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Valda HOM artwork.jpg
Heroes of Mana artwork
True Queen TOM remake screenshot.png
Trials of Mana HD screenshot
First appearance Trials of Mana (1995)
Latest appearance Trials of Mana (2022)
Title(s) Princess of AltenaHoM
True QueenToM
Homeland Altena, Kingdom of Magicians
Faction Queen of AltenaHoM
Her ownToM
Role Varies
Gender Female
Relatives Queen of Altena (mother)
Richard (lover)
Angela (daughter)
Species Human
Status Alive
Voice actor(s) Eng: Laila BerzinsToM

Valda, also known as the True Queen, is a recurring character in Mana series.



Trials of Mana[edit]

“True Queen -- Angela's mother and the absolute ruler of Altena, Kingdom of Magicians. She uses the magical mana abilities she was granted to keep the snows away from her kingdom.”
Adventure Log

Heroes of Mana[edit]

“The First Princess of Altena. Though she has feelings for Prince Richard of Valsena, she refrains from acting on them out of respect for her position as heir to Altena's throne. Her royal blood has given her extraordinary magical powers, but she has yet to learn how to control them.”

Trials of Mana[edit]

General information[edit]

Physical appearance[edit]


Profile and statistics[edit]

Rabite icon EOM artwork.png Randi --"Whoa! What's a Rabite doing in a place like this?"
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