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Chocobo (character)

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Chocobo (character)
Chocobo AOM artwork.jpg
Adventures of Mana artwork
First appearance Final Fantasy Adventure (1991)
Latest appearance Adventures of Mana (2016)
Title(s) Chocobo
Homeland Area near Menos
Faction Sumo
Role Ally
Gender Varies
Species Chocobo
Status Alive
Other form(s) Chocobot

Chocobo, also known as Chocobot, is a playable character in Final Fantasy Adventure and its direct remake Adventures of Mana and a recurring character in the Mana series.



Final Fantasy Adventure & Adventures of Mana[edit]

Following a lead from a boy in Menos, Sumo decides to investigate a strange speckled egg in the forests north of town. The egg spontaneously hatches, and the chick within it immediately imprints Sumo as its mother, which leaves the young knight perplexed. He nonetheless allows the bird to follow him, for it is already grown enough to ride and will carry him on its back if spoken to.

The pair crosses the Palmy Desert in order to visit Jadd, where Sumo must liberate the city from the evil Davias, who holds sway over Lester and Amanda. When he is vanquished, Lester is released from Davias' curse and offers to dispel the toxin barring the path to Crooked Boulder. Chocobo, however, cannot make the climb and must be left at the Hidden Waterfall, where Sumo continues on. After storming Glaive Castle and defeating Dark Lord at its summit, Julius knocks the hero back to the surface before taking Fuji with himself.

Chocobo picks up its fallen master somewhere in the Crystal Desert, but the strain upon it soon overwhelms the bird and it fractures its legs. Fortunately, the pair has collapsed near Ish, where each is taken to a house to recover. Whilst Sumo is sulking in the presence of a wounded Bogard after failing to protect Fuji, an eccentric man known simply as the Professor takes an interest in Chocobo and mechanizes its legs to act as pontoons. Sumo picks it up after snapping out of his funk; and to his astonishment, it can run faster and glide over open water when launched from piers. From this point forward, "Chocobot" assists Sumo in his search for a means to confront and conquer Julius once and for all. The two are separated several times by inhospitable terrain, with Chocobo last seen at the base of the Dime Tower.

As Sumo returns to the surface after Julius' defeat, he visits the Menos area on his last trip around the world, where Chocobo has found a mate. Sumo is now the last of the Gemma Knights and must return to the Mana Tree to keep it, and the world, safe from all harm as its seedling matures.

Circle of Mana[edit]

Chocobo makes a cameo appearance in the online game, along with several other characters from the Mana series. It appears in 11 sets of cards.

Rank Attribute Name Classes Quote
UR チョコボ UR 0077 チョコボ.jpg
UR 0078 チョコボ.jpg
UR 0079 チョコボ.jpg
UR 0080 チョコボ.jpg
"Kweh? Kweh? Kwe~Kweh! Kweh, Kweh, Kweh!!"
UR 白魔道士チョコボ UR 0113 白魔道士チョコボ.jpg
UR 0114 白魔道士チョコボ.jpg
UR 0115 白魔道士チョコボ.jpg
UR 0116 白魔道士チョコボ.jpg
"Kweh? Kweh? Kwe~Kweh! Kweh, Kweh, Kweh!!"
UR 白魔道士チョコボ UR 0117 黒魔道士チョコボ.jpg
UR 0118 黒魔道士チョコボ.jpg
UR 0119 黒魔道士チョコボ.jpg
UR 0120 黒魔道士チョコボ.jpg
"Kweh! Kweh! Kweh! Kweh~, Kwe~Kwe~ Kweh!!"
UR シーフチョコボ UR 0121 シーフチョコボ.jpg
UR 0122 シーフチョコボ.jpg
UR 0123 シーフチョコボ.jpg
UR 0124 シーフチョコボ.jpg
"Kweh? Kwe~Kwe~Kweh! Kweh!!"
UR 竜騎士チョコボ UR 0137 竜騎士チョコボ.jpg
UR 0138 竜騎士チョコボ.jpg
UR 0139 竜騎士チョコボ.jpg
UR 0140 竜騎士チョコボ.jpg
"Kweh, Kwekweh!! Kewh. Kweh."
UR 忍者チョコボ UR 0413 忍者チョコボ.jpg
UR 0414 忍者チョコボ.jpg
UR 0415 忍者チョコボ.jpg
UR 0416 忍者チョコボ.jpg
"Kweh, Kwekweh, Kwehkwe. Kweh."
UR ナイトチョコボ UR 0417 ナイトチョコボ.jpg
UR 0418 ナイトチョコボ.jpg
UR 0419 ナイトチョコボ.jpg
UR 0420 ナイトチョコボ.jpg
"Kweeeeeeh!! Kweeeeeeeeeeeh!!"
SUR 赤魔道士チョコボ SUR 0257 赤魔道士チョコボ.jpg
SUR 0258 赤魔道士チョコボ.jpg
SUR 0259 赤魔道士チョコボ.jpg
SUR 0260 赤魔道士チョコボ.jpg
"Kewh? Kwekwekwekwekweh!"
SSUR チョコボ[クリスマス農園] SSUR 0461 チョコボ クリスマス農園.jpg
SSUR 0462 チョコボ クリスマス農園.jpg
SSUR 0463 チョコボ クリスマス農園.jpg
SSUR 0464 チョコボ クリスマス農園.jpg
"Kwe~kweh! Kweh, KewKweeh!!"
SSUR チョコボ&ラビ[桜農園] SSUR 0537 チョコボ&ラビ 桜農園.jpg
SSUR 0538 チョコボ&ラビ 桜農園.jpg
SSUR 0539 チョコボ&ラビ 桜農園.jpg
SSUR 0540 チョコボ&ラビ 桜農園.jpg
"Kwe~kweh! Kweh, Kwekwekwekweh!!"
SSUR 暗黒騎士チョコボ SSUR 0689 暗黒騎士チョコボ.jpg
SSUR 0690 暗黒騎士チョコボ.jpg
SSUR 0691 暗黒騎士チョコボ.jpg
SSUR 0692 暗黒騎士チョコボ.jpg
"Kweh! Kweh! Kwe~Kweh! Kweh, Kweh!!"
SSUR たまねぎ剣士チョコボ SSUR 0693 たまねぎ剣士チョコボ.jpg
SSUR 0694 たまねぎ剣士チョコボ.jpg
SSUR 0695 たまねぎ剣士チョコボ.jpg
SSUR 0696 たまねぎ剣士チョコボ.jpg
"Kwe~kwe~kwe~kw~eh! Kweh~, kw~eh~!"

Rise of Mana[edit]

Echoes of Mana[edit]

The yellow fowl makes a cameo appearance in Season 2 Chapter 1 Bladeberry: Knight in Training.

General information[edit]

Physical appearance[edit]


Profile and statistics[edit]


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Behind the scenes[edit]

Chocobos have long been a staple of the Final Fantasy series from their debut in Final Fantasy II and continuing into the present day. Along with the moogle, chocobos were conceived by Kōichi Ishii alongside numerous other creatures. The birds are most commonly used as rapid transport, though in the Mana series, they have largely been replaced by cannon travel for the same purpose. Very rarely, however, the chocobo is cast as a hostile creature.

Around the time of its creation, the Morinaga snack food company in Japan marketed a malted-milk confection dubbed ChocoBall, The mascot for the treat was a small yellow bird, Kyoro-chan, who utters the call, "Kue". This was likely the inspiration for chocobos and their customary cry of "kweh!".

Kue is a blunt way of saying "eat" in Japanese. As an imperative, it can be translated as "Let's scarf 'em down!"

The chocobo is identified as male in Final Fantasy Adventure, but as female in Adventures of Mana. Currently, there exists no concrete rationale for the gender swap, although one possible explanation relates to the use of different scripts and different pronouns within each script; the Japanese language is well known for its use of fluid pronouns.

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