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Sickle FFA artwork.jpg
Artwork of a Sickle in Final Fantasy Adventure
First appearance Final Fantasy Adventure (1991)
Latest appearance Adventures of Mana (2016)
Location(s) Marsh Cellar
Effect Can be swung around to cut down plants and attack enemies
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The Sickle is a type of weapon in the Mana games. A generic Sickle first appears in Final Fantasy Adventure, although it has since received some variations, many of which appear in Sword of Mana. A Sickle has the appearance of a small scythe attached to a chain. Whenever a Hero uses a Sickle, it swings around in a counterclockwise direction. The main purpose of the Sickle is to cut back plants, especially those obstructing a path. A Sickle can also be swung at all enemies within its circular range, although because it moves somewhat slow, it is easier to miss enemies.

Final Fantasy Adventure / Adventures of Mana[edit]

The Sickle (jap:くさりがま) is found in floor B2 of Marsh Cellar. With the Sickle, Sumo can cut back plants on the World Map and in dungeons. In all reissues, the Sickle has an upgraded counterpart, Mantis Sickle, which can be obtained after defeating the Mantis Ant.

Name Attack Power Extra effect Location(s) Buy Sell
9 N/A Marsh Cellar N/A N/A

In Sword of Mana, a Sickle is obtained by defeating an Insectaur in the Abandoned Mine.


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