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Adventures of Mana

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Adventures of Mana
Adventures of Mana digital cover.jpg
PlayStation Vita digital cover
Developer Square Enix, MCF
Publisher Square Enix
Platforms iOS, Android, PlayStation Vita
Release date Android, iOS:
Worldwide: February 4, 2016
PlayStation Vita:
Japan February 4, 2016
USA June 28, 2016
Europe June 28, 2016
Genre Action-adventure, role-playing game
Mode(s) Single player
Media Digital download
Input Touch screen
Gamepad (PS Vita)

Adventures of Mana is a 3D remake of Final Fantasy Adventure that was developed by both Square Enix and MCF and published by Square Enix. It was released in 2016 for iOS and Android and later for the PlayStation Vita the same year. It is considered to be a more faithful remake than Sword of Mana, as it retains the Final Fantasy elements but does not retain the changes that were added into Sword of Mana aside from the Ring Command system.


Title screen

Enshrined atop Mt. Illusia, high atop the clouds, stands the Tree of Mana. Drawing its energy from the boundless aether, the sentinel grows in silence. Legend says that he who lays his hands upon its trunk will be granted power eternal–A power the Dark Lord of Glaive now seeks to further fuel his bloody quest for domination.

The story follows a young hero named Sumo and a young heroine named Fuji as they go on a journey to thwart the Dark Lord of Glaive and his sorcerer assistant, Julius, from destroying the Tree of Mana and dooming their world.

Sumo has been enslaved within the Glaive Castle walls along with several other prisoners to battle exotic beasts for the amusement of the Dark Lord. One of the other prisoners, named Will, is dying from injuries sustained while battling one of the beasts, and yet he senses that the Tree of Mana and mana, the force connecting all living beings to the world and to one another, are in grave peril. With his last breath, Will tells Sumo to seek a man called Sir Bogard, a former knight, who will explain more about mana and its role in recent events. Having had enough of seeing his comrades fall one after another, the young hero decides to escape while the gates are open, only to meet with His Lordship himself accompanied with his mysterious advisor Julius. The sinister duo were discussing a nearby waterfall being the entrance to the holy Mana Shrine. According to Julius, a young maiden should be able to open the path to the hallowed place. As his trusted advisor vanishes in search of the aforementioned lady, the Dark Lord immediately spots the escapee. The young knight tries to flee but is quickly cornered in a dead end, with the ebony-clad warlord swiftly disposing of him by sending Sumo falling down a cliff in one sword strike.

The boy miraculously survives his fall and finds himself in the middle of a steppe. He quickly finds a distressed maiden surrounded by mushbooms, which are easily defeated. Alas, the man the young lady traveled with, named Hasim, was mortally wounded by the onslaught. He pleads with Sumo to escort the maiden named Fuji to a secluded woodcutter named Bogard—the very same man Will had mentioned prior. The young knight accepts and brings the girl to a remote cabin near a waterfall, where they find an ill-mannered old man. He first dismisses the visitors, but opens up once glancing at the mysterious necklace the maiden is wearing. He recognizes it as the Mana Pendant, revealing that he was one of the original Gemma Knights who waged war against the Vandole empire. When all hope seemed lost, a peculiar maiden appeared before the knights wearing the very same pendant and led the resistance to victory. He then asks Sumo to bring Fuji to Sir Cibba in Wendel, a fellow Gemma Knight, as he might remember more of the fateful battle and the pendant's significance. The old man entrusts his Mattock to the young warrior for him to break the rocks inside the eastern cave to make a path to the Holy City.

The hero and heroine exit the cave to find themselves in marshlands, which prove to be quite tiresome to traverse. The duo decides to rest at the nearby mansion for the night, where Fuji shares a book of her curative magic with Sumo. A sinister voice echoes during the night, claiming to smell the blood of a virgin. Upon waking up, Sumo discovers that the maiden is nowhere to be found. He finds no clue after inquiring at the local butler, but hears from the fellow guests that Count Lee, the owner of Kett Manor, hides a peculiar item deep within his locked cellar able to reveal one's true identity. He discovers the key to the cellar in a Lizardmen's Nest, and heads to the cave. There he meets a Mysterious Traveler who reveals a rumor he heard about kidnapped maidens being held in caskets deep within the manor. He accompanies the hero in his search for the prized item, helping him defeat foes with his magic. At the end of the cellar, the adventurers confront the fearsome Hydra guarding the area. Sumo retrieves the Moon Mirror and a book of Fire magic after defeating the twin-headed dragon, with the scarlet-clad traveler deciding to part ways. Alone again, the young knight returns to Kett Manor, this time exposing the butler to his own reflection and revealing him to be a werewolf. The hero quickly slays the beast, pressing onward. Deep within the trap-filled basement, the young knight reunites with Fuji in a room filled with coffins. The duo is about to reach the manor's exit when Count Lee retaliates by transforming into a hideous vampire. The heroes fortunately win the ensuing battle and decide to resume their journey.

Proceeding southwest, the duo at last is able to reach the cathedral city of Wendel, where they meet with Cibba the sage. He immediately recognizes Fuji's pendant as the same one that was worn by a woman who helped the Gemma Knights in times past, and so he directs Fuji to step into the sigil in the center of the room. An ethereal, yet gentle presence manifests before them. She identifies herself as Fuji's mother. The figure then acknowledges that she and Fuji are members of the Mana Clan, and explains that Glaive is once again after the Mana Tree as Vandole was in her time; Fuji is then told she must protect it at any cost, and will go with Sumo to fulfill her mission.

Unbeknownst to all, the traveler cloaked in red has been watching events unfold from the shadows and Glaive's forces attack, prompting the man in crimson to escort Fuji to safety. Waves of monsters descend on Wendel, creating enough of a distraction for the traveler to escape with Fuji in tow, after which he reveals himself to be Julius. Stunned and enraged by this apparent betrayal, Sumo scrambles to retake Fuji, but is blasted backwards and knocked out by Julius' dark magic.

After regaining consciousness inside the cathedral, Cibba informs Sumo that Julius brought the maiden to his airship. The sage then gifts the spell of healing before the young knight heads westward. While trying to find a path to Westlake, Sumo finds a strange cave with a face engraved on its entrance. Upon entering, a deep voice emerges from its mouth, immediately spitting the young knight out. Unsure what to do, the hero ventures into a nearby cave inhabited by dwarves. There he learns that one of their adventurous brethren made his way into the Forbidden Mines in search of valuable mythril silver, the only metal the sentient cavern named Gaia cares to ingest. A rusty mine cart is said to block the path, however. The young knight finds an Oil Peddler nearby and purchases a tube of Rust-B-Gone.

The young knight locates the mine cart upon entering the cave and squirts the lubricant/rust remover on its oxidized wheels, bearings, and axles, loosening it. He then hops inside, but it zooms out of control, all the while following a complex maze of rails and levers, eventually falling inside a hole. There, he meets with Watts, the missing Dwarf in search of Mythril. The stout miner gladly joins the young knight in exploring the mines, eventually reaching the Megapede nest near a large lode of mythril. The pair teams up defeating the oversized annelid, revealing a single chest with a Chunk of Mythril inside. Overjoyed by his find, the dwarf tells Sumo to come back to Dwarf Cave where he forges a full suit of armor from the ore. He sells it to Sumo, who rushes back to Gaia and makes his way to Westlake.

Moments after exiting the Gaia Pass, Sumo rejoins with Bogard, and both of them team up to find a way to climb on the empire warship currently stationed for refueling. Once onboard, they scout the lower deck, eventually reaching the cell where Fuji is being held. Unfortunately, the door won't budge and Sumo is forced to circle around the ship to reach the window through a narrow catwalk while Bogard stand watch. As the young knight swiftly reaches the other side of the cell, he is immediately caught by Julius while Fuji is lending him her pendant. The devious mage sends a powerful magical blast in his direction, making Sumo lose his balance and sending him plummeting into a secluded village.

He comes to his senses, swearing to have heard Amanda's voice, a fellow prisoner he befriended during his stay as a gladiator in Glaive Castle. He suddenly realizes that the pendant he was entrusted with is missing. He learns from a villager that he is in a settlement called Menos and that he fell through his friend Amanda's house, who rushed into the Palmy Desert after caring for him. He also hears of a rare breed of bird roaming the northern woods and decides to investigate. There, he finds a clearing with a large speckled egg, which immediately hatches into a chocobo The young knight agrees to take care of the giant fowl and hop on his newly acquired steed to gather more information about Amanda.

After roaming the desert for a while, he stumbles into a large city named Jadd, where the locals claim that the tyrant leader Davias, a mage who can turn people into birds if they defy his orders, has locked his mother in a sealed cave nearby. After exchanging a necklace of saurus fangs for more information, Sumo learns how to open that cave by looping around two palm trees in a figure-eight motion. The hero makes a last trip to Jadd's old mansion before leaving town. He notices an odd-looking parrot, and then meets Davias, who recalls a young girl heading to the Shifting Sands, with an ominous warning that none who venture there return alive. Sumo storms out upon hearing this and heads to the sealed sand cavern.

He unearths the entrance to the cave and rejoins with Amanda, who apologizes for stealing his pendant, as Davias said he would release her captured brother Lester after giving him the pendant. She foolishly accepted, but the evil wizard turned the bard into a parrot instead. Now, the only way to break the curse is to gather some gorgon tears, which are said to be produced by the Medusa deep within those tunnels. Sumo and Amanda agree to pair up during their search for the blood-red tears. They meet the Medusa at the end of the maze, who attacks them on sight. The beast is defeated in the end, but not before Amanda being bitten by the foul creature. She explains that they could not gather her tears in time, and she is also fated to become a gorgon herself due to her injuries. She pleads with Sumo to kill her before she becomes a mindless monster, and to take her tears to change her brother back. Sumo reluctantly agrees and slays his friend while gathering a single tear in a vial before rushing back to Jadd.

Back in the old mansion, the young lad trickles some liquid into the parrot's beak, effectively breaking the curse. Lester, now back in his human form, thanks Sumo for his deed and asks if his sister is nearby. The hero reveals the truth to the bard and asks if he would join him taking down the evildoer. Lester agrees and the two of them venture into the mansion to reach its rooftop where Davias lurks. The sorcerer instantly transforms into a squid-like creature and engages them into battle. The mage is slain after a grueling fight, but reveals before dying that the pendant is already in his pet Garuda's talons as she is flying across Crooked Boulder toward Glaive Castle. The two adventurers decide to part ways after the bard creates a path to the north by making the poison mist dissipate. He then gives the Book of Silence for Sumo to learn the spell.

The hero journeys along the long and arduous path through Crooked Boulder, defeating countless beasts along the way, albeit delayed by a colossal crustacean, a mace-wielding mutant and an ancient machine, picking up the spellbook of Thunder and the morningstar left in their wake. He finally crosses a bridge at the end of his trip that immediately collapses upon crossing, noting to himself that he cannot go back. Entering the fortress, Sumo battles with a fire-breathing Chimera after exiting an underground waterway. Upon destroying the menace, he reunites with Fuji and they team up once again in search of the pendant. Fuji steps back before Sumo ends up confronting the Dark Lord atop the castle's highest tower, where the powerful overlord ultimately bends the knee to Sumo's prodigious swordsmanship. The young knight's celebration is cut short though, as he realizes the pendant is a fake and Fuji has gone missing again. He finds the dazed maiden walking mindlessly toward the Great Waterfall where Julius is revealed to have manipulated her into inverting the cascade flow to reach atop Mt. Illusia in order to carry is bloodline's wishes to plunge the world into an era of despair. Sumo tries to prevent the mage from reaching his goal, but the sorcerer's magic proves to be far too powerful for the young lad and sends him flying into the air.

Sumo is seen being carried by his chocobo off to the small town of Ish, where he reunites with a bedridden Bogard. The old Gemma Knight explains a young local named Sarah brought him into her house and nursed him back to health. He knew Sumo would be alive since he's the Gemma's last hope, but Sumo doesn't see it that way. He replies he feels like a failure for letting Amanda and Fuji slip away. Bogard tries to reassure the young lad, but this only angers him, escalating the argument until Sumo storms off. He meets with Sarah outside, where she confides in him that Bogard's legs were torn apart due to the fall from the airship. He felt awful since and told the locals of the last hope being the young knight. She adds that his chocobo is currently under the Professor's care and he would do best to hurry to her side. The young knight hurries to the Professor's house only to discover his steed sporting new mechanical legs that allow her to glide on water. Sumo then returns to Bogard's side before leaving, with the old man telling his pupil to seek the legendary sword Excalibur that put an end to the Vandole empire. His words lead him to Sir Cibba in Wendel.

Without delay, the young warrior hops on his steed and crosses the ocean to the Holy City. There, he learns that Cibba went to the snowy kingdom of Lorim after learning of a surge in monsters in the region. The hero decides to travel to the Frozen Wastes where he discovers a fortress devoid of life as all of its subjects are encased in ice. The only sentient being left is the King of Lorim himself, telling Sumo that his kingdom is afflicted with a curse laid by a foul demon called the Marilith living deep within the Cara Mountains to the east. Sage Cibba tried to break the curse, but was quickly engulfed by the serpent's icy breath. Sumo is now tasked to slay the beast by venturing into the northern mountain range. After a long and grueling journey through an ice cavern, the young knight battles with the snake monster and wins, effectively freeing the land of the curse. The kings thanks the young knight and tells that Cibba is here to see him. There the old sage instructs Sumo to go to the Ammonite Coast upstream to reach some Floatrocks. He entrusts him with a skeleton key that opens the door to the Subterranean River that leads to the Undersea Volcano, where the fabled blade rests guarded by the mighty Ifrit.

Saddling up once again, the hero crosses the ocean in search of the volcano's entrance. There, he battles with the gigantic Kraken before heading deeper into the lava-filled grotto, where he crosses paths with the fiery guardian. He slays the demon, obtaining a strange Rusty Sword. Though bewildered by its dreadful state, Sumo takes the sword and hurries to his next destination.

Back in Lorim, Cibba shares that the area around Glaive in impenetrable and that the Dime Tower must be raised again so the path to the Temple of Mana can be opened. According to the sage, Sumo must venture into the Crystal Desert and find the remnants of the Vandole Empire. Then, he should raise the holy sword in the air to make the structure rise from its sandy grave. He adds that the Professor in Ish might know more about the way to find the Buried Ruins.

Sumo returns to Ish to find the Professor who tells of a powerful magic hidden in a sandy beach up north. The magical grimoire is guarded by a powerful undead foe that Sumo must vanquish in order to master the spell. Fortunately, he succeeds and heads back to Ish to tell the old scientist. He confides in Sumo that the entrance to the ruins has been hidden beneath a giant crystal located in the Crystal Desert. After scouting the wasteland for a bit, the young knight blows the entrance open and ventures inside.

The ruins are filled with untold technological wonders and filled with electric traps, but the knight sneaks his way through and slays the Mantis Ant that was roaming the place, opening a path to a sealed chamber. As instructed by Sir Cibba, Sumo raises the rusty sword in the air to make the fabled tower rise from the sand.

Inside the ancient structure he meets with a strange automaton named Marcy, claiming to have been left here by the Professor to translate the many tablets inside the tower. The robot offers to accompany the knight in his ascent and the two of them climb the treacherous structure. They face the mighty Garuda on its summit, but the oversized bird is no match against the man and robot duo. Upon slaying the monster, Marcy immediately senses the tower being compromised and re-submerging. The bridge connecting to Glaive Castle suddenly breaking, the automaton throws Sumo to safe ground, but is unable to propel itself. Marcy tells the knight that it must collect data within the tower until the Professor recalls it, and bids farewell to Sumo. The Dime Tower plunges deep into Crystal Desert again, leaving Sumo to his own devices.

With no other way than upward, the young knight rides the inverted flow of the Great Waterfall to reach the sacred Temple of Mana. Inside, He slays countless fearsome monsters until he reaches the Mana Shrine. He meets the Motherly Figure he met on his first time in Wendel, telling him the many challenges he completed prove his worth as a Gemma Knight. She pleads with him to put and end to Julius' dark schemes and transforms the Rusty Sword into its former glory, Excalibur.

Unfortunately, Sumo arrives a step too late as Julius gloats about the ceremony coming to its closure. Julius claims that he and Fuji have been wed and the world will soon bow down to the might of a new Vandole empire. The masterful magician engages the knight in a duel, first by creating clones of himself to disorient the hero. When the wizard finds himself bested, he resorts to transforming into a demonic version of himself to up the ante. The powerful mage is still overmatched by the power of Excalibur, however, and is defeated by Sumo. This breaks Fuji's trance and the two reunite for a brief respite. However, the dark spellcaster has one last trick up his sleeve and challenges the couple in one final fight. He falls for the last time in the end, but destroys the Tree of Mana in his demise.

Awash with desolation, Sumo and Fuji contemplate helplessly as the very source of life is gone from the world. A familiar voice emerges from the void, telling them not to be afraid. While the Tree of Mana is no more, that does not mean another cannot replace it. As the motherly figure and Fuji are seeds of Mana, they can transform into new Mana Trees once the former is destroyed. Fuji is now left with a dire choice: becoming the new holy tree or return to her former life and await the coming end of the world. The maiden opts for the former and bids farewell to Sumo, reminding him that her heart and soul will live on within her new appearance. Sumo accepts his new Gemma Knight title and swears to protect Fuji from evil. The Motherly Figure's last request is for Sumo to transmit her words of love for her former protector Bogard. Sumo honors her wish and leaves the Mana Shrine.

A new Mana sapling called Gemma has grown deep within the sanctuary and will once again become the towering Mana Tree. Meanwhile, Sumo is seen paying a visit to a recovering Bogard in Ish, then meeting with Watts in the Forbidden Mines, followed by Cibba in Wendel, and Lester in Jadd. Finally, it the new Gemma Knight finds his trusty Chocobot alongside another Chocobo, hinting at the beginnings of a new family. Sumo is now the last of his line, and will need to remain on alert for the Mana Tree as long as he lives.


Note: all controls are taken from the Gameplay Manual.

Basic Controls[edit]

Action Function PlayStation Vita Smartphone
Moving Movement about the game world can be done using a vitual joystick.
Simply touch the screen anywhere there isn't a button or icon and drag your finger in the desired direction.
If you move your finger too far from where you first touched the screen, the center point will auto-adjust.
? Pointing hand cursor AOM icon.png
Tap or drag to desired direction
Attacking The icon in the lower right of the screen is the attack button. Tap it to wield your currently equipped weapon. ? Pointing hand cursor AOM icon.png
Tap Attack button
Using Items and Magic The icon above the attack button is the Item/Magic button. Tap it to use the spell or item currently equipped. ? Pointing hand cursor AOM icon.png
Tap Item/Magic button
Ring Menu Button AOM icon.png
Opening the Ring Menu
Tap or swipe the triangled-shaped icon on the right side of the screen to open the Ring Menu. ? Pointing hand cursor AOM icon.png
Tap or swipe Ring button.
Menu AOM icon.png
Opening the System Menu
While the Ring Menu is open, a Menu button will appear in the bottom right. Tap it to access the System Menu. ? Pointing hand cursor AOM icon.png
Tap System Menu button while Ring menu is open.
Using Shortcuts Shortcuts can be activated by tapping their icons located in the top left corner of the screen.
Up to three shortcuts can be set via the Inventory Ring.
? Pointing hand cursor AOM icon.png
Tap shortcuts.
Speech Bubble AOM icon.png
Chatting with Party Members
When you are accompanied by another character, a speech bubble will appear in the upper right of the screen.
Tap the icon to see what he or she has to say.
? Pointing hand cursor AOM icon.png
Tap upper right speech bubble.

Progression and Leveling[edit]

Action Function PlayStation Vita Smartphone
Game Objectives Set forth on a journey across the realm in search of the truth behind you friend's dying words.
Delve deep into dark dungeons to discover weapons and items that will aid you in your travels.
But beware the hordes of bloodthirsty foes will stop at nothing to stand in your way.
Leveling Up Defeating enemies earns you experience points (EXP). When you earn enough EXP, you will level up.
Upon leveling up, you can choose one four training regimens to determine how your attributes will improve.
N/A Pointing hand cursor AOM icon.png
Tap to select training regimen.

Using the Ring Menu[edit]

Action Function PlayStation Vita Smartphone
Ring Menu The Ring Menu functions as a gateway to your Inventory Rings. Tap its center to return to the game.
Tapping the Weapons, Armor, Items, or Spells icon will open its Inventory Ring.
? Pointing hand cursor AOM icon.png
Tap icons to open specific rings or exit menu.
Inventory Ring Tapping an icon in the Ring Menu brings up its Inventory Ring.
Cycle through the ring by swiping it up or down. Tap the arrow button to rotate the ring 180 degrees.
Tap an icon in an Inventory Ring to equip it or set it to your action buttons.
Tap the blue button in the upper right to sort the items in an Inventory Ring.
? Pointing hand cursor AOM icon.png
Tap icons
Creating Shortcuts Shortcuts can be created to provide quick access to spells and items not set to your action buttons.
First, tap a shortcut slot, and then tap an icon from an Inventory Ring to assing it to that slot.
? Pointing hand cursor AOM icon.png
Tap shorcut slot/to assign to slot
Trash button AOM icon.png
Deleting Shortcuts
Tap the trash can in the upper left of the screen to enter Discard Mode.
While in Discard Mode, tap any item, weapon, or armor to permanently remove it from your inventory.
Shortcuts can also be deleted in the same manner.
? Pointing hand cursor AOM icon.png
Tap trash icon to discard items
Magnifying Glass AOM icon.png
Tap the magnifying glass in the lower left of the screen to enter Tooltip Mode.
While in Tooltip Mode, tap any item, weapon, armor, or spell to display its help text.
? Pointing hand cursor AOM icon.png
Tap Magnifiying Glass/Item or Weapon or Armor or Spell to display help text

System Menu[edit]

Action Function PlayStation Vita Smartphone
Save button AOM icon.png
Saving & Loading
Select the Save option from the System Menu to save gameplay data to a file of your choice.
Select Load Game from the Title Screen to resume gameplay from where you saved.
? Pointing hand cursor AOM icon.png
Tap to select saving & loading buttons
Minimap AOM icon.png
Showing the Minimap
Select the Display Minimap options from the System Menu to open an on-screen minimap. ? Pointing hand cursor AOM icon.png
Tap to display mimimap
World Map button AOM icon.png
View Map
View a map of the entire Adventures of Mana realm by selecting World Map from the System Menu. ? Pointing hand cursor AOM icon.png
Tap to display map
Settings button AOM icon.png
Various in-game settings can be adjusted under Settings in the System Menu. ? Pointing hand cursor AOM icon.png
Tap to display settings
Quicksave Button AOM icon.png
Quicksaving & Continuing
Use the Quicksave option from the System Menu to ends your game at any time.
To resume your game from the last auto-save checkpoint, select Continue from the title screen.
There are some areas in which the game will not auto-save. Here it is recommended to use the Save option.
? Pointing hand cursor AOM icon.png
Tap to Save/Quicksave

Saving to the Cloud[edit]

Action Function PlayStation Vita Smartphone
Saving & Loading Cloud Save allows you to move all your Save and Quicksave fils to the cloud.
Files save to the cloud can be accessed and loaded from other devices.
For example, you can start your adventure outside on your phone, then return home to continue it on your tablet.
All data is back up when loaded.
If you mistakenly load the wrong data, you can restore previous data from the Cloud Save screen.

List of changes from Final Fantasy Adventure[edit]

Gameplay changes[edit]

  • Player character can move in 360 degrees rather than the original 4 cardinal directions.
  • The menu for using items and equipping armor is remodeled as an inventory ring in the remake, itself holding four other menu rings.
  • The "ASK" function from Final Fantasy Adventure is now directly accessible on the adventure screen by taping the speech bubble icon.
    • "Asking" teammates will prompt their large 3D render model while executing their field ability.
  • The player can assign up to 3 hotkeys to hold and use items or spells, preventing the use of the ring menu instead.
  • The Growth Types that could be selected upon reaching a new level in Final Fantasy Adventure are now renamed and given an icon to better match the japanese script:
    • PowerFFA became WarriorAoM
    • StaminaFFA became MonkAoM
    • WisdomFFA became MageAoM
    • WillFFA became SageAoM
  • Being available on smartphones and PlayStation Vita, the remake features white loading screens during important cutscences and slight frame delays while loading zones and sprites.
  • In the original game, bosses could still deal damage to Sumo during their death animation, which could lead to the player character dying thereafter. The remake eliminates the issue by freezing the player character in place during a boss's death animation.
  • A mini map can be displayed in the screen's upper left corner. It can also be turned off by accessing the "System" menu.
  • In Final Fantasy Adventure, the player needs to talk to a certain character to progress the story upon entering certain locations. In the remake, the character will automatically reach Sumo to talk to him.
  • In Adventures of Mana the room leading to the Glaive arena will contain a treasure chest holding a Candy. This prompts a short explanation on how to use the ring menu that was absent from the orginal game.
  • Players can now receive trophies after meeting certain criteria, usually defeating a boss.
  • A new weapon makes its appearance, the Mantis Sickle. Actually returning from the japanese exclusive mobile version of Seiken Densetsu, this weapon can be obtained once defeating the Mantis Ant in the Buried Ruins.

Graphical changes[edit]

  • All character sprites and environment where black and white and 2D on the original game, whereas they are completely overhauled in 3D and color in the remake.
  • All items, gear, & spells have a unique sprite compared to generic ones in the original game.
  • Large 3D character renders are superimposed during important cutscences, either showing one or two characters on screen.
  • Some minor npcs were given a more familiar appearance from earlier games, such a The Professor being made identical to Professor Bomb from Legend of Mana.
  • The various meters, such as the Will bar, HP, MP, & money counters were almost always displayed on the bottom of the screen in Final Fantasy Adventure. Their equivalent are removed while showing dialogue boxes.
  • Weapons have more fluid animation is more varied, allowing some button combos.
  • Enemies and bosses have more varied animation stances in general.
    • They also both have a dying animation, usually involving slumping or falling on their backside.
    • They also flash white instead of black upon taking damage.
    • Bosses's dying animation is very similar to the Secret of Mana HD version.
  • Some enemy models were updated to reflect their modern appearance. For example, the slime model is less spherical and gooey in appearance.
  • Item icons obtained in chests are now briefly displayed upon opening the treasure box.
  • Short cinematics are added during certain important cutscenes or boss introductions.
  • In the remake, Sumo will sparkle for a brief period after being cured by Fuji or by the Cure spell.
  • Players can input a password to change Sumo's normal outfit to a "Paladin" one. This change is only cosmetic and does not alter stats or skills.

Story changes[edit]

  • In Adventures of Mana, thanks to less character limitation, more hints are given troughout the story on Sumo developing feelings for Fuji.
    • For example, there is a small sexual innuendo during Sumo and Fuji's stay at Kett Manor:
      • Fuji"Sumo. Now that we've become better acquainted, I was thinking..."
      • Sumo"Thinking?"
      • Fuji"...that perharps you could benefit from learning some curative magic."
      • Fuji"What do you say?"
      • Sumo"Oh! Uh...yeah. I was thinking the exact same thing."
    • Later, upon entering Wendel for the first time, Sumo crosses path with the Mysterious Traveler:
      • Mysterious Traveler"Our paths cross again! An I see you have found you missing maiden."
      • Sumo"She's not my maiden..."
      • Mysterious Traveler"Oh? Your flushed cheeks would suggest otherwise."
      • Sumo"My what...? Ah!"
  • The Dark Lord's face is revealed in a cutscene after losing to the player in Glaive Castle.
  • The Professor from Ish references his japanese name by ending a sentence with "Bon voyage!" after speaking with Bogard for a second time.

Audio changes[edit]

  • The original soundtrack received an orchestrated remixing.
  • Many sound effects were reused from the SNES version of Secret of Mana. such as accessing and rotating the inventory ring.

Minor changes[edit]

  • Character space in textboxes was severely limited in the original game, so many story elements from the Japanese game were omitted. Adventures of Mana gives much more room for text with better resolution and smaller character font.
    • Additionally, all unnamed characters in Final Fantasy Adventures have generic names, like "Woman" or "Elder", appearing in their respective textboxes.
  • All locations and sub-locations' name are displayed on the upper side of the screen upon entering.
  • The hero & heroine are given the names of Sumo and Fuji respectively in the remake while they where unnamed in the original GameBoy game.
    • Their titles changed from Boy and Girl respectively to Hero and Heroine, better reflecting their their japanese names.
    • Names entries for both protagonists can carry up to 8 characters (letters and/or numbers) in the remake rather than only 4 in Final Fantasy Adventure (letters only).
  • Some characters, bosses, and items were renamed. Here are some examples:
    • Dr. BowowFFA became The ProfessorAoM
    • IflyteFFA became IfritAoM
    • KaryFFA became MarilithAoM although the is referred to as both by King Lorim
    • MarcieFFA became MarcyAoM
    • NectarFFA became Bacchus's WineAoM
    • The OpalFFA item became Diamond DiceAoM
    • WillyFFA became WillAoM
  • The Chocobo was given male pronouns in the original version, while the bird is referred as female in Adventures of Mana.
  • During Sumo's escape from Glaive Castle in the beginning of the game, a vine was added on the wall of the fortress for Sumo to climb down.
  • Fuji will no longer randomly face all 4 cardinal directions while in place to simulate panic during Sumo defeating the mushbooms.
  • In Final Fantasy Adventure, the game will automatically display the currently equipped weapon between Sumo's and Fuji's bed during their stay at Kett Manor. This is no longer the case in Adventures of Mana.
  • The caskets in Kett Manor now harbor a simple white rectangular label instead of the "V" symbol in the american and PAL region, itself a remodel of the cross one from the original japanese game.


See also: Adventures of Mana items
Item sub-menu

In Adventures of Mana, items can be accessed by the main menu by selecting the Item Ring. The item sub-menu has a maximum of 16 available slots. Items can also be assigned to up to three hotkeys (shared with spells) for quicker access.

There are six types of items: Recovery, Power-up, Navigation, Cash-in, Magic/Attack, & Key items.

  • Recovery items are used to restore Sumo's HP and/or MP or remove a status aliment. Most of them can be either bougth in stores for a relatively small fee or be found in treasure chests left by regular monsters.
  • Power-up items can temporarily increase one of Sumo's stats, such as STR or DEF. They can only be found in specific monster drops and should as such be only used during tough battles.
  • Navigation items can help Sumo traverse a dungeon by opening locked doors or breaking rocks or cracked walls. They are inexpensive and can be found in most stores, so the player should always stock up on them.
  • Cash-in items are only used to sell to merchant for a fixed price. They are only dropped by a few enemies and thus can be hard to come by.
  • Magic or Attack items are replicas of spells learned in books with a finite use, just like other items. They are relatively rare since only few enemies can drop them upon death and only specialized magic shops sell them.
  • Key items are story-related and cannot be sold to a merchant. Most disappear after their use during the story, but a few stays in the inventory.


Weapons sub-menu
See also: Adventures of Mana weapons

In Adventures of Mana, weapons can be accessed by the main menu by selecting the Weapon Ring. The weapons sub-menu has a maximum of 16 available slots.

There are six types of weapons: Swords, Axes, Sickles, Chain-Flails, Spears, & Maces. Each of them have a different overworld use & MAX attack.

  • The Sword can be used to slash enemies and has no overworld use. Sumo starts with this weapon at the beginning of the game.
  • The Axe slays enemies and can be used to chop down trees and thorns. This weapon can be bought for 150 GP at the Swamp Shack.
  • The Sickle has a circular range unlike most weapons and can cut off ferns. It can be found in a chest in the Marsh Cellar.
  • The Chain has a very long reach and can attach to poles, allowing Sumo to be pulled over. This weapon can be found in a chest in Kett's.
  • The Spear has a long straight reach but has no overworld use. This weapon can be bought for 1,150 GP in Menos.
  • The Morningstar has a circular range and a straight throw combo, and can crush rocks and pots. This weapon can be found in chest after defeating the Cyclops.
  • The Mattock is the only weapon that has a limited number of uses after which it breaks. It behaves the same way as a sword slash, but can be used to break rocks and pots, just like the Morningstar. Its usefulness drops once the layer obtains the Mornigstar.


Weapons sub-menu
See also: Adventures of Mana armor

In Adventures of Mana, armor can be accessed by the main menu by selecting the Armor Ring. The armor sub-menu has a maximum of 16 available slots.

There are three types of armor Sumo can wear: Helms, Armor, & Shields.

  • Helms boost Sumo's defense albeit at a lower rate than their matching suit of armor. The also don't have any side effects compared to other gear types.
  • Armor raise Sumo's defense typically more than helms. Some even have additional effects such as reducing elemental attacks.
  • Shields function differently than other gear types, as they do not raise Sumo's defense, rather blocking incoming attacks, such as throwing knives, spears, etc.


See also: Adventures of Mana enemies
Sumo surrounded by ogres

Like most Mana entries, regular enemies roam the overworld and dungeons. Some can inflict status aliments upon contact, such as poison, or by casting spells. Slain enemies will generally respawn once a screen is exited.

A sizeable amount of enemies can drop treasure chests upon death containing an item.

Of the 72 kinds of enemies in Adventures of Mana:

  • 28 drop recovery items
  • 23 do NOT drop items
  • 9 drop attack items
  • 7 drop power-up items
  • 6 has a chance of dropping either of two items (one commone and rare drop)
  • 5 drop cash-in items
  • 4 drop navigation items
  • 2 drop end-game equipment, the Samurai Helm & the Samurai Armor respectively
  • 1 drops a key item, the Saurus Fangs


See also: Adventures of Mana bosses
Amanda & Sumo battling the Medusa

List of named / notable characters[edit]

See also: Adventures of Mana characters


Other party members


Adventures of Mana's main cast

Other NPCs


See also: Adventures of Mana locations



World map fields



World Map


Icon Name How to obtain Story-driven Trophy
The Hero of Mana achievement AOM artwork.png The Hero of Mana Obtain all trophies. No PS Platinum Trophy.png
Chocobo achievement AOM artwork.png Jackal Jaw-breaker Defeat the Jackal. Yes PS Bronze Trophy.png
Chocobo achievement AOM artwork.png Hydra Harrier Defeat the Hydra. Yes PS Bronze Trophy.png
Chocobo achievement AOM artwork.png Vampire Vanquisher Defeat the Vampire. Yes PS Bronze Trophy.png
Chocobo achievement AOM artwork.png Ankheg Annihilator Defeat the Ankheg. Yes PS Bronze Trophy.png
Chocobo achievement AOM artwork.png Medusa Marauder Defeat the Medusa. Yes PS Bronze Trophy.png
Chocobo achievement AOM artwork.png Flayer Finisher Defeat the Mind Flayer. Yes PS Bronze Trophy.png
Chocobo achievement AOM artwork.png Crab Crusher Defeat the Metal Crab. Yes PS Bronze Trophy.png
Chocobo achievement AOM artwork.png Cyclops Slasher Defeat the Cyclops. Yes PS Bronze Trophy.png
Chocobo achievement AOM artwork.png Golem Grinder Defeat the Golem. Yes PS Bronze Trophy.png
Chocobo achievement AOM artwork.png Chimera Killer Defeat the Chimera. Yes PS Bronze Trophy.png
Chocobo achievement AOM artwork.png Dark Lord Dethroner Defeat the Dark Lord. Yes PS Bronze Trophy.png
Chocobo achievement AOM artwork.png Marilith Mauler Defeat Marilith. Yes PS Bronze Trophy.png
Chocobo achievement AOM artwork.png Kraken Cleaver Defeat the Kraken. Yes PS Bronze Trophy.png
Chocobo achievement AOM artwork.png Ifrit Extinguisher Defeat Ifrit. Yes PS Bronze Trophy.png
Chocobo achievement AOM artwork.png Lich Liquidator Defeat the Lich. Yes PS Bronze Trophy.png
Chocobo achievement AOM artwork.png Mantis Mangler Defeat the Mantis Ant. Yes PS Bronze Trophy.png
Chocobo achievement AOM artwork.png Garuda Garrotter Defeat Garuda. Yes PS Bronze Trophy.png
Chocobo achievement AOM artwork.png Dragon Drubber Defeat the Dragon. Yes PS Bronze Trophy.png
Chocobo achievement AOM artwork.png Red Dragon Destroyer Defeat the Red Dragon. Yes PS Bronze Trophy.png
Chocobo achievement AOM artwork.png Zombie Dragon Devastator Defeat the Zombie Dragon. Yes PS Bronze Trophy.png
Chocobo achievement AOM artwork.png End of the Line I Defeat Julius in his first form. Yes PS Bronze Trophy.png
Chocobo achievement AOM artwork.png End of the Line II Defeat Julius in his second form. Yes PS Bronze Trophy.png
Sumo achievement AOM artwork.png End of the Line III Defeat Julius in his third form. Yes PS Silver Trophy.png
Fuji achievement AOM artwork.png Duty and Honor Finish the game. Yes PS Gold Trophy.png
Sumo achievement AOM artwork.png Gold Digger Obtain 100,000 gold. No PS Silver Trophy.png
Sumo achievement AOM artwork.png Gemma Knight Attain level 99. No PS Silver Trophy.png
Fuji achievement AOM artwork.png Warrior of Warriors Attain 99 STR. No PS Gold Trophy.png
Fuji achievement AOM artwork.png Mage of Mages Attain 99 INT. No PS Gold Trophy.png
Fuji achievement AOM artwork.png Monk of Monks Attain 99 VIT. No PS Gold Trophy.png
Fuji achievement AOM artwork.png Sage of Sages Attain 99 MND. No PS Gold Trophy.png
Sumo achievement AOM artwork.png Weapon Collector Obtain all weapons. No PS Silver Trophy.png
Sumo achievement AOM artwork.png Spell Collector Obtain all magic spells. No PS Silver Trophy.png
Sumo achievement AOM artwork.png Item Collector Obtain at least one of all items. No PS Silver Trophy.png
Sumo achievement AOM artwork.png Armor Collector Obtain all armor. No PS Silver Trophy.png
Sumo achievement AOM artwork.png Helm Collector Obtain all helms. No PS Silver Trophy.png
Sumo achievement AOM artwork.png Shield Collector Obtain all shields. No PS Silver Trophy.png


The idea for the game came from the producer, Masaru Oyamada, who wanted all Mana games to be playable on modern platforms for the series' 25th anniversary in 2016. Initially there was some argument at Square Enix about whether the remake should be done in 2D or 3D; they chose 3D, as it was thought to be easier to control on smartphones and because it could be used as a base for potential future Mana remakes.


See also: Adventures of Mana soundtrack


The game has received positive reviews, with reviewers giving particular praise to the visuals and the music.

Release Reviewer, Publication Score Comment
PS Vita Robert Ramsey, PushSquare 6/10 "The role-playing genre has come a long way since 1991, but that doesn't mean Adventures of Mana should be cast aside. The simplicity of its gameplay makes it a nice portable snack, and as a faithful remake of a Game Boy title, it's hard to fault – just don't expect to get too excited over this dusty old quest."
PS Vita Kyle MacGregor Burleson, Destructoid 5/10 "It’s a serviceable retro-style action RPG that I enjoyed at times and barely tolerated at others. Unfortunately, I do not possess a great deal of nostalgia for the original game, and without rose-tinted memories, or much in the way of innovative upgrades, Adventures of Mana can feel incredibly backwards and decrepit."
PS Vita GR Staff, GameRant 4/5 "Square Enix's 3D remastering of an old favorite hits the PS Vita, and Adventures of Mana shows that remaining faithful to the original is sometimes the best approach."
Compiler Platform / Score
Metacritic 66


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Pre-release and unused content[edit]

See also: Adventures of Mana pre-release and unused content


See also: Adventures of Mana glitches


  • If you have a full item inventory when you try to open one of these chests, the chest will stay closed if it's a common item drop (since your inventory is full). Keep trying to open it until the RNG makes it the rare (armor) drop.[1]


For this subject's image gallery, see Gallery:Adventures of Mana.


Sumo is the target of numerous villainous attacks during the adventure, typically sending him falling down in exaggerated ways that would surely be fatal realistically. The hero is seen experiencing a perillous fall:

  • Near the beginning during his escape when the Dark Lord strikes him with his blade.
  • During Glaive's assault on Wendel, when Julius sends a fireball toward Sumo (a minor one).
  • While exploring the Forbidden Mines, Sumo falls into a hole while riding the minecart.
  • As he is about to rescue Fuji on the Airship, Julius flings a fireball at him, sending him plummeting.
  • After Sumo slays the Dark Lord, Fuji opens the path to the Temple of Mana while Julius blasts Sumo into the air.

Excluding cannon travel, this might have ushered a semi-recurring easter egg throughout the series, as other protagonists have been known to survive deadly falls, like Randi from Secret of Mana, possibly the entire cast of Trials of Mana, or Keldric from Dawn of Mana.


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