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Vandole (character)

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Vandole (character)
First appearance Final Fantasy Adventure (1991)
Latest appearance Adventures of Mana (2016)
Title(s) Emperor Vandole
Faction His own
Role Antagonist
Gender Male
Relatives Julius (son)FFA/AoM
Julius (descendent)SwoM
Species Human (formerly)
Status Dead
Counterpart(s) Emperor Vandole

Vandole, also known as Emperor Vandole, is a character in Final Fantasy Adventure and both remakes Adventures of Mana and Sword of Mana.


According to Marley in Sword of Mana, he is the man who used Mana power to establish the Vandole Empire. His misuse of that power brought on the Dark Age and caused great suffering. He had traveled the world as a youth on a quest for knowledge with Cibba the Sage. That's when he went into the Mana Sanctuary to take Mana power, as he fell to temptation.


Final Fantasy Adventure & Adventures of Mana[edit]

Sword of Mana[edit]

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