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Visions of Mana

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Visions of Mana
Visions of Mana poster artwork.png
Official artwork
Developer Square Enix
Publisher Square Enix
Platforms PlayStation 4/PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, Microsoft Windows
Release date Summer 2024
Genre Action-adventure, role-playing game
Rating(s) Pending
Mode(s) Single player
Media ?
Input Gamepad, ?

Visions of Mana is the fifth mainline title in the Mana series. The game will be released on all current consoles around Summer 2024[1]. It has reportedly been in planning since 2014.[2] The first all-new entry to the series in nearly 18 years, Visions is the first title in the series produced through a collaborative effort between past and present developers of series media. It is the sixth project in the series for Director Masaru Oyamada, with series creator Koichi Ishii as design supervisor and a team of three veteran musicians composing the soundtrack.


A new Mana game for consoles was announced at the 30th Anniversary livestream in June 27, 2021, but no further information was revealed.[3] This game was officially revealed in December 7, 2023 during The Game Awards with a 2024 release window.


"You take the role of Val - a curious and carefree young man who lives in the Fire Village of Tianeea.

Once every four years, the Faerie visits regions of the world to choose alms - people who are fated to travel to the Tree of Mana, which presides over the world’s vital flow of mana. Val invites his childhood friend to a festival to welcome the visitor, but as the night falls, the sky lights up with sparkling lights and the Faerie chooses her as the alm.

With the blessings of his village, Val sets out on a journey to accompany his friend to the Tree of Mana as her soul guard. [4]


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