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Dragon Lord

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Dragon Lord
Dragon Lord ToM artwork.png
Trials of Mana remake artwork
Dragon emperor sketch SD3 artwork.gif
Trials of Mana artwork
Dragon Lord HOM artwork.jpg
Heroes of Mana artwork
First appearance Trials of Mana (1995)
Latest appearance Trials of Mana HD (2020)
Japanese name 竜帝
Title(s) Dragon Lord
Homeland Quon continent
Faction His own
Role Antagonist
Gender Male
Species Dragon Folk
Status Dead
Other form(s) Mondoragon
Voice actor(s) Jpn: Anri KatsuToM HD
Eng: Christian RummelToM HD
This article is about The Dragon Lord as a character. For Mondoragon of Trials of Mana, see Mondoragon.
“Ha ha ha... None of this matters in the end. But as you are all present...feast your eyes on the dawning of a new age as I become...a god!”
Trials of Mana in-game dialogue

The Dragon Lord is a non-player character in Trials of Mana and the primary antagonist of his own storyline.


Little is known about the Dragon Lord's origin story. The only noteworthy event predating the games he appears in is that he became the ruler of the Dragon Folk on the Quon continent.


Heroes of Mana[edit]

The first mention of the Dragon Lord is during chapter 8, Clashes and Quakes during which Roget and crew must join forces with the Valsenan-Altenish alliance to defeat the invading Peddan & Nevarlan forces in Molebear Moors. During the mission, Celestan summons Dragon folks to impede on its adversaries, but his plans are ultimately thwarted by the coalition.

From here on now, multiple missions had Dragon folks chiming in to help the enemy succeed in their plans. It is unknown why the Dragon Lord agreed to help the Peddan army. Even in a bonus mission, where he appears in person, causing rampage in Castle Valsena, his reasons remain a mystery.

At the end of the game, Loki mentions that there may comes a point in time the Dragon Lord must be defeated, hinting at the events that preceeded Trials of Mana.


King Richard wage war against the Dragon Lord's ambitions to take over the world. Aided with his trusty brother-in-arms Loki, a faerie sent from the Sanctuary of Mana and the strategic thinking of the master tactician Donperi, they led a victorious assault in Dragonsmaw against the draconic leader. However, Loki and the Dragon Lord fell into an abyss during the conflict and were never seen again. The area was searched for a week, but despite King Richard's best efforts, none could located the two of them.

Despite this, a mysterious traveler clad in red found the lord's body in the rubbles. The spirit of Dragon Lord spoke to him from his decaying body, saying he could give him access to immense power should the traveler give him half of his life force. The wanderer has been in exile from his native homeland, and desperately wanted to learn magic since we was unable to learn it from the start. By accepting his terms, the Dragon Lord found life again, and devised a plan to gain the power of the Benevodons using the Sword of Mana in order to regain his true form.

Seeing his prowess in battle, the Dragon Lord decided to revive Loki's body laying nearby and used his dark powers to turn him into the Darkshine Knight. Now with powerful new servants, the Dragon Lord decided to take advantage of his status as "dead" to run the scene from the shadows. He sent the Crimson Wizard and Darkshine Knight out to set the stage for his return in his plan to gain the power of the Benevodons and become a God.

Trials of Mana[edit]

The Dragon Lord remains in the shadows of his base deep within Dragonsmaw for most of the game. There, he instructs the Crimson Wizard and the Darkshine Knight to invade other nations and destroy the Mana Stones, opening the portal to the Sanctuary of Mana and gain the holy blade for himself. He masterminds the manipualtion of the True Queen in Altena by letting the Crimson Wizard orchestrate the invasion of Valsena. Meanwhile, he orders the Darkshine Knight to disrupt the life force of the Elementals and active the power of the Mana Stones. Eventually, because of attacks also launched by the minions of the Masked Mage and the Dark Majesty, all of the Mana Stones are broken. During this time, the heroes also saved the elemental spirits. They try to open a portal to the Sanctuary of Mana, but are unable to.

The shift in Mana allows the portal to open by itself, altering all three conquering nations to compete in obtaining the Sword of Mana. The Crimson Wizard mocks the protagonists for their efforts, and then goes there with the Darkshine Knight on the Gigantees. The minions of the other villains also head there. What happens next depends on the main character:

  • If the main character is Charlotte or Kevin, the Dragon Lord is killed by the Masked Mage.
  • If the main character is Hawkeye or Riesz, the Dragon Lord is killed by Belladonna and Malocchio.
  • If the main character is Duran or Angela, then the Dragon Lord kills the Masked Mage, and destroys the remains of the Dark Majesty, making his revival impossible.

While unsuccessful in retrieving the Sword of Mana in the Sanctuary, they kidnap Faerie in order to bribe the main characters into exchanging her for the holy blade. The protagonists arrive in Altena, where they reluctantly surrender the blade to free Faerie and the True Queen. While initally unable to handle its power, the Crimson Wizard, helped with the Darkshine Knight's magic, slowying make the Mana Sword into a vessel of darkness. They release the Benevodons from the Mana Stones and trick the player characters into releasing only Faerie and keeping the True Queen at their side. They return to Dragonsmaw and give the fabled weapon to the Dragon Lord, while the three protagonists have to contend with the wrath of the Benevodons.

The playable characters manage to destroy all but one of the fearsome beasts, and now scout the ancient capital city of Peddan. Because of the unstable time-space continuum, the party is transported in the past where the bustling city stood before its destruction. There they learn about a prophecy telling despair and destruction will be spread by the dragon's lair. However, since Pedda is a recollection of past events, the scholars think Prince Richard and Loki should be able to defeat the Dragon Lord, and are unphased by the prophecy.

Back in the present, The party fly to the Quon contient and journey deep within Dragonsmaw, where they meet with the Dragon Lord and the Crismon Wizard. There the Dragon Lord destroys the Sword of Mana by absorbing its power combined with the Benevodons', claiming he's become a god. A surge of the Goddess's power still prevents him from reaching godhood, making him determined to eradicate the Tree of Mana. He then warps to the Sanctuary of Mana, where he voids the Tree of any power. Meanwhile, the player characters are forced to deal with the Crimson Wizard's magic one last time before he expire while revealing how he resurrected the Dragon Lord from the abyss and gained immense magical powers in return. The True Queen is also escorted back to Altena where she learns in shock how she almosted sacrified her daughter while being under mind control.

The main characters unfortunately arrive to late at the Sanctuary, as the Dragon Lord boasts about killing the Tree of Mana along with the goddess. He destroys Faerie, saying she reminds him of another faerie accompanying the pityful Prince of Valsena and his useless knight. He was caught unware of the Golden Knights' attack and fell into the abyss. It took it so long to regain his strength, but now claims he's at full power. The then transforms into the Mondoragon and confronts the protagonists. He quickly overpowers them at first, but with the help of Faerie's magic, the party is healed and she tells to the Mondoragon that as long as the chosen is here, the hopes of people will never disappear. The Dragon mocks the heroes for attempting to defeat him, but he is ultimately proven wrong and meets his demise.

Circle of Mana[edit]

The Dragon Lord makes a cameo appearance in the online game, along with several other characters from the Mana series. He appears in 3 set of cards.

Rank Attribute Name Classes Quote
SSUR 竜帝 SSUR 0437 竜帝.jpg
SSUR 0438 竜帝.jpg
SSUR 0439 竜帝.jpg
SSUR 0440 竜帝.jpg
"I have taken all the Mana from this world."
SSUR 竜帝[真] LGR 0181 竜帝 真.jpg
LGR 0182 竜帝 真.jpg
"I have taken all the Mana from this world."
SSUR 竜帝[栄冠] Nocoverart.png
LGR 0186 竜帝 栄冠.jpg
"I have taken all the Mana from this world."

General information[edit]

Physical appearance[edit]

The Dragon Lord's human form in Trials of Mana is depicted as a tall, slender man clad in a floor-length green robe with gold and silver trimmings. Underneath his robe he seems to wear a full suit of armor, though only the tip of the shoes and fingers are visible. He wears a large red scarf and a yellow scaly dragon-like headdress whose "tail" and contours his body and claws acting like pauldrons.

In dragon form, the Dragon Lord is a humongous european-like dragon. His top scales are yellow while his belly and interior of the wings are white. He Has a hump at the base of its neck and several teeth protuding from its mouth.


Like many rpg villains, the Dragon Lord is a cunning, callous, and calculating individual who's only goal is to overthrow any opposition preventing him from becoming a god-like entity. Unlike the Masked Mage or the Prince of Mavolia, he doesn't have a tragic backstory explaining his behavior, and seems to be evil from the beginning. His only main motivation is to be power-hungry and to rule over the world.


See also: Mondoragon

In Trials of Mana the Dragon Lord is shown to use his psychic powers to communicate even in death, like he did with the Crimson Wizard. He is also capable of reanimating his own body should he has been provided with enough energy to do so. He can also share his powers with other individuals, like with the Crimson Wizard and the Darkshine Knight. After harvesting power through the Sword of Mana and the Benevodons, he is able to slay the Tree of Mana in the Sanctuary and transform back into his original draconic self. In his Mondoragon form, he is shown to possess herculean strength and able to cast a vast array of magical spells.

Profile and statistics[edit]

Dragon Lord
Dragon Lord HOM sprite.png Standard Attack icon HOM sprite.png Flare
Critical Attack icon HOM sprite.png Claws of Deprivation
Unit Leader Unit icon HOM sprite.png Description
Mobility Flying Unit icon HOM sprite.png Leader of the Dragon Folk
from the continent of
Quon. He rules the skies
with his gigantic wings.
HP icon HOM sprite.png 5000
Attack Power icon HOM sprite.png 100
Cost icon HOM sprite.png ---


  • The Mondoragon's design may be based on the Dragon from Final Fantasy Adventure.
  • Despite having the most established lore spanning two games in the series, the Dragon Lord has no tragic backstory that would explain his actions.
  • The Dragon Lord is the only main villain in Trials of Mana to appear also as a villain in the prequel.


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