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Morning Star

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Morning Star
Morning Star SOM artwork.png
Artwork of the Morning Star from Secret of Mana
First appearance Final Fantasy Adventure (1991)
Latest appearance Secret of Mana (remake) (2018)
Location(s) Mt. Rock (Final Fantasy Adventure)
Emperor's Castle (Secret of Mana)
Effect Can be swung around to break fragile walls and plants
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The Morning Star, also spelled Morningstar and also known as the Steel Whip, is a mace weapon which appears in the Mana series. It is essentially a spiked ball attached to a chain, and a Morning Star can be swung around to hit targets within its range. The Morning Star first appears in Final Fantasy Adventure.


Final Fantasy Adventure/Adventures of Mana[edit]

The MorningstarAoM/Flail FFA icon.png StarFFA (jap:モーニングスター) is obtained by defeating the Cyclops on Crooked Boulder. It effectively combines the use of the Sickle and a Mattock. Like the Sickle, the Morningstar can be swung around to hit enemies within range. Like Mattocks, the Morningstar can break open fragile walls within dungeons, as well as certain rocks and jars, and does not break after a single use unlike Mattocks.

Name Attack Power Extra effect Location(s) Buy Sell
30 Slow, but has 360-degree range-of-motion over 2-3 tile radius. Can break rocks, jars, & walls. Defeat Cyclops N/A N/A

Secret of Mana[edit]

The Morning Star can be forged by gaining the Whip's Orb from a treasure chest in the Imperial Palace.

Name Weapon Charge Attack Power Extra effect Forge Cost Location
Level Name Effective against Status effect Stat increase
Link=Morning Star
Morning Star
6 ? 30 Insects N/A N/A 3,000 GP Imperial Palace

Trials of Mana[edit]

The Morning Star is a weapon for Charlotte that can be bought in Dior.

Name 2D stats 3D stats Class-specific Available at Buy Sell
Link=Morning Star
Morning Star
11+10*STR 36 44 No Dior 3,400 5,870 1,700 1,365

Sword of Mana[edit]

The Morning Star is a weapon type Sword of Mana. It is found in Mt. Illusia.

Children of Mana[edit]

“A unique flail with a star-shaped head.”

The Morning Star is a weapon equippable by everyone.

Morning Star
DS Sprite Flail COM sprite.png
Attack +101
Equippable Lv 28 (Wanderer)
Lv 29 (Ferrik)
Lv 30 (Tamber)
Lv 31 (Poppen)


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