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Sumo AOM artwork.png
Adventures of Mana artwork
Hero Sword of Mana artwork.jpg
Sword of Mana artwork
Sumo FFA artwork.jpg
Final Fantasy Adventure artwork
First appearance Final Fantasy Adventure (1991)
Latest appearance Echoes of Mana (2022)
Title(s) Gemma Knight
Heretic HunterSwoM
Homeland Granz RealmSwoM
Role Protagonist
Gender Male
Relatives Hermann (father)SwoM
Consul's Wife (mother)SwoM
Species Human
Status Alive
Voice actor(s) Jpn: Hiro ShimonoEoM
“Fuji! I'm here to save you!”
Echoes of Mana Square Enix Official Website

Sumo, also known as the Boy, is the protagonist of Final Fantasy Adventure and its direct remake Adventures of Mana.


Final Fantasy Adventure & Adventures of Mana[edit]

Originally an enslaved gladiator of the Glaive Empire, the crimson-clad youth is thrust into a quest to protect the sacred Tree of Mana from his overseers and thereby honor the last wishes of his fellow gladiator and close friend Will.

Sword of Mana[edit]

Young Sumo listening to Lord Granz

Born and raised in Granz Realm, the Hero had a happy childhood in which he was well provided for both financially, being the son of Consul Hermann, and spiritually, listening to the legends of the world as spun in song by Lord Granz. However, one dark day, his parents were accosted by Prince Stroud, who had taken on the moniker of "Dark Lord", for hiding the (supposed) sole survivor of his massacre of the Mana Village. While his parents stayed behind to try and reason with Dark Lord (a tactic that resulted in their deaths), the Hero fled alongside the girl. Unfortunately, he twisted his ankle and, telling the Heroine to run ahead, was eventually captured and thrown into the dungeons of Granz Castle. There, he was forced to become a gladiator-slave for the Realm, battling monsters daily just to stay alive.


Final Fantasy Adventure & Adventures of Mana[edit]

Sumo fighting a Jackal

Sumo starts out as a gladiator being enslaved in the Dutchy of Glaive and forced to fight exotic beasts for the entertainment of the Dark Lord. On day, fed up of seeing countless prisoners and friends felling in battle, Sumo succeeds in escaping the arena after listening to his dying friend Will entrusting him to seek Sir Bogard near the Great Waterfall. He overhears a conversation outside between Dark Lord and his assistant Julius and is almost immediately spotted by the lord himself. The young knight tries to defend himself, but is ultimately sent down the waterfall by the evil ruler's sheer strength.

Sumo meeting Fuji

Sumo encounters a helpless damsel in the Topple plains surrounded by Mushbooms. The brave swordsman defeat the threat, effectively rescuing the young lady. His bodyguard, however, is mortally wounded and pleads the traveler to escort the girl to Wendel into the care of Bogard, the lone Gemma Knight living in seclusion near a waterfall. The knight accompanies the maiden Fuji to the old man's cabin, where they meet with a gruff-looking woodcutter. The man opens up after seeing the maiden's pendant. Turns out the pendant was used in the last war by a similar maiden of the Mana Clan and led the Gemma Knights to victory against the Vandole Empire. Bogard then advises the duo to venture east to a cave connecting Topple to the path to Wendel, where they should meet Cibba. He gives his Mattock to the young knight before bidding farewell to the heroes.

After exploring the eastern part of the continent, the party decides to take a break to a nearby manor. There the heroine instructs Sumo on how to use (curative magic before going to sleep. The morning after, Fuji is nowhere to be found, hinting at the manor occupant's suspicious motives. Hearing that there might be something in the Marsh Cellar to help him in his quest, the hero decides to venture inside, where he comes face to face with a Mysterious Traveler. The man tells of a rumor about Mr. Lee, the lord of Kett Manor confining young maiden in coffins. THe newly formed duo proceed into the damp cavern, only to find a fearsome Hydra guarding a treasure at the end. The traveler parts ways with Sumo, telling him to use the artifact on the Butler guarding the door in the manor.

Back to Kett's Sumo uses the Moor Mirror showing the true face of the Butler, making him transform into a Werewolf. After slaying the beast, the hero continues his search for the maiden deeper into the mansion. He finds her inside a room full of coffins. By the time the duo tries to escape the mansion, they are attacked by Mr. Lee himself who turns into a Vampire. The party must team together if they wish to defeat the undead lord.

Motherly Figure meeting Fuji in Wendel

After this episode, the party finally reaches Wendel where they meet with Cibba of the Gemma Knights. He invites Fuji to stand inside the sacred circle to let her pendant reveal her fated path. Once inside, a sprit of Fuji's Mother appears, telling the young maiden that she and her are part of the line of Mana, seeds fallen from the Tree of Life, tasked with Her protection against the evils of the world. Vandole used the pendant to seal the Mana Tree atop Mt. Illusia, ensure that nobody would ever draw near. The figure pleads for her daughter to join forces with the Gemma Knight to thwart the Dark Lord's plan to take over the world. She then vanishes into thin air, with Fuji lamenting her loss. Her grief is rudely disrupted by an earthquake. The mysterious man barge into the temple informing the party that the Glaive empire is raiding the city. The long-haired lad takes the maiden to a safe place, but Cibba is suspicious of his intentions and ask Sumo to look for him. Our hero finds the town infested with monsters with defenseless guards lying on the ground. Hurrying through the main gate, Sumo finds the mysterious man right outside with Fuji. The man is quickly revealed to be Julius in disguise all along which puzzle the young knight since he helped him back in the marsh cave. Julius replies that he wasn't sure the girl was the right one until he saw what happened inside Wendel temple. He was waiting for this chance to capture her and now Glaive can use her to gain access to the Mana tree. Sumo lunges toward the evildoer but the latter scoffs that his pitiful attempt by knocking our hero against the wall with magic. Unable to stop the Dark Lord's adviser, the young knight is then taken back to Wendel temple by Cibba who heals his wounds with the magic circle. Regaining consciousness, the priest informs Sumo that Fuji is taken hostage in Julius' Airship to the west. Cibba gives the hero the Magic Book of Heal before departure.

While searching for a way to get through Gaia Pass, Sumo stumbles onto the Dwarf Cave when he learns that Watts has gone to the Forbidden Mines to search for [[|Chunk of Mythril|Mythril]] ore. Knowing that he needs the fabled metal to enter Gaia, the young knight decides to explore the mines for the dwarf. After being sent into a treacherous ride by going into a minecart, Sumo in found lying on the ground by none other than Watts who gladly accompanys him. Deep within the mines, they face off with Megapede who guards a mythril deposit. Overjoyed by their discovery, Watts and Sumo quickly defeat the monster and head back to the Dwarf Cave, where the young knight can now buy proper mythril equipment.

Julius attacking Sumo on Glaive Airship

After going through the mines, Sumo reunites with Bogard, who accompany the hero inside the nearby Airship to rescue Fuji. As they hop into the vessel, they are lifted to the sky as the Airship has completely refueled. Sumo and Bogard finally reach Fuji's cell, where Bogard decides to guard the room while the young knight circle around the ship to reach the window since the door is locked. Unfortunately, as Sumo is about to reach the opposite side, he is cornered by Julius. The hero has just enough time to take the maiden's pendant before being blasted by the evil sorcerer's magic, sending him several feet into the ground.

Sumo wakes up in a small house in Menos without his pendant, where he meets with a villager telling him Amanda, a former prisoner friend of his back in Glaive, rescued him, but immediately hurried to Jadd. While searching for her in the nearby plains, the hero encounters an egg about to hatch. Inside, a Chocobo greets him and decides to follow him in his adventure. Next, Sumo learns in Jadd that an influential town man named Davias has locked his mother in a cave. Upon visiting the Old Mansion where Davias leaves, the wealthy man reveals that Amanda has fled for the Shifting Sands. There, he reunites with her, asking her why she took her pendant in his sleep. The girl apologizes by replying the she thought by giving the pendant to Davias, he would release her brother Lester, but instead changed him into a parrot. She now scouts the cave in search of Medusa whose tears are known to cure any illness. The party teams up to find the gorgon's lair deep within the cave. Sadly, Amanda was bitten during the fight against Medusa, and is doomed to become a gorgon. She pleads for Sumo to end her life and use her tears to cure her brother for her. Sumo takes the few drops from Amanda's tears as she perishes on the sand.

Back to Jadd, Sumo sprinkles Amanda's Tear on the parrot, making it change back into Lester. The young bard thanks him, inquiring about his sister's whereabouts. The young knight has no choice but to tell him the truth about Amanda's sacrifice. The bard decides to join Sumo to stop Davias once and for all. The party tries to ambush Davias on the rooftop, but the sorcerer transforms himself into Mindflayer and attack the two men. As they deal the final blow, Lester demands Davias to give the pendant back to Sumo, but the magician snickers back, telling the party that his pet Garuda has fled to Glaive Castle with the precious artifact in its talon. As Davias utters his last breath, Sumo is now tasked to go to Crooked Boulder to find a passage leading to Glaive. As thanks for helping him defeat his oppressor, Lester takes care of the poison mist surrounding the path leading to the mountains.

Dark Lord's true face

After bidding farewell to Lester, Sumo ventures into the Hidden Waterfall, then to Crooked Boulder, and finally to Glaive Castle, where he yearns to take his revenge on Dark Lord. There he rejoins with Fuji who was held captive and find the way to Dark Lord's private quarters. The two men engage into a grueling duel, ending with the evildoer falling before Sumo. As the young knight retrieves the Mana Pendant, he realizes that the artifact was a fake, not to mention Fuji's sudden disappearance. The hero backtracks to Glaive Castle's entrance, only to find a dazed maiden wandering toward the sacred waterfall. Julius appears in front on him, declaring he's too late to stop him. The evil sorcerer then orders the mind-controlled Fuji to raise her pendant to reverse the waterfall's flow. Julius reveals he's a descendant of Vandole and that is why he is able to manipulate a Mana maiden so easily. The girl chants a mysterious spell, effectively inverting the water's flow and opening the portal of the Mana Shrine.

He is found in the Crystal Desert by his Chocobo, who injures her legs to bring him to Ish. The Professor gives her mechanical legs that allow her to run on water. Meanwhile, Sumo argues with Bogard, who injured his own legs when he fell from the Airship. Sumo has his doubts as to whether he's worthy to be a Gemma Knight, and questions why Bogard, who is one, doesn't do the job himself. Angered, Bogard drives the boy off, but Sarah reveals that Bogard was crippled when he fell from the Airship, and Sumo's Chocobo was also injured bringing him to Ish, and was near death. Sumo goes to see her, but learns that Dr. Bowow gave her prosthetic legs. However, before allowing him to leave, he tells him to make peace with Bogard. Thankfully, there was no need, but Bogard does have some advice. Sumo should seek out the Holy Sword, Excalibur, which brought down the Vandole Empire years ago. While not even Bogard knows where the blade rests, he does know who does, and directs him to Cibba in Wendel.

Upon reaching Wendel, he learns that Cibba went south to Lorimar upon hearing it was attacked by monsters. Upon arriving there, the king tells him that a Marilith has taken up residence in a nearby mountain cave. Cibba arrived to deal with the creature, but was frozen in ice before he had the chance. Sumo decides to do it in Cibba's stead, which frees Cibba and the people of Lorimar. Knowing that Sumo seeks Excalibur, Cibba directs him to the Floatrocks, where Ifrit awaits beneath a mountain. Only by defeating Ifrit can Sumo obtain Excalibur. And yet, all Sumo finds is a rusty sword, surely not the Holy Sword. Cibba explains that Excalibur must first judge one worthy before it can be wielded, and directs Sumo to find some ruins in the Crystal Desert and there hold Excalibur aloft, in order to raise the Dime Tower. Cibba intimates that the Professor might know where to look for the ruins. Indeed, the good doctor tells Sumo to locate the Flare spell in a sealed cave to the north, where a Lich lies waiting. Now armed with Flare, Sumo seeks out a giant diamond. Destroying this diamond with Flare reveals the ruins Sumo is looking for. Deep in these ruins, beyond a Mantis Ant, is the spot where Sumo must lift up Excalibur to raise the Dime Tower. Inside the tower, he meets Marcie, and together they scale the tower, learning of the Emperor's corruption and how his followers placed hope at the base of the Great Waterfall in the form of the Imperial Prince, whom Sumo realizes must be Julius.

Julius taunting Sumo

On the roof of the tower, Sumo confronts and defeats Garuda. However, the bird beast damages the tower, causing it to begin crumbling back underground. Marcie tosses Sumo across a broken bridge to Glaive Castle, saying it will cross with its propulsion thrusters, but after Sumo lands, it reveals said thrusters were damaged long ago. Besides, Marcie cannot leave the tower until the Professor recalls it. Sumo must continue without Marcie, as he passes by Glaive Castle to the Great Waterfall. Ascending to the Temple of Mana, Sumo battles his way to the Mana Tree, before which are Julius and a still brainwashed Fuji. Julius mocks Sumo's efforts as too little too late, and engages Sumo in battle, only to be felled by the new Gemma Knight. Fuji is at last freed from Julius' spell, but Julius is not finished yet.

Assuming a third, final form, Julius attempts to finish Sumo off, but is finally destroyed, with the consequence of the Mana Tree being lost as well. However, Fuji's mother appears, and reminds her that they are seeds. Should the Mana Tree ever be lost, a maiden of the Mana Clan can become a new Mana Tree to keep Mana alive in the world. Of course, Fuji must choose this for herself, and has the choice to return with Sumo and await the devastation that would come with the loss of Mana. Fuji makes the choice to become the new Tree, and Sumo agrees to protect her from evil. Before departing, Sumo agrees to carry a message from Fuji's mother to her beloved, Sir Bogard. After which, he leaves his Chocobo with another Chocobo and goes on his way.

Sword of Mana[edit]

Sumo & Will about to battle a Jackal
“The son of Hermann, the consul of Granz Realm, escaped from Dark Lord's grip when the villain stormed the consul's home. Ten years have passed. Now the hero seeks revenge.”
Nintendo Power Official Guide

Sumo awakens from a recurring nightmare inside his communal cell in Granz Castle. He tells his fellow inmate Willy that he always makes the same dream (see background) about a girl that he was supposed to protect. Willy is surprised to hear her name, but thinks it might be somebody else. The two of them plan to escape Granz through the arena gate once again, as this time might be the good one. As they are called by a guard to make their daily appearance onto the fighting ground, the duo starts battling a Jackal, eventually defeating it. As they attempt to make their escape, they are ambushed by the Dark Lord and his personal guards. Stroud is impressed by the two runaway slaves and offers them to work under him. Willy hesitates, but Sumo is having none of it, as he recalls him having murdered his father and mother. Sumo then tries to engage his opponent in a swordfight, but is overmatched by the Dark Lord' might power, and end up falling down the waterfall.

Sumo meets Fuji

Sumo is rescued by Niccolo who's been fishing at the waterfall's basin. Sumo thanks he traveling salesman and asks the directions to Topple Village. The merchant doesn't know the exact location since he just got here too, and quickly departs to his home. A cry echoes nearby, grabbing Sumo's attention. A girl is seen assaulted by a Chobin Hood, which the boy quickly deals with in a couple of sword swings. The traveling girl named Fuji thanks his savior and ask him if he can accompany her to Topple. After crossing Topple Outskirts, the party finally come across the settlement. Fuji thanks Sumo for escorting her, and leaves him. There, the hero reunites with Niccolo, who sells him Popoi's Notebook for 10 lucre. Inside a house, he meets with a grandfather who mistakes Sumo for a Granz soldier, pleading him that he's done nothing wrong and leave his home at once. Outside, his grandchild tries to defend his beliefs in the Mana Goddess, but Sumo quickly explains the misunderstanding. The two Topple residents apologize for their behavior and explain that the Dark Lord is after the mana believers that he calls heretics. Since Topple Village has the most mana worshippers in the realm, the inhabitants has grown extremely suspicious of strangers. Sumo asks the grandfather if there is a way to defeat Dark Lord, the old man replies that only the Mana Sword could make a dent in the evil knight's armor. He entrusts Sumo to visit Cibba the sage over at Wendel to learn more about the legendary blade. He gives the Magic Rope as a parting gift.

Ebony Butler welcoming Sumo & Fuji

Hearing a rumor about a secluded swordsman living near Topple, the hero find a lone cottage near a cascade and enters it. Inside, he reads a letter telling the recipient to head to Wendel as a rendezvous point. Fuji erupts inside the cottage, accusing him of being on of the Realm's Heretic Hunters. Brandishing her staff towards Sumo, the maiden asks what Sumo has done to Bogard, to the boy's utter confusion. The hero replies that he only wants revenge on Dark Lord too, making the situation less tense as both realize they aren't working for him. Sumo gives the letter to Fuji, making a light mana sprit appear. Fuji is surprised to hear about the boy never seeing a spirit before, and decide to teach him how to summon one. Seeing the letter is from Bogard, the maiden decides to join Sumo on their way to Wendel.

The party first head to Vinquette Hall as the Master here sealed the Cave to Wendel. After traversing the Batmo Cave, Sumo and Fuji enventually reach the gates of an ominous mansion. The boy has a bad feeling about the place, with the maiden suddenly noticing someone behind the neighboring woods. As she scouts the area, a mysterious man is seen shoving Sumo aside, telling the hero that the master of Vinquette Hall is a vampire that snatches women and sucks their blood. With the rude man gone, Fuji reappars, claiming she saw the ghost of a sad old man. Sumo teases her, telling her she needs to relax and the two of them head inside the mansion. The duo is greeted by a butler, informing them that the master is asleep at the moment and that any interview will need to be conducted later. Since the estate's gates only open at night, the butler invites the couple to rest here until his master wakes up. A female guest erupts behind them, called Isabella, with the butler directing her to her room. Sumo accepts the offer to stay overnight, but the maiden is still very suspicious about him and the place, telling him to not no anything funny while she is sleeping. Before heading to bed, they visit Isabella's room, inquiring about Vinquette Hall's rumors. She quips that her master's tastes have changed since moving in here. She asks if the two of them have come to get Count Lee to unseal the caves leading to Wendel, and offer them to ask him herself. She also gives Sumo a tip about a water spirit being trapped in Marsh Cave. The party head to their chamber for a quick nap.

Count Lee putting Isabella to sleep

Sumo makes the same nightmare as when he were in Granz Castle, making him wake up in sweats. He realizes that Fuji isn't by his side anymore, and overhears the butler about a psuitable girl for his master. The boy decides to investigate the hallways behind the foyer. Deeper inside the mansion, he come across the mysterious man from earlier peering into a coffin in a room full of them. The man claims he's only looking for the vampire's fiancee and quickly exit the premices upon hearing the butler entering the room. The latter declares the Sumo must die for seeing this room and transforms into a Hellhound. After taking care of the servant, the hero venture further inside the maze, ultimately reuniting with Fuji discussing with the Count while Isabella is seen floating in the air. Turns out Lee tried to keep maidens safe by making them asleep inside coffins as he promised a friend that he would protect the women of the Mana Clan. Count Lee then transforms into his Vampire form and attack the party. After weakening the count enough, he reverts back to his humanoid form as Sumo orders him to release Isabella and the others. The ghost Fuji saw prior in the woods appears, revealing he was the one who asked the Count to protect the Mana Women from the Heretic Hunters. Sumo recognizes the figure as Lord Granz's, making Count Lee questions the Lord about his reason being here. The apparition apologizes for his request, saying there was no other option but to keep Mana Women alive, including Fuji. He tells the maiden that she must stay alive as there is a reason to it. The Count deduces that the two of them must leave this place since Granz Soldiers might come by any minute. Lee assures the others that Isabella is in good hands and bids the party farewell as they venture to the Marsh Cave to befriend the water spirit.

On the way to the Marsh Cave, Fuji apoplogizes to Sumo for making his parents target for the Heretic Hunters, as their put her up during the Mana Village raid. The hero replies that it should be him to apologize since he promised his mother to protect her, but failed. He adds that knowing she is still alive makes him throw away his painful past. The party eventually go inside the March Cave, where they find a strange mirror lying next to a pool of swamp water. As they are about to leave, a loud tremor erupts from the pool, in which the powerful Hydra emerges. Sumo and Fuji team up to defeat the monster, freeing a weakened water spirit. They decide to return to Scaly Lair where a they nurse the elemental back to health by bathing it into clean water. Making a detour to Vinquette Hall, they show the Moon Mirror to Isabella, who explains that this artifact is used to see into the hearts of humans, and that it is a dowry of a Mavole princess. Isabella tries to get them to lend it to her, but has a quick change of heart, saying she has no right to belittle humans. The party then heads to the Cave to Wendel where they are finally able to break the seal blocking the route to the holy city.

Lester performing to a crowd in Wendel

Now entering the meeting point in Wendel, the party notices a bard performing to a crowd, singing a familiar song according to Sumo. As the people around him disband, a grey-haired man showers him with compliments, urging him to tell him his name. The minstrel is named Lester, saying he's on his way to Granz Castle. The strange man warns him about going there, saying that it could cost him his life. Intrigued by that remark, the party approaches the man, as he explains that minstrels are special, and that those with talent are invited to the castle. He then continues his speech by saying that Dark Lord is critical of Granz, and his songs won't be well received, before leaving. After making some errands, the party finally venture inside the cathedral, where Bogard and Cibba await. Bogard is happy to see Fuji alive and well, with Cibba commenting on those chosen by the Goddess not dying easily. Sumo introduces himself to the two Gemma Knights, with Sumo remembering Bogard from back when he was a kid. The old man apologizes for the tragic incident he caused to his family, but the boy reiterates that the fault is all on the Dark Lord. The boy is still surprised a Gemma Knight visited his house back then and is deeply honored to meet with Cibba as well. He then asks the sage if he is aware of the Sword of Mana's location, but the wiseman replies that the blade is part of the tale of Gemma. Both of the old men laughs at the idea that Sumo want to be a hero by getting his hands on the sacred blade, which angers both Sumo and Fuji, the latter trying to defend him. In a fit of rage, Sumo bolts out of the cathedral, getting face to face with an imperial airship. A panicked wendellan citizen announces that Realm forces are making an assault to the city, making the small gathering of people around the building scurry away. The Dark Lord makes his entrance, alongside Julius and a Realm Soldier, ordering them to enter the cathedral. Sumo tries to prevent them from entering, but is struck by both the lord's sword and Julius's dark magic, sending him flying backwards inside the structure. The violence of the impact shatters the Moon Mirror, with a tiny piece of it reflecting an ominous shadow coming out of Julius. Cibba swears he's seen Vandole from it, but is interrupted by the Dark Lord, ordering them to surrender the girl. Bogard tries to defy his orders, but Cibba reasons with him, explaining that they cannot risk the city to be nuked by the imperial army. Fuji surrenders and his held prisoner by his lordship.

Julius's shadow seen in from the Moon Mirror

Sumo finds himself asleep in a bed the morning after, Lester and Bogard at his side. The Gemma Knight reveals that the Dark Lord has taken Fuji to his airship, making the hero beating himself for failing to protect her. Bogard asks Lester to leave so he can discuss a plan to save the maiden together with Sumo and Cibba. Outside, Sumo is informed that the minstrel is going to Devius Manor in Jadd, as it is a famous gathering place for bards. Devius takes the opportunity to ask Sumo to free all of his birds inside his home. Inside the cathedral, the sage mentions seeing the face of Vandole through Julius when the Moon Mirror shattered, implying that he is still behind all that happened. He also mentions the airship soon being docked at Westlake, giving the team a chance of rescuing the girl when it lands there. To reach the lake, one first much to go through Gaia's Cave, which is an entity with a mind of its own. The sage gives a light spirit to Sumo. He entrusts Bogard to visit Granz Castle in order to reach the airship, while he's off doing some research on Julius. The trio then head on their respective ways.

The hero crosses the Mushboom Forest, eventually reaching Gaia's Facade, a giant face carved on a mountain. As the tries to open it, he is blown away by a gust of wind coming from the face. The mountain mumbles about wanting Mythril, then goes back to sleep. Backtracking to search for a way to get pass Gaia, Sumo stumbles on the Dwarf Cave, where he meets with a Dwarf named Capo, who suggests bringing mythril to open the way. There is apparently some left at the Abandoned Mine not far from here. Capo also tells Sumo to look for Watts while he's searching for ore, as the fellow dwarf hasn't returned for quite a while. The hero promises to search for him and take off.

Watts leading Dudbears

As he approaches the mines, the boy hears a noise coming from inside and is surprised to see three dudbears popping out the entrance, followed by Watts. The whole group decides to dig a whole inside the cave-in, only to come out seconds later. Watts is intrigued by Sumo's presence, as nobody seems to go near the abandoned mine. The young knight explains why he's here, making the blacksmith ecstatic to have a companion inside the mines since it's crawling with monsters. Watts promises to split the mythril ore fifty-fifty, then joins Sumo for the adventure. The party finds a large ore deposit at the very end of the tunnel. As an overjoyed Watts approaches some of the ore, an otherworldy voice order a serpentine creature to expel the intruders. After the party's victory, the dudbears help Sumo and Watts to extract and transport the precious mythril all the way to Dwarf Cave. Capo expresses regret over his cowardice preventing him from helping Watts, but the whole dwarven community can now produce armor for Granz. Sumo is taken aback by those facts and starts questioning their motives to sell weapons used for killing innocent members of the Mana Clan. Capo replies that they don't go out much, so they aren't aware of current news. All they know is making weapons. Watts gives Sumo his share of mythril and asks if him using weapons isn't different from Granz Realm. Sumo answers back by telling he's not sure, but that he wants to save Fuji whatever the cost might be. Watts likes his answer, telling him that he will now accompany him on his journey by forging equipement.

With mythril on hand, Sumo heads to Gaia and is almost immediately swallowed by the rocky facade. There he meets with an earth spirit, claiming he's been swallowed by Gaia over fifty years ago. The elemental chooses to tag along, helping Sumo making his way outside the cavern. The hero finally gets through the other side of Gaia, reuniting with Cibba camping near Westlake. He shares his experience with the Dwarves selling weapons to the Realm and how he criticized it at first. He realized that they don't see him any different than they do Dak Lord in the end. The sage is glad to see how mature the young knight has grown to be, and offers him to accompany him aboard the airship. They only have time to make it to the front deck that the vessel beging to take altitude. Peering inside a window from a narrow catwalk, they find Julius threatening Fuji about a certain key's whereabouts. Seeing that the girl is keeping her mouth shut, the sorcerer blasts her with dark magic. As he is about to pummel the poor girl back with magic, Cibba throws some light magic spell at him, making him falter. Seeing Sumo next to Cibba, Fuji throws her pendant at him, explaining that this is the key to the Mana Sanctuary and he should protect it at all costs. The two heroes cannot spare another word, as Julius flings another ball of darkness to him, making Sumo lose his balance and fall down from an incredible height.

Julius attacking Sumo on Glaive Airship

Sumo is found lying on the ground in Menos Outskirts by Amanda, who takes her back home. Amanda is glad to see him safe, but the hero still needs to recover after his treacherous fall. She explains that she escaped the Granz's battle arena quickly after he and Willy bolted. Unfortunately, she was Willy being taken away by soldiers when she took off. Sumo starts dozing off again, fidgeting in bed while having his recurring nightmares. He wakes up with Fuji and Bogard at his side, the maiden apparently being rescued by the Gemma Knight back in the airship. The young knight inquires his mentor about Cibba's fate, the latter assuring him that he can't be done so easily. Sumo then realizes that his pendant is missing, to which Bogard comments about a mysterious girl running out of this house just now. The young hero decides to check on her friend Amanda to see if she might have taken his precious artefact. After touring around the village, Sumo learns that Amanda went to the City of Jadd. Bogard then decides to head for the city with Fuji wile Sumo leaves a note to Amanda.

While visiting the the Town of Jadd, he stumbles on Devius Manor, noticing exotic birds flocking around the house. He wonders if those are the same birds he freed back in Wendel. He gain access to Lady Medusa's private quarters once the servants realize he's captured the estate's escaped birds. Sumo reunites with Amanda who confesses that she was the one who snatched Sumo's pendant in order to save him from succumbing from his illness. Sumo and her decide to tag along to search for his pendant. While asking Lady Medusa for permission to get out of her room, our heroes overhear the bird trapped in a giant cage sing an ode to Granz that momentarily makes the lady stop wailing. They together conclude that the bird might be Lester and that the other rabites surrounding them are ministrels as well. They try to open the cage to no avail. This disturbs Lady Medusa who hurls a magical ball in their direction, barely missing Amanda, who hit one of the rabites instead. Said creature is almost instantly transformed into a bird to the duo's amazement, confirming that the trapped bird is her brother. The heroes are immediately cornered by mavole servants who intend to kill them by knowing Lady Medusa's secret. The two guards are distracted by the lady who tells them that she must go to the Altar of Time where her husband is supposed to be calling from. The two guards are knocked unconscious by her as she escapes her room, leaving Sumo and Amanda to retrieve the birdcage's key to free her brother. Unfortunately, the newly freed bird promptly head for the exit as well, and the duo is forced to chase after it. As they traverse the manor, they discover that most of the servants were turned into birds by Lady Medusa. Amanda mentions while exiting the mansion that Lady Medusa went to the Altar of Time and that her brother must have headed the same direction.

Amanda & Sumo dodging Lady Medusa's spell

After crossing Jadd Desert and finding the way to gain entrance to a cave leading to the Altar of Time, the heroes bolt inside the sand labyrinth, eventually reaching Lady Medusa's lair. Amanda pleads to the woman to change her brother back to its original self, but Sumo notices something suspicious about the room and the giant hourglass standing behind Lady Medusa. Amanda's insistence on the matter angers the mavole woman, who retaliates by biting the young maiden in the neck. The lady reiterates that she doesn't want them to take her family memories away from them, immediately transforming into a grostesque monster that both Sumo and Amanda are forced to defeat. After taking care of the apparition, the female mavole transforms back to her original self, collapsing on the ground. Fuji and Bogard hurries to the premises and heals the laying woman with magic. Lady Medusa then declares that the people who she has changed into birds shall partake of her blood as they should transform back into their former self. She then thanks Lester for awakening buried memories through his songs and passes away quietly. Devius and the Dark Lord burst into the room and teleport the lifeless body away, foiling the party's attempt to collect Lady Medusa's blood and curing Lester. While the Dark Lord urges Devius to get revenge from the Mana Clan betraying their mother once again, the latter assures his brother that he will them to justice by killing them at his manor. After both of them leaving the altar, Amanda starts suffering from Lady's Medusa's bite and starts feeling her blood boiling. Her sking immediately turns blue and she starts attacking Fuji all the while fighting to regain her senses. Lester's bird form starts signing a songs that quells Amanda temporarily, leading her to tell Sumo that there is someone inside her that wants Him and Fuji dead and that they should leave while they can. Sumo cannot put himself to leave her like this and puts her out of her misery with his sword. Sumo instantly orders Fuji to heal her back with her magic, but Amanda is still in a weakened state. The dying woman tells the hero to give her blood to her brother, which make Lester transform back to his human form. Alas, Amanda's wounds are too severe and she collapses moments after thanking Sumo for listening to her plea. The grieving party then head back to Devius Manor to settle things right.

Back at the manor, Lester gives Sumo a vial of his late sister's blood to be spilled on the remained minstrels afflicted by the curse. The hero then proceed to ascend the structure, with Genoa opening the door leading to the rooftop. Sumo discovers Bogard inside a giant birdcage a while later, but is unable to break the jail open, as Devius's powerful magic prevents anyone from opening it. He considers his fate to be payback from not protecting Lady Medusa back in the Atlar of Time. He argues that should he had used Mana Power to cure her, she might have been okay. He continues by telling Sumo that from the Dark Lord and Devius' perspective, the Mana Clan and him are enemies who hoarded the power of Mana and that he's made up his mind about not using this sacred power selfishly anymore.

Sumo fighting Mindflare

The hero proceeds further into the maze, eventually reaching Devius himself on a rotating platform. The half-mavole declares that now that his mother has passed away he has no reason to stay in this world, but he'll certainly stay for payback. The then transforms in to Mindflare and attack the young knight. After bring gravely injured, Devius orders Sumo to finish him, but the latter refuses, stating that they are even. A mysterious voice starts echoing through the battle area, stating it will end his life for him. Sumo recognizes the voice as Julius's, but the echoes continues by saying Devius must forgive the foolish humans, as this is their idea of justice. Julius then offers Sumo to either finish him for good or to give him some elixir of life, healing his wounds. Devius refuses to give up, as he is the proud son of the Medusa, but recognizes the potential of the boy to soon wield the Sword of Mana. The conversation is interrupted by a weird creature coming out of nowhere who proceeds to steal Devius's life out of his body. The hideous apparition quickly fades away, leaving no trace of Devius. Sumo, Bogard, Lester, and Fuji are then seen mourning the souls of Amanda, Devius, and Lady Medusa, with Sumo lamenting the fact that they couldn't save anybody. He turns to the group, commenting on Cibba's speech back in Wendel that he couldn't possibly be the one who could wield the legendary blade, as he still let his emotional side take the lead. Lester tries to sooth the atmosphere by playing his lute, with Sumo lending him Lord Granz's favorite one. The melody echoes throughout the vicinity, making the hearts of men quell and the Grudgies of Miasma Glen disappear. After his performance, Genoa approaches Sumo, entrusting him a moon spirit as thanks. The minstrel and the young knight decide to head to Granz Castle by taking the route via Miasma Glen while Fuji stays with Bogard.

Inside Cascade Cave, the party meets with Julius once again, this time appearing under his shadow self. He taunts Sumo for killing Devius, telling he's almost qualified to join him rebuild the Vandole Empire. The young knight tries to swing his sword to the phantom, but the blade only meets thin air. Julius summons his servant Fullmetal Haggar to confront the two men, but the creature is eventually defeated. A wood spirit comes out of the monster, joining Sumo for the rest of the adventure. With its help, Sumo and Lester can move closer to their destination and cross the Path to Mt. Illusia.

The team reuniting in Granz Castle

The party ultimately come across the gate to Granz Castle, which fills Sumo with bad memories. They encounter Isabella on the drawbridge sipping some wine, as is she was aiting for them. unsheathing her knives, the mavole lady tells the tow boys that her mission is to guard the castle for her beloved Dark Knight. As she is about to stab Sumo, Goremand appears behind her, asking her to stop as the lord's request. He then tells the two adventurers that his darkship awaits them if they can make it alive. The main door from whence they came in immediately shuts as the creepy voice of Goremand echoes, saying he's looking forward devouring their souls. The two boys make their way into the dungeon, eventually reaching the prison cells where Willy is, but the gate is shut tight. They unfortunately have to leave Sumo's friend behind to find the key. A while later, they reach Lord Granz's room where they reunite with Bogard, Fuji, and Willy, who has been freed thanks to her. The party exchanges news about Amanda's death, and eventually settle on finding clues about Lord Granz's situation. Fuji joins Sumo for the remainder of the dungeon and helps him find clues about Granz. After reaching the castle top, they engage into battle with Garuda before reaching Stroud. The Dark Lord, accompanied by Isabella and Goremand, congratulate the party for making it this far. Sumo asks Stroud why he's been killing so many people, but his darkship replies that he's not the only one with bloody hands. The world cannot be united without sacrifices. He then asks his underlings to leave as the draws his sword toward the young knight. After a grueling fight, the Dark Lord is mortally wounded, alerting Isabella who runs by his side. He asks her to remove his mask revealing his striking resemblance to his late brother Devius. He then entrusts Isabella to stop Julius, but before he says anything else, Goremand butts in to steal his soul. This enrages Isabella to the point of turning into her bestial form, producing a massive earthquake.

After getting hit by giants tremors at Granz Castle, Sumo recovers from his injuries inside a private residence in Ishe after collapsing in Glass Desert, surrounded by his friends Fuji, Bogard, Cibba, Lester and Willy, as well as Selah the one who found the group and nursed them back one by one. Bogard explains to Sumo that Selah is an old friend of him and Cibba, back when they were called Gemma Knights. Selah was able to find their bodies with the aid of the birds. Just as they form a group meeting, a bird comes flying by as the sandstorm outside recedes. Cibba interprets the bird's song as a message that Julius got his hands on the Mana Pendant and that it is only a matter of time before he gets Mana Power. Sumo/Fuji then plead Cibba for letting him know about the Mana Sword's resting place, to which the old sage replies that the fabled weapon sleeps underneath the Subsea Volcano. Cibba warns Sumo that the sword chooses its wielder and that the way to the volcano is a treacherous place. Sumo then decides to journey to the Subsea Volcano with Lester.

Sumo & Lester meeting with King Lorimar

The two of them use Prof. Bomb's cannons to fast travel to a new locations, the Snowfield, where they eventually reach the secluded realm of Lorimar Castle. Inside, everyone is frozen solid due to Malyris's curse in Kahla Peaks. King Lorimar is the only one unaffected by the spell. A middle-aged maid interrupts the conversation, claiming the king sold his own people to the Vandole Empire so he could get Mana power. Vandole gave him an old, evil sprit which Lorimar sacrificied his people for. The King replies that he had no other choice, lamenting the fate of his people and his poor son Durac. Marley tries to leave, but Sumo nudges her into telling him how to get to the Subsea Volcano. She replies that they have to pass through Rocky Wilds, however, the person operating the local armory has also been frozen. The adventurers need to venture into Kahla Peaks and destroy the evil sprit plaguing this kingdom. She gives Sumo the key to Lorimar Castle, allowing the duo to go to the castle back gate. The party eventually reach Malyris's lair and defeat her, undoing the curse. They are officialy thanked by the new king of Lorimar, Durac, and can now head to the Subsea Volcano.

Sumo & Lester finding the Mana Sword

After a long an arduous journey, Sumo and Lester finally retrieve the rusted Mana Sword back to Cibba in Ishe to have it inspected. Cibba is glad to see them and adds that the sword should gleam like the sun in the hands of a Gemma Knight. Bogard scoffs at that remark by revealing that the Gemmas fought to end with that sword and that it only shines in Granz's fairy tales. While momentarily taken aback by this realization, Sumo/Fuji theorizes that the sword is to be held within the heart, since even a tree branch can become a holy sword when held with deep conviction. Both Cibba and Bogard congratulate Sumo/Fuji for finding out the truth by himself. Cibba adds that if someone uses the Mana power to control the whole world, it's all fleeting, from which Bogard butt in to say that it is certain to say that thousands of lives will be sacrified for this sudden vision. Bogard also remarks that by the pace of things, Julus is already way ahead of them with the Mana pendant in his possession, to the point that it is impossible to stop him in due time. Cibba then suggests to use the raising Dime Tower to get to the Mana Sanctuary since its technology was used to create a bridge that led there. While it is rumored to have sank in the Glass Desert, Bogard reveals to the group that the tower was sealed by none other than Cibba himself. It is then agreed on that Willy should help Cibba break the seal on Dime Tower while Sumo and Fuji head to the Ruined Path. Bogard warns the duo to be careful since the seal protecting the Ruined Path is far stronger than the one Count Lee did on the Cave to Wendel.

Sumo & Fuji in the Glass Desert

After crossing the Glass Desert, Sumo and Fuji reaches the door to the Ruined Passage, but are greeted with Goremand before they can enter. He comments about not killing Isabella after messing up during the fight in Granz Castle, and as the duo why do they think he's here for. He reveals that there is a small island housing the Sealed Cave due west of here; should they want to enter the temple, this is the only way. The adventurers are incredulous at first, but decide to go there, as they find the door to the Sealed Temple shut. There, after solving lever puzzles, they encounter with the Lich guarding the sprit of darkness Shade.

Together with Wisp, Shade break the seal to the door of the Ruined Passage, revealing a long treacherous maze. Deep within the structre, they find a magical portal, which Fuji comments on being a point of no return. The two agree to continue, and are transported to Dime Tower. The party decides to split up, Fuji going upstairs while Sumo searches underground. Downstairs, Sumo meets with a strange machine similar to those encountered in the Subland River and the Subsea Volcano, called Marshall. The warbot felt lonely after seeing all of its friends die and is eager to join the young knight. Thanks to the robot, Sumo is able to translate the inscription next to the entrance. He learns that the Dime Tower was built by the Vandole Empire to supply it in Mana power and that power as primarily used as a weapon. This angers Sumo, who destroys the stone tablet in a fit of rage. The boy tells Marshall that Mana shouldn't be used as a weapon, but the warbot doesn't understand his emotional outburst. The duo continues to ascend the tower, solving puzzles by reading the many scriptures. As they climb to the second to last floor, they are spotted by the tower's guardian who confronts the party. After its defeat, Sumo is reunited with Fuji and introduces Marshall to her. On the last floor, Julius' shadow greets them by making the whole structure tremble, saying that by defeating the Golem, they unlocked the tower's ultimate defense system of crashing down into the earth. The shadow disappear as the whole room splits in two, stranding Fuji and Marshall away from the exit. Sumo tells the maiden to jump, but she is unable to do so by herself. Fortunately, the warbot propels her toward Sumo, telling the duo that it will remains in Dime Tower along with his fellow robots. He bids farewell to Sumo and Fuji before sinking with the tower. The adventurers don't have time to weep and take a teleporter to the gates leading to the Mana Sanctuary.

Sumo awakening the Mana Sword

Inside, the party realizes that Julius's power is consuming Mana at an alarming rate, afftecting even the surrounding plants. They must hurry before the sorcerer reaches the Mana Tree. Further in, Julius's shadow makes another entrance, calling forth Demagon the dragon guardian of the sanctuary. The duo eventually vanquish the fearsome beast, allowing them to proceed deeper into the Mana Temple. Reaching the end of the temple where Julius's shadow awaits them, the party is informed that no one passes ahead as it is sacred territory for Julius the Divine. He proceeds to show dark doppelgangers of Bogard, Lester, Willy, even Fuji to confess their deepest sins to Sumo. The four illusions are then manipulated to attack the young knight. Sumo tries to reason with Fuji, recalling the first time they met at Cascade Cottage, and how proud of her he is from his adventures together. He plants his sword to the ground, symbolizing he's thrown away his doubts. He realized that even if Julius were to take control, he couldn't fight Fuji. At the same time, the maiden calls upon multiple friends to help her regain consciousness. Count Lee, Isabella, and Marley all synchronize their prayers to her, breaking her free from Julius's control. Moments after, Bogard, Lester, and Willy are all freed from their curse, with Cibba teleporting next to Sumo to join the fight. Bogard regrets of not telling FUji earlier that her wife, the current Mana Tree, was her mother. She replies that she somehow new all along, as he was always at his side. Cibba confronts Julius, telling him he's the one who has yet to evolve, just like when he was called Vandole. In that moment, Julius's shadow asks his master for more magic, to which Julius agrees, releasing Lord Granz in front of everyone. It turns out Granz life force was what kept shadows and monster alive to get stronger. As the party decides to attack the shadow the latter pummels them with dark magic, sending them on the floor. Lord Granz suddenly stands up and sends a bolt of light energy to Julius's Shadow. Then Granz sends everyone to fight the multiple shadows of Julius to eradicate the evil once and for all. Sumo and Fuji are invigorated by the collective light of hope, and proceed to confront the real Julius.

Julius claims the last living breath of the Mana Tree, prompting Sumo to ask what he wants after gaining that much power. The almighthy sorcerer replies that he wants to meet the goddess, as she single-handedly created the world. A being this powerful should bow before him, making him the ruler of the world. He then offers Fuji to opportunity to free her from her fate, as she is destined to become the next Mana Tree. Sumo refuses to let her fall his his hands, his resolve making the Sword of Mana regain full power. The party engage into their last fight between good and evil. Sensing defeat, Julius absorbs all of the world's Mana to transform into a demonic form. Upon dying, Julius claims he won't disappear, as long as Mana power is in the world.

The group of friends is finally reunited, as Fuji bids them farewell to replace her mother as the Mana Tree. Sumo swears to protect her as long as he can, and the main replies by saying he will always be in her heart. The new Gemma Knight is lastly seen alone honoring the new Mana Tree.

Circle of Mana[edit]

Sumo makes a cameo appearance in the online game, along with several other characters from the Mana series. He appears in 2 sets of cards.

Rank Attribute Name Classes Quote
LGR デューク エレナ LGR 0373 デューク エレナ.jpg
LGR 0374 デューク エレナ.jpg
LGR 0375 デューク エレナ.jpg
LGR 0376 デューク エレナ.jpg
A man and a woman who were swept up in turmoil at a young age now set out on a journey in search of the truth.
LGR デューク LGR 0413 デューク.jpg
LGR 0414 デューク.jpg
LGR 0415 デューク.jpg
LGR 0416 デューク.jpg
I ran away of my own free will. Marie has nothing to do with it.

Rise of Mana[edit]

Sumo ROM sprite.webp

Sumo appears in Rise of Mana.

Echoes of Mana[edit]

Sumo (Overcoming Myriad Farewells)
“Captured and enslaved after a failed attempt to infiltrate Glaive Castle and slay the Dark Lord, this hero is forced to fight for his life on the blood sands. However, at the death of fellow gladiator Will, Sumo swears revenge and begins plotting a daring escape.”
Square Enix Official Website

Sumo was a character and obtainable unit, his story being a focal point of Chapter 7 in the main campaign. He had four known variants.

He was also depicted in numerous memory gems:

Character Bond Dialogues[edit]

'Don't think I've ever had, uh, time off? A vacation? No-fight time? Er, anyway, I'm at loss as to what to do with myself. Must be what peace feels like.'

'I'd love to go out on another adventure, see all kinds of worlds. Without my sword, this time though. Just me and someone I care about, seeing the sights.'

'Dwarves are sure a lively bunch, eh? Used to know a Watts. Funny thing though, not the same Watts that's in this town. Seems like a popular name?'

'I can use magic all right, but if I had to pick which I'm better at, I'd say it's the sword. You can thank Bogard for that.'

'Amanda and me have spent most of our life fighting to survive, you know. It's been though, but we survived by the help of all our friends.'

'You know what this town needs? I mean, don't get me wrong, I love the atmosphere here, but if Lester was here playing his harp? It'd be perfect.'

'You know what a Chocobo is? They're these big yellow birds you can ride? Anyway, don't think I coulda finish my quest without 'em.'

'Been on the road so long, feels kind of weird to finally settle down. I think I could get used to this.'

'Going out on another adventure? Well, if you ever need and extra sword, I'm always ready.'

'How's it going? Let me know if you need anything.'

General information[edit]

Physical appearance[edit]

In Final Fantasy Adventure and its direct remake Adventures of Mana, Sumo is a young man with gray eyes and spiky orange hair. He wears a full suit of red armor with a chain mail and a black tight suit underneath.

In Sword of Mana Sumo is a young man with blue eyes and straight blond hair with curvy ends metting his shoulders. He wears a red tunic with pauldrons of the same color. His hands and feet are covered with red gloves and boots respectively trimmed with white fur. His legs are partly coverted with blue tight shorts.


In Final Fantasy Adventure and its direct remake Adventures of Mana, Sumo is portrayed as a typical stoic hero whose primary trait is his duty toward protecting Fuji and his friends. He is seen at times being defeatist, especially during his third encounter with Bogard in Ish, where he laments being incapable of saving the world after Julius's successful attempt to open the path to Mt. Illusia.

In Sword of Mana Sumo is depicted as more emotional and impulsive than his previous incarnation. He still cares very much about Fuji, now having deeper connections early on and more character development. He feels really resentful of the Dark Lord, having presumably murdered his family and wants nothing but to get his revenge on him. According to what Marley told Fuji aboard Granz Airship, Sumo was a rambunctious boy who as frequently scolded by his father for entering his home by the back window.

In Echoes of Mana, Sumo is given more of a voice, being one of many allies the hero twins meet in their journey. In the main story, he retains his singular mission to find and protect Fuji; but he is also shown to be level-headed, courageous, forthright, and chivalrous. Sumo speaks with features of Early Modern English throughout his dialogue, as is custom for knights of older orders.

Profile and statistics[edit]

Sumo starting stats FFA screenshot.png

Hero portrait Sword of Mana sprite.png Lv 1 Sword icon Sword of Mana sprite.png 1
HP 29 / 29 Staff icon Sword of Mana sprite.png 0 Wisp Sword of Mana animation.gif 0
MP 6 / 6 Knuckles icon Sword of Mana sprite.png 0 Shade Sword of Mana animation.gif 0
Next 30 Flail icon Sword of Mana sprite.png 0 Luna Sword of Mana animation.gif 0
Pow 6 Sickle Sword of Mana icon.png 0 Salamander Sword of Mana animation.gif 0
Def 4 Bow icon Sword of Mana sprite.png 0 Undine Sword of Mana animation.gif 0
Int 1 Spear icon Sword of Mana sprite.png 0 Dryad Sword of Mana animation.gif 0
Mnd 2 Axe icon Sword of Mana sprite.png 0 Jinn Sword of Mana animation.gif 0
Agi 2 Morning Star icon Sword of Mana sprite.png 0 Gnome Sword of Mana animation.gif 0
Hero portrait Sword of Mana sprite.png Lv 5 Sword icon Sword of Mana sprite.png 3
HP 54 / 54 Staff icon Sword of Mana sprite.png 0 Wisp Sword of Mana animation.gif 0
MP 13 / 13 Knuckles icon Sword of Mana sprite.png 0 Shade Sword of Mana animation.gif 0
Next 39 Flail icon Sword of Mana sprite.png 0 Luna Sword of Mana animation.gif 0
Pow 13 Sickle Sword of Mana icon.png 0 Salamander Sword of Mana animation.gif 0
Def 10 Bow icon Sword of Mana sprite.png 0 Undine Sword of Mana animation.gif 0
Int 1 Spear icon Sword of Mana sprite.png 0 Dryad Sword of Mana animation.gif 0
Mnd 7 Axe icon Sword of Mana sprite.png 0 Jinn Sword of Mana animation.gif 0
Agi 6 Morning Star icon Sword of Mana sprite.png 0 Gnome Sword of Mana animation.gif 0

Sumo starting stats AOM screenshot.png

Magic (FFA/AoM)[edit]

Magic Books Effect Obtain
Cure AOM.png
Book of Curing
Needed to learn the spell Cure. Gift from Fuji in Kett Manor.
Fire AOM.png
Book of Fire
Needed to learn the spell Fire. In a chest that appears after slaying the Hydra in the Marsh Cellar.
Sleep AOM.png
Book of Sleep
Needed to learn the spell Sleep. Obtained after slaying the Vampire in Kett Manor.
Heal AOM.png
Book of Healing
Needed to learn the spell Heal Gift from Cibba in Wendel.
Blizzard AOM.png
Book of Ice
Needed to learn the spell Blizzard. In a chest at Shifting Sands.
Silence AOM.png
Book of Silence
Needed to learn the spell Silence. Gift from Lester in Jadd.
Thunder AOM.png
Book of Thunder
Needed to learn the spell Thunder. Obtained after slaying the Grinder in Crooked Boulder.
Flare AOM.png
Book of Flare
Needed to learn the spell Flare. Obtained after slaying the Lich in the Sealed Cave.

Equipment (FFA/AoM)[edit]



Body Armor[edit]


Other appearances[edit]

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius[edit]

FFBE 813 Hero.webp

Sumo appears as a 5★ and 6★ unit in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius.

Heavenstrike Rivals[edit]

Bogard and Gemma Knight Bogard were units in this British tactical game, defunct as of May 2018 . Their ability was Will Gauge. Hero could be promoted to Gemma Knight Hero.
Hero Gemma Knight Hero

Triple Triad[edit]

Sumo Triple Triad.webp

Sumo appears in the version available via Final Fantasy Portal App.


For this subject's image gallery, see Gallery:Sumo.

Behind the scenes[edit]

  • The name Sumo was used as a placeholder in various manuals and strategy guides for the original game, and has stuck with the character since. A sumo is a type of Japanese gladiator in the sport of sumo wrestling, in which two combatants, usually of significant mass, battle to push one another outside of a defined ring. The practice dates back to ancient times, when larger men were sometimes used as a show of force. However, the Japanese version simply uses the placeholder term for "hero" and does not name the boy.
  • Sumo's Adventures of Mana design is reminiscent of the Warrior class from the original Final Fantasy on NES.
  • The Sword of Mana version of the hero is remarkably similar in design to Escad from Legend of Mana.


“Sumo has grown stronger. It must've been quite a shock for the bright-eyed boy I first met to learn that he wouldn't make the Sword of Mana shine. But you [Fuji] didn't let that keep you down. Unhindered by legends, you carved out a path of your own making. That's how new eras are born.”