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2023: Year of the Rabbit Rabite!

Rabites are small, round, rabbit-like creatures appearing as a common enemy ever since the first installment of the Mana series. They quickly gained recognition as the series grew, eventually becoming one of the recognizable mascots along with the Mana Tree and the Mana Sword.

They are generally depicted as round, limbless yellow creatures sporting long, tapered ears with a small tail like a cotton ball. Both the inside of the ears and the tail are pink. The face sports two large beady eyes that are either black or green depending on the game. The mouth only shows a big bucktooth while resting, but can generally expand to bite or swallow larger prey. Finally, later depictions have the Rabite sporting small whiskers on each cheek.

Rabites are generally encountered in the opening stages of a Mana game, oftentimes being the very first enemy the player can encounter on their quest. They are usually seen hopping in grasslands and forests, frequently accompanied by other low-level enemies like Goblins, Lullabuds, and Mushbooms. While being almost always easy to defeat, Rabites can attack their target by biting or hopping at them.

Rabites have the distinction of having the most palette swaps of all the Mana series enemies, with the Silktail, the King Rabite, and the Black Rabite being the most common variants.

The creature's popularity has led to it appearing on many pieces of Mana-related merchandise, including plush dolls, cushions, lighters, mousepads, straps, telephone cards, and T-shirts.


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