after defeating a bunch of Lizardmen. He uses the key to unlock a neighboring door leading to the Cave of Marsh. Here he stumbles on a Mysterious Man who tells Sumo that man girls have disappeared in Kett's Mansion and must be held captive in caskets in the basement. He adds that a mirror is kept deep within that cave and might help get pass the butler. The mysterious man offers his help to which Sumo accepts. Both men venture inside the damp cavern in search of the mirror. During their scouting, they find a Sickle which proves useful in cutting the overgrown weed scattered inside the cave. The party finally reaches the boss' lair where they encounter the Hydra, a giant water-dwelling two-headed dragon that spits fire balls to its opponent. The formidable foe is eventually defeated by Sumo's brute strength and the mysterious man's magic, leaving only the Magic Book of Fire and the infamous Moon Mirror in its place. The mysterious man advises the young hero to use the artefact in front of the Butler at Kett's, for it will reveal its true form. The long-haired companion leaves Sumo after uttering those words, leaving our valiant knight this valuable clue for his next destination.

Going back inside the Manor, our hero whips out the mirror to the Butler's dismay, who transform into its werewolf form and attacks Sumo. The foe is easily defeated which leaves the east wing free to explore. Sumo ventures deeper into the manor crawling with undeads and ghostly monsters. A while later, our hero discovers a treasure chest containing its third weapon, the Chain, which can latch over wooden poles and help Sumo cross gaps. After searching far and wide Kett's Manor, the young knight finally reaches a room filled with caskets and find Fuji inside one of them. The couple decide to leave the premises and escape through the manor's main door, only to be interrupted by Mr. Lee himself. The lord immediately transforms into its Vampire form and attack the Sumo and Fuji but is eventually outmatched. The beast leaves the Magic Book of Sleep behind for our hero to learn Sleep. After checking if Fuji is unscathed, the duo crosses the marshy region one again en route to the sacred town of Wendel.

Sumo and Fuji eventually reach the city's gate and briefly cross path with the mysterious man again wandering through town. The couple head to the town's main building to seek an audience with Cibba. The priest welcomes the two of them and is pleased to see the pendant of mana that Fuji is wearing. The holy man then prompts the maiden to step onto the magic circle in the center of the room to which Fuji immediately executes. The party is suddenly greeted by a vision of Fuji's mother, the same who helped the Gemma Knights defeat Vandole decades ago. The motherly figure tells her daughter that she and her are members of the Mana family and that they are the seeds of the Mana tree, protecting its legacy. During the war that waged Vandole for ultimate power, Fuji's mother sealed a nearby waterfall, the only entrance to the Mana Sanctuary with the very pendant Fuji is wearing, to prevent evil form abusing Mana power again. Alas, Glaive Empire is coveting Mana, and the motherly apparition begs Fuji to guard the Mana tree with the help of the Gemma Knights. She then vanishes into thin air, with Fuji lamenting her loss. Her grief is rudely disrupted by an earthquake. The mysterious man barge into the temple informing the party that the Glaive empire is raiding the city. The long-haired lad takes the maiden to a safe place, but Cibba is suspicious of his intentions and ask Sumo to look for him. Our hero finds the town infested with monsters with defenseless guards lying on the ground. Hurrying through the main gate, Sumo finds the mysterious man right outside with Fuji. The man is quickly revealed to be Julius in disguise all along which puzzle the young knight since he helped him back in the marsh cave. Julius replies that he wasn't sure the girl was the right one until he saw what happened inside Wendel temple. He was waiting for this chance to capture her and now Glaive can use her to gain access to the Mana tree. Sumo lunges toward the evildoer but the latter scoffs that his pitiful attempt by knocking our hero against the wall with magic. Unable to stop the Dark Lord's adviser, the younf knight is then taken back to Wendel temple by Cibba who heals his wounds with the magic circle. Regaining consciousness, the priest informs Sumo that Fuji is taken hostage in Julius' Airship to the west. The gives the hero the Magic Book of Heal before departure.

To reach the westerly side of the continent, our hero must traverse Gaia Pass. Unfortunately, the sentient opening named Gaia spits him out telling him he shouldn't walk into its mouth. A while later, Sumo reaches the Dwarf Cave where he learns that Gaia likes tasting Silver and that Watts went in the Old Mine to look for some. Using the Oil purchased by a local vendor on a rusty trolley inside the old mine, Sumo jumps on the minecart's tracks, eventually falling down a large pit while going at full speed. He is found lying on the ground by a dwarf named Watts who happily joins him in his search of silver. After wandering deep inside the mine, they find a giant caterpillar monster named Megapede who guards a deposit of silver. The duo defeats the beast and Watts takes the opportunity to forge the silver ore into equipment back to Dwarf Cave. Sumo can now purchase the coveted armor set and enters Gaia Pass. After reaching its west exit, the young hero is stopped by Bogard who explains that Cibba told him about the dire situation. He adds that together they can save Fuji by sneaking into Glaive's airship who is currently refueling at a lake up north. The hero, now aided by the Gemma Knight venture into the docked airship, eventually reaching Fuji's cell. While Sumo tries to unlock the jail cell to no avail, Bogard informs him that the airship is moving and probably gaining altitude. Sumo decides to reach the adjacent window and break it while the old Gemma Knight stay behind and guard the premises. After backtracking all the way to the airship's docks and accessing Fuji's window cell, the maiden promptly gives our hero her precious pendant all the while Julius steps forward Sumo, demanding to give him the artefact. The evil wizard sends a powerful fire spell at the young knight causing him to lose its balance and falling from an incredible height, only to crash into a house in a village below.

Turns out the house belongs to Amanda, one of the inmates back in Glaive Castle. She is glad to see Sumo safe and sound but unexpectedly leaves shortly after. The young hero awakes in Menos village, unable to find the pendant Fuji gave him and learns that Amanda left earlier this morning. A young boy also claims to Sumo that he saw a Chocobo egg in a forest up north. Intrigued, Sumo ventures outside the settlement into the woods, eventually finding a lone egg lying on the ground. The shell immediately breaks revealing a young chocobo inside. The chick can be used as a ride for faster transportation. Our hero then reaches the Town of Jadd after traversing Jadd Desert. In there, he discovers that the tow is ruled by Davias and that the Northern Valley is plagued with poison gas since Lester stopped playing his harp. Upon meeting Davias and his pet bird, Sumo is informed that Amanda went to the Cave of Medusa but that nobody ever returned alive from there. After exiting Davias Mansion and giving a local a Fang in exchange for information about the Cave of Medusa's location. Our young hero draws the shape of an eight with his feet around the two palm trees in the desert to discover the entrance to the cave. Amanda is found near the cave's mouth and Sumo learns that she took the pendant from him while unconscious in exchange for Davias to bring his brother back. This was a ruse as the evil ruler transformed Lester into a parrot which can only be cured by the tears of Medusa. The duo joint forces to find Medusa and venture into the cave. Further into the labyrinth, Sumo discovers a lone chest housing the Magic Book of Ice which can turn enemies into snowmen and further used as weights for floor switches. After finally reaching Medua's lair, the party is forced to attack the monster, ultimately defeating her. Upon dying, Medusa taunts the heroes for trying to obtain her tears and vanishes. While unable to find any on site, Sumo decides to return to Jadd for a change of plan all the while Amanda finds out that she was bitten by the serpentine fiend during their fight, dooming her to become Medusa. The young woman plead her comrade to slay her and use her tears to uncurse her brother and telling him that she loved him. Sumo begrudgingly accepts and kills her friend, acquiring a single tear from Amanda's face. Heading back to the town of Jadd, Sumo rushes to Davias Mansion to sprinkle the tear on the lone parrot which automatically turns back into Lester's human form. Sumo then brings the bad news to the grieving bard, in turn asking for the young knight to avenge him by defeating Davias. Sumo agrees and Lester plays a mystic tune opening a staircase leading downwards. After traversing multiple rooms, the duo finally reaches the mansion's roof were Davias mocks them before turning into the Mind Flayer. Upon being slain, Davias tells the party that the pendant is no longer in his possession since he gave it to Garuda who is currently flying over Mt. Rocks in direction to Glaive. Hearing the disconcerting news, Lester and Sumo head back to town where the bard says to the knight that he will clear the poison gas with his harp. Our hero thanks him and head to Mt. Rocks after receiving the Magic Book of Mute from Lester all the while the latter plays a requiem for his late sister.

Sumo takes a cave deep within Mt. Rocks and battles a Metal Crab guarding the area. This opens a path to the second part of the area where our hero heads inside another cavern. He then must defeat a giant Cyclops whom upon defeat gives out a Morning Star, a powerful weapon capable of breaking through tough walls and rocks. Heading back into the cave, he finally meets his final great opponent, a Golem whose hard shell can only be harmed by the morning star. The robotic entity leaves to Sumo his Magic Book of Lightning after being felled. Back outside, the young knight crosses a long bridge that immediately collapses after being crosses, rendering the previous area inaccessible. Sumo is then back were his adventure started but wastes no time storming the castle to rescue Fuji. During his peregrinations inside the fortress, he encounters a giant mythological monster, the Chimera guarding the maiden's room. The young woman joins once again in the attempt of retrieving the pendant and stopping Dark Lord. The evil dictator is waiting atop the fortress and confront Sumo in a duel. After a grueling fight, the Dark Lord is eventually slain but the pendant he was keeping appears to be fake. Furthermore, Fuji is nowhere to be seen. Fearing that Julius captured her again, Sumo rushes through Glaive's exit too see that the young maiden is mindlessly reaching for the falls. Julius reveals himself and orders Fuji to cast the spell that would open the portal to the Mana Tree. He then explains that he is the last one left of the Empire Vandole and that he shall receive the power of Mana once more. A brainwashed Fuji chants a mystical spell to reverse the flow of the waterfall while both Julius and her ascend the enchanted waterway. Unable to stop them, Sumo is hit by the evil sorcerer's magic which sends him flying down the river. The young knight is found lying unconscious by is trusted chocobo steed and carried back to a bed next to Bogard. The old Gemma knight explains that he was thrown off the airship a short while after Sumo fell but was rescued by a woman named Sarah from the town of Ish. In a moment of despair, our hero cannot bear the responsibilities of being a Gemma Knight and ask Bogard to do his deeds instead. The old man tries to reason the lad in vain as the youngster storms off the room. Outside, Sumo meets Sarah who informs him that Borgard's back in injured and is bedridden for the time being. He was distressed to hear that so many towns were attacked by Glaive but held hope that a boy would save the world. She didn't believe him at first, but when she heard that the boy rescued in the wild was named Sumo, she gained hope again. Sarah adds that even a chocobo knew the fate of the boy and that now all the town is rooting for him. The chocobo is now being treated at Doctor Bowow's house. After talking to Sarah, Sumo explores the town and runs into Bowow's house, hearing a rucking from inside, the young hero decides to enter and is surprised to see that his chocobo now sports mechanical legs. The doctor explains that the bird can now run on water and that he renamed him Chocobot. He then asks Sumo to visit Bogard before leaving town. The young knight listens and go back to see his old friend who tells him that from now on things will be perilous, as Julius now harness the power of Mana. The only thing that can thwart him is a knight wielding the Legendary Sword as this is how the Gemma Knights defeated the evil power of Vandole back then. Bogard then tells Sumo to ask Cibba about Excalibur's whereabouts and that Dr. Bowow can help you reach Wendel faster. After bidding farewell to the old Gemma Knight, our hero visits the doctor once again to inquiry about a way to reach the holy city. Bowow tells Sumo to head east on the sea from the pier at north and then to keep north until they reach the desired destination.

After crossing the sea and going back to Wendel, Sumo in unable to find Cibba. He then asks through town and learns that the faraway kingdom of Lorim fell prey to monsters and that Cibba went there to investigate. The kingdom lies south of the Snowfields over the southern sea. Sumo now sails on his Chocobot all the way to the frigid plains only to discover that the Lorim inhabitants are all frozen in place, unable to speak. Fortunately, the King of Lorimar is sentient and tells the young knight that Julius has summoned monster all throughout the land. One of them is called Kary and has cursed this land by freezing every townsfolk in place. Cibba was hexed also and is found in an adjacent room to the throne. Heading now for Cara Mountain Range, Sumo must momentarily part ways with his Chocobot because of the blistering cold. After traversing an ice cavern, our hero finds himself face to face with the serpentine monster known as Kary. Defeating the fiend undo the curse on Lorim. Hurring back to see how Cibba is doing, the old priest greets Sumo by entrusting him with the Bone Key and tells him to use it when visiting the wide river by the Ammonite Coast then crossing it to reach the Field of Floatrocks. The guardian monster that lies deep within the Undersea Volcano has the legendary sword. Cibba ends by telling Sumo that he will give out the rest of its instructions when he comes back with Excalibur.

On his trusted Chocobot, Sumo crosses yet again the vast sea ultimately reaching Ammonite Coast. By using the bone key to unseal the Cave in Floatrocks our hero stumbles on a giant squid-like monster named Kraken that he must battle atop a bridge. Felling the monster reveals a door that leads to the Undersea Volcano. When the young knight arrives at the lowest level, he must vanquish the mighty Iflyte who upon being defeated reveals a chest that contains a Rusty Sword, puzzled by its aspect, Sumo decides to return to Lorim. His trip is sidetracked by the discovery of the Sealed Cave within the confines of the Palmy Desert. Here he battles an undead monster known as Lich. The fight rewards Sumo with the Magic Book of Nuke. Upon returning to Cibba in Lorim, the old priest tells the young knight that the only remaining step is to reveal the Dime Tower in the Desert of Crystal. To do such feat, Cibba adds that Sumo must visit the Cave of Ruins and use the rusty sword here. Should Excalibur accept him as a worthy wielder, the sword's power should reveal to him, as he is a real Gemma Knight. Before the young hero leaves, Cibba gives directions to the Cave of Ruins, located in a desert near the town of Ish. Dr. Bowow knows the place well and should aid the hero if needed.

Arriving in the Desert of Crystal, Sumo blows the hidden entrance to the Cave of Ruins with his newly acquired Nuke spell and starts exploring the desolated place. Filled with traps, spikes and damaging floor, our hero ultimately reaches the end of the maze by encountering Mantis Ant a giant insectoid guardian. After defeating it, Sumo enters a small shrine where the rusty sword is imbued with the power to raise the Tower of Dime somewhere in the desert. After searching for it for a while, the ominous structure emerges from the ground, allowing exploration. Upon entering, the young knight is greed by Marcie, relic-searching robot made by Dr. Bowow. The robot explains that it waited for 50 years inside Dime Tower and that it has been forgotten by the doctor. The robot then joins Sumo in its trek towards the summit. Inside the tower lie numerous stone tablets describing the lore of the Mana Tree and how its power can be shaped according to people's heart. According to legend, the true Gemma Knight would be given the legendary sword and Vandole should meet its demise soon. Upon reaching the top, the party is met with the fearsome Garuda who immediately attack them. After defeating the giant bird, Marcie warns Sumo that the tower has lost its balance and that they must hurry to safe grounds. Unfortunately, a large gap prevents Sumo from exiting the tower. The Robot decides to throw the hero on the nearby land but is unable to make the jump for itself. In its last words to our hero, Marcie tells him that he must save the world and that it must remain inside the tower since he was built to stay here. Sumo is unable to answer in time as the building sinks down beneath the earth again. In the distance, he can hear a faint voice telling him that they may meet again.

Stranded near Glaive castle again, the young knight has no other choice but to ascent the magical waterfall and gain access to the Mana Shrine. Inside this massive labyrinth, he battles in succession with a Dragon, a Red Dragon, then finally a Dragon Zombie. After defeating those fearsome foes, he is teleported to the innermost area of the Mana Shrine, the Mana Temple. Here he meets with Fuji's mother again, as she praises his bravery and considers him a true Gemma Knight. She then proceeds to give Sumo the Excalibur and command the young knight to defeat Julius before vanishing. Further down the road, Sumo finally meets with the evil sorcerer and a distressed Fuji in front of the Mana Tree. Julius taunts the hero for being late as he already possesses the greatest power of Mana. He then adds that the time has come for the Neo-Vandole empire to be born and that he doesn't need Sumo anymore. Both engage in a perilous battle where Julius uses its magic to duplicate himself which confuses the young Gemma Knight at first. He is first defeated easily but declares that he will use the true power of Mana. The sorcerer reappears as a giant reptilian humanoid that sends lightning bolts at Sumo. This form proves to be difficult, but the young knight eventually slays him for good. Sumo is respawned near the Mana Tree along with Fuji to whom the young hero tries to cheer her up by telling her Julius is defeated. A sinister howl echoes from behind them as the sorcerers' spirit reappears claiming that they will never leave here alive. The final battle is arduous but eventually, with the help of Fuji's curative spell, Julius finally meets his ultimate doom. Sadly, this is no time to rejoice, as the couple realize that the Mana Tree has disappeared. Unable to know what to do, Fuji hears a familiar voice behind her. Her mother's spirit lies were the enormous tree once stood. She explains that now that the holy tree is gone, that we need a new Gemma of the Mana Tree. Seeing her daughter's perplexed look, she adds that they are the seeds of the Mana Tree, and they will become a bud called gemma and become a new tree while the Gemma Knights as tasked to guard the tree. The motherly figure became the Mana Tree during the Vandole war and now, since Fuji is the last member of the Mana Family, she should take her place and become a new holy sapling. Of course, the spirits adds that nobody can force her to become the Mana Tree but her. With brief hesitation, Fuji acquiesces to take the place of her mother as the new Tree of Mana but asks the spirit what will happen if she is destroyed since she is the last individual of the Mana Family. The motherly figure sadly acknowledges that it would be the end of the peace. After reaffirming her decision to become the next gemma, Fuji turns herself to Sumo and bids him farewell, telling him that she will always remain here as long as he is here to protect her. Before departing, the motherly figure tells Sumo to please guard the new Mana Tree as he is the sole Gemma Knight now and to give her thanks to the previous ones. The young maiden then rejoins her mother for the last time and transforms into her new form.

The newly acknowledged Gemma Knight visits his friends around the world by stopping by Ish first. He is greeted by Bogard, Sarah and Dr. Bowow and exchanges news. Sumo then ventures back in Wendel where he confides in Cibba. Later, he passes by Jadd and chat with Lester who continues to entertain people with his songs. Finally, he is seen stopping by a clearing where he is greeted by his Chocobo friend who is implied to be in a relationship with another Chocobo.



World Screen[edit]

Action Function Game Boy
Move Move in the four cardinal directions if no overworld interaction is right in front of Sumo. Gameboy Dpad.webp
Interact Talk to people, push obstacles, open doors, open chests. Gameboy Dpad.webp
Weapon Attack Make Sumo attack once with his currently equipped weapon. Gameboy A Button.webp
Magic/Item Command Make Sumo use his currently equipped magic spell or item. Gameboy B Button.webp


Action Function Game Boy
Move (once) Move the cursor on notch in the menu screen. Gameboy Dpad.webp
Move (hold) Move the cursor continuously in the menu screen. Gameboy Dpad.webp
Execute Execute command selected with the control pad. Gameboy A Button.webp
Cancel Cancel command selected with the control pad by returning to the previous menu or world screen. Gameboy B Button.webp
Start Open main menu screen (ITEM/MAGIC/EQUIP/ASK commands). Gameboy Start button.webp
Select Open status menu screen (SAVE/MAP/STATUS commands). Gameboy Select button.webp


There are three menus in the game, including two that can be opened depending on which button is pressed.

  • The world screen menu is always displayed at the bottom of the screen whenever none of the other two menus are used.
  • Gameboy Start button.webp opens up the main menu, where the player can navigate between ITEM, MAGIC, EQUIP, & ASK sub-menus.
  • Gameboy Select button.webp opens up the status menu, where the player can navigate between Save, Map, & Status sub-menus.

World Screen[edit]

World screen

The world screen menu displays four units at all time under normal conditions.

  • HP indicates the current hit points Sumo can endure before dying and getting a Game Over.
  • MP indicates the current magic points Sumo can use to cast magic spells. Once it reaches 0, the player cannot use any magic.
  • G indicates the current gold pieces the player has.
  • The Will Bar can be used to execute a MAX Attack once it is filled up.

Main Menu[edit]

Main menu

The main menu pauses the game once activated. Only ITEM, MAGIC, EQUIP, and ASK can be selected.

  • ITEM can be selected to access the item sub-menu to use or register an item.
  • MAGIC can be selected to access the magic sub-menu to use or register a magic spell. The is a maximum of eight spells available in the game.
  • EQUIP can be selected to access the equip sub-menu to equip gear.
  • ASK can be selected to execute an ally's special attack. The type of attack varies between allies. The command can only be selected if you have an ally in your party.
  • Sumo's current condition is displayed on the bottom-right. Aside from "Good", which is the healthy condition, four abnormal status effects can be observed: Pois, Ston, Dark, and Moog.
  • The bottom window displays the current item or magic spell equipped to the left, and the current weapon equipped to the right.

Status Menu[edit]

Status sub-menu

The status menu pauses the game once activated. All three sub-menus can be accessed.

  • Save can be selected to save the player's current progression. Up to two slots can be used.
  • Map can be selected to display the current map Sumo is in. The dungeon map will be displayed when the player is in a dungeon and the world map is show up if outside a dungeon.
  • Status can be selected to show the current statistics of Sumo.
    • Name
    • Condition (either Good, Pois, Ston, Dark, Moog)
    • experience acquired (E) / experience needed to level up
    • current HP / max HP
    • current MP / max MP
    • attack power (AP)
    • defense power (DP)
    • amount of money on hand (GP)
    • Stamina (Stamn)
    • Power
    • Wisdom (Wisdm)
    • Will

Level Up[edit]

After defeating enemies for a while, Sumo can gain a level which pauses the game and prompts a text window saying "Level up! HP/MP recovered!" The status sub-menu shows up afterwards, allowing the player to select a growth type. Every time the hero levels up, his HP, attack power (AP), defense power (DP), and Gauge speed increase. However, the player can influence each stat growth by manually allocating points in four different metrics.

  • Stamn (Stamina) increases Sumo's maximum HP and defense power (DP), making him more resistant.
  • Power increases Sumo's power rating, making him stronger at defeating enemies with his weapons.
  • Wisdm (Wisdom) increases Sumo's MP and raise the damage caused by his magic spells to enemies.
  • Will lessens the time your Will Bar takes to fill up, allowing using MAX attacks more frequently.

Battle System[edit]

Weapon Attacks[edit]

Sumo can use six weapon types with most having unique utilitary field uses.

  • Sword FFA sprite.pngThe Sword can be used to slash enemies and has no overworld use. Sumo starts with this weapon at the beginning of the game.
  • Axe FFA sprite.pngThe Axe slays enemies and can be used to chop down trees and thorns. This weapon can be bought for 150 GP at the Swamp Shack.
  • Sickle FFA sprite.pngThe Sickle has a circular range unlike most weapons and can cut off ferns. It can be found in a chest in the Marsh Cellar.
  • Chain FFA sprite.pngThe Chain has a very long reach and can attach to poles, allowing Sumo to be pulled over. This weapon can be found in a chest in Kett's.
  • Spear FFA sprite.pngThe Spear has a long straight reach but has no overworld use. This weapon can be bought for 1,150 GP in Menos.
  • Flail FFA sprite.pngThe Morning Star has a circular range and a straight throw combo, and can crush rocks and pots. This weapon can be found in chest after defeating the Cyclops.
  • Mattok FFA sprite.pngThe Mattock is the only weapon that has a limited number of uses after which it breaks. It behaves the same way as a sword slash, but can be used to break rocks and pots.

Magic Attacks[edit]

Sumo can use eight kinds of magic during his adventure. All spells are found in treasure chests or learned by NPCs. However, the hero can purchase several magic items that can emulate spells in certain shops or obtain them through enemy drops.

  • Cure restores Sumo's HP. Costs 2 MP.
  • Heal removes any status crisis (except Moog). Costs 1 MP.
  • Slep makes all the enemies on screen unable to move or attack. Costs 1 MP.
  • Mute prevents enemies on screen to use magical attacks. Costs 1 MP.
  • Fire throws a small fireball that will chase down the nearest enemy even outside the screen. Costs 1 MP.
  • Ice throws a small stalagtite to the enemy in one of the cardinal directions, turning some enemies into snowmen. Costs 2 MP.
  • Lit throws a lightning bolt in a straight line. Costs 2 MP.
  • Nuke hurls a devastating ball of explosives at the enemies in a straight line. Costs 3 MP.


There are only three elemental attacks in the game.

  • Fire: The Chain FFA icon.pngFlame, Fire spell, Magic item FFA sprite.pngFlame, & Magic item FFA sprite.pngBlaze items are all fire-elemental.
  • Ice: The Sword FFA icon.pngIce, Ice spell, Magic item FFA sprite.pngBlizrd, & Magic item FFA sprite.pngFrost items are all ice-elemental.
  • Lightning The Spear FFA icon.pngThunder, Lit magic, Magic item FFA sprite.pngLitblt, & Magic item FFA sprite.pngThunder items are all lightning-elemental.

MAX Attack[edit]

Once the attack gauge is full, Sumo can perform a MAX attack which effect depend on the current weapon/spell equipped. A physical MAX attack deals twice the equipped weapon's damage and a magical MAX attack is four times the normal damage. A weapon MAX attack will use a different animation, typically reaching farther than usual. The sword can use to charge down the enemy, the axe and lance are thrown, the sickle and morning star will extend farther than normal, etc. Magical MAX attacks won't use a different animation.

Status Crisis[edit]

When the Gameboy Start button.webp button is pressed, Sumo's current condition is displayed on the screen. Under normal condition, the status will be marked as "Good". However, some enemy attacks can inflict various status crises can be inflicted on the hero. All afflictions disappear over time, but can severely hinder Sumo's progress.

Status Effect Description Healing Method
Pois status FFA screenshot.webp
Sumo loses HP gradually over time. Heal spell or Pure item.
Ston status FFA screenshot.webp
Sumo is unable to move from its spot, making it vulnerable to enemy attacks. Despite this, Sumo can still attack in place. Heal spell or Soft item.
Moog status FFA screenshot.webp
Sumo's defense power (DP) drops to 0, and loses control of A & B button commands, disabling attacks and recovering methods. ASK Chocobo or let time pass.
Dark status FFA screenshot.webp
The screen turns black, rendering navigation very difficult. Heal spell or Eyedrp item.

Non-Player Characters[edit]

Sumo can recruit several allies to help him during his journey. Those NPCs can assist the hero by attacking enemies on their own or by using their special ability via the "ASK" command.

  • Fuji FFA sprite.pngFuji joins the party for the first time near Topple near the beginning of the game. She doesn't attack enemies, but she'll regenerate Sumo's HP if asked.
  • Mysterious Man FFA sprite.pngMysterious Man tags along only for the duration of the Marsh Cellar dungeon. He casts fireballs in a straight line. If asked, he will teach Sumo how to use mattocks.
  • Watts FFA sprite.pngWatts assists the hero while looking for silver in the Forbidden Mines. He attacks with his axe. He will let Sumo shop for items if asked.
  • Bogard FFA sprite.pngBogard joins Sumo during Fuji's rescue on the Airship. He swings his sword at enemies. If asked, he will teach the hero how to use MAX attacks.
  • Chocobo FFA sprite.pngChocobo' egg can be found near Menos. It thinks you are its parent and will tag along for the reminder of the game. It won't attack, but it will give Sumo a ride on its back if asked, nullifying enemy attacks.
  • Amanda FFA sprite.pngAmanda tags along during the Shifting Sands dungeon. She attacks by throwing daggers. If asked, she will get rid of your Ston condition.
  • Lester FFA sprite.pngLester joins the party after being cured from its curse in the Old Mansion. He shoots arrows at enemies. He will change the background music if asked.
  • Marcie FFA sprite.pngMarcie assists Sumo while exploring Dime Tower. It attacks by shooting lasers at enemies. If asked, it will restore Sumo's MP completely.

Interactable Objects & Services[edit]

Topography of the Fields[edit]

  • Meadow tile FFA sprite.png Meadow: low grass can be traversed easily in all directions.
  • Bush FFA sprite.png Bush: large leafy plants that cannot be crossed over nor cut through.
  • Tree FFA sprite.png Forest: trees are obstacles that can be cut with an Axe, but remaining tree stumps cannot be walked on.
  • Marsh tile FFA sprite.png Marsh: swamps are walkable but often hide enemies.
  • Desert tile FFA sprite.png Desert: sandy areas can be traversed easily in every directions.
  • Oasis: small bodies of water in desert areas that cannot be walked on. One is fabled to hide a secret.
  • Snowfield FFA sprite.png Snowfield: snowy areas are walkable by Sumo, but not by Chocobo.
  • Floatrock FFA sprite.png Field of Floatrocks: hovering rocks that can be smashed by a mattock or the morning star.
  • Crystal FFA sprite.png Desert of Crystal: crystal formations that makes a sound when struck with a weapon. Can only be destroyed with the nuke spell.
  • Vine tile FFA sprite.png Rockwall (Vines): mountain walls that host climing vegetation. The vines can be climbed up and down, even sideways.
  • Ocean tile FFA sprite.png Oceans: immense body of water that can only be crossed by Chocobot.
  • River tile FFA sprite.png River/Lake: rivers and lakes cannot be walked on by Sumo but riding Chocobot allow him to glide on them.
  • Bridge FFA sprite.png Bridge: wooden bridges are the only way for Sumo to cross rivers for most of the game.


  • Staircase FFA sprite.png Staircases: staircases can do either upward or downward and can lead Sumo to another floor.
  • Rock FFA sprite.png Rocks: rocks cannot be walked on, but can be destroyed with a mattock or the morning star.
  • Pot FFA sprite.png Pots: pots behave the same ways as rocks.
  • Fern FFA sprite.png Ferns: ferns are obstacles that can easily be cut with the sickle.
  • Thorns FFA sprite.png Thorns thorns are obstacles that can be cut through with the axe.
  • Switch FFA sprite.png Switch-Floors: Sumo must step on these to activate something in a room.
  • Door FFA sprite.png Doors: doors can be opened by walking through, though some are locked are require keys.
  • Lava FFA sprite.png Barrier FFA sprite.png Spikes tile FFA sprite.png Lava/Barrier/Spikes: those tiles are walking hazards that will hurt Sumo if stepped on.
  • Walls: breakable walls emit a distinctive sound upon being struck by a weapon. They can by destroyed with the mattock and the morning star.
  • Treasure chest FFA sprite.png Treasure Chests: chests often hold valuable treasure, but can also be used as weight for switch-floors.
  • Ice tile FFA sprite.png Ice: ice tiles make moving slippery and difficult to maneuver.
  • Lever FFA sprite.png Levers: Found exclusively in the old mine, these switches can be hit while riding the mine cart to change railing course.
  • Pole FFA sprite.png Poles: You can traverse gaps by aiming at a pole with your chain.
  • Rail tile FFA sprite.png Rail tracks: The first part of the old mine is navigated by hopping on a minecart and following these tracks.
  • Snowman FFA sprite.png Snowmen: you can turn enemies into still snowmen with the ice spell or the Blizrd or Frost items. Once frozen, they can be used as weights for switch-floors.

Towns & Overworld[edit]

  • Inn FFA sprite.png Inns: Sumo can rest at inns for a small fee to restore its HP and MP.
  • Item shop FFA sprite.png Weapon shop FFA sprite.png Shops: Sumo can stock on items and buy weapons in various sundries scattered inside towns and across the overworld.


See also: Adventures of Mana items

There are many items in the game that can provide a variety of uses, such as recovery, stat boosting or attacking enemies. Some are even story-related and cannot be sold. Most items are consumable and have a limited number of uses. Sumo can carry up to 16 items in his inventory, as no more can be carried from chests or bought if the item slots are full.

There are six types of items: Recovery, Power-up, Navigation, Cash-in, Magic/Attack, & Key items.

  • Recovery item FFA sprite.png Recovery items are used to restore Sumo's HP and/or MP or remove a status aliment. Most of them can be either bougth in stores for a relatively small fee or be found in treasure chests left by regular monsters.
  • Power-up item FFA sprite.png Power-up items can temporarily increase one of Sumo's stats, such as STR or DEF. They can only be found in specific monster drops and should as such be only used during tough battles.
  • Mattok FFA sprite.png Navigation items can help Sumo traverse a dungeon by opening locked doors or breaking rocks or cracked walls. They are inexpensive and can be found in most stores, so the player should always stock up on them.
  • Cash-in item FFA sprite.png Cash-in items are only used to sell to merchant for a fixed price. They are only dropped by a few enemies and thus can be hard to come by.
  • Magic item FFA sprite.png Magic or Attack items are replicas of spells learned in books with a finite use, just like other items. They are relatively rare since only few enemies can drop them upon death and only specialized magic shops sell them.
  • Key items are story-related and cannot be sold to a merchant. Most disappear after their use during the story, but a few stays in the inventory.


There are six types of weapons: Swords, Axes, Sickles, Chain-Flails, Spears, & Maces. Each of them have a different overworld use & MAX attack. Some are found in treasure chests in dungeons, while some are bought in stores. There are even a few that carry an elemental affinity when striking down enemies.

  • The Sword FFA icon.png Sword can be used to slash enemies and has no overworld use. Sumo starts with this weapon at the beginning of the game.
  • The Axe FFA icon.png Axe slays enemies and can be used to chop down trees and thorns. This weapon can be bought for 150 GP at the Swamp Shack.
  • The Sickle FFA icon.png Sickle has a circular range unlike most weapons and can cut off ferns. It can be found in a chest in the Marsh Cellar.
  • The Chain FFA icon.png Chain has a very long reach and can attach to poles, allowing Sumo to be pulled over. This weapon can be found in a chest in Kett's.
  • The Spear FFA icon.png Spear has a long straight reach but has no overworld use. This weapon can be bought for 1,150 GP in Menos.
  • The Chain FFA icon.png Star has a circular range and a straight throw combo, and can crush rocks and pots. This weapon can be found in chest after defeating the Cyclops.
  • The Mattok FFA sprite.png Mattock is the only weapon that has a limited number of uses after which it breaks. It behaves the same way as a sword slash, but can be used to break rocks and pots, just like the Star Its usefulness drops once the layer obtains the Star.


There are three types of protective gear: body armor, helms, and shields. Both body armor and helms provide defense power to Sumo, allowing him to withstand enemies attacks. While shields cannot boost defense, they can block incoming attacks depending on the kind of shield equipped. Furthermore, Sumo can push enemies who are at a lower level than him with his shield.

  • Helmet FFA sprite.png Helms boost Sumo's defense albeit at a lower rate than their matching suit of armor. The also don't have any side effects compared to other gear types.
  • Armor FFA sprite.png Armor raise Sumo's defense typically more than helms. Some even have additional effects such as reducing elemental attacks.
  • Shield FFA sprite.png Shields function differently than other gear types, as they do not raise Sumo's defense, rather blocking incoming attacks, such as throwing knives, spears, etc.


See also: Adventures of Mana enemies

Like most Mana entries, regular enemies roam the overworld and dungeons. Some can inflict status crises upon contact or with their attacks, such as poison, or by casting spells. Slain enemies will generally respawn once a screen is exited.

A sizeable amount of enemies can drop treasure chests upon death containing an item.

Of the 72 kinds of enemies in Final Fantasy Adventure:

  • 28 drop recovery items
  • 23 do NOT drop items
  • 9 drop attack items
  • 7 drop power-up items
  • 6 has a chance of dropping either of two items (one commone and rare drop)
  • 5 drop cash-in items
  • 4 drop navigation items
  • 2 drop end-game equipment, the Samurai Helm & the Samurai Armor respectively
  • 1 drops a key item, the Saurus Fangs


See also: Adventures of Mana bosses

Bosses are large enemies typically found at the end of dungeons, often guarding valuable treasure. It is recommended to save up MAX attacks for these fights since amany bosses boast large HP and high attack power.

List of named / notable characters[edit]

See also: Adventures of Mana characters


Other party members


Adventures of Mana's main cast

Other NPCs


See also: Adventures of Mana locations



World map fields



World Map


In 1987, Square trademarked Seiken Densetsu for an ambitious RPG that they were making for the Famicom Disk System, titled The Emergence of Excalibur. The game would have consisted of five Famicom Disk System floppies, which would have made it one of largest games developed for the Famicom at the time. The same year, Square even made advertisements for customers to pre-order The Emergence of Excalibur even though, according to Kaoru Moriyama, the game never made it past the early planning stages. In October 1987, Square sent a letter to people who pre-ordered The Emergence of Excalibur and told them that the game was canceled, but as a consolation, they allowed them to pre-order the first Final Fantasy game for 5,900 yen.[6]

In 1990, after the release of Final Fantasy III, Koichi Ishii accepted Square's offer to direct a spinoff of the Final Fantasy franchise. The game started development as Gemma Knights, but Square decided to revive the Seiken Densetsu trademark, titling the game Seiken Densetsu: Final Fantasy Gaiden in Japan.


For this subject's image gallery, see Gallery:Final Fantasy Adventure.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 聖剣伝説 〜ファイナルファンタジー外伝〜
Seiken Densetsu: Final Fantasy Gaiden
The Legend of the Sacred Sword: A Final Fantasy Side Story
Spanish Mystic Quest Same as PAL English
French Mystic Quest Same as PAL English
German Mystic Quest Same as PAL English
Italian Mystic Quest Same as PAL English


Sumo is the target of numerous villainous attacks during the adventure, typically sending him falling down in exaggerated ways that would surely be fatal realistically. The hero is seen experiencing a perillous fall:

  • Near the beginning during his escape when the Dark Lord strikes him with his blade.
  • During Glaive's assault on Wendel, when Julius sends a fireball toward Sumo (a minor one).
  • While exploring the Forbidden Mines, Sumo falls into a hole while riding the minecart.
  • As he is about to rescue Fuji on the Airship, Julius flings a fireball at him, sending him plummeting.
  • After Sumo slays the Dark Lord, Fuji opens the path to the Temple of Mana while Julius blasts Sumo into the air.

Excluding cannon travel, this might have ushered a semi-recurring easter egg throughout the series, as other protagonists have been known to survive deadly falls, like Randi from Secret of Mana, possibly the entire cast of Trials of Mana, or Keldric from Dawn of Mana.

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