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Echoes of Mana artwork
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Final Fantasy Adventure artwork
First appearance Final Fantasy Adventure (1991)
Latest appearance Echoes of Mana (2022)
Title(s) Blacksmith
King WattsDoM/CoM
Homeland Ishe, Land of FireDoM/CoM
Role Support
Gender Male
Species Dwarf
Voice actor(s) Mutsumi TamuraEoM
“Uffda! Kids these days, I tell ya. Could knock 'em over with a summer breeze! You sure you're eating enough, there?”
Echoes of Mana Square Enix Official Website

Watts is a recurring character in the Mana series.

As a member of the industrious dwarf race, Watts can be found working as a blacksmith or shopkeeper, though his role and story vary slightly between the worlds in which he appears. He is easily identified by his fiery-red beard and mustache while wearing blue armor, including a horned helmet. As for his personality, Watts is almost always gruff and rough around the edges, but never mean-spirited and always ready to help a customer in need of his services. Though he seldom works for free, Watts has been known to repay heroes in kind when they do him a favor.


Final Fantasy Adventure / Adventures of Mana[edit]

Initially reported as missing by his dwarfin kinsmen, Watts is found trapped in the Forbidden Mines after a mine cart runs wild and knocks him to the lower level. Sumo faces a similar fate and lands near Watts, who then offers to help the former wrangle a chunk of mythril from deep within. He supports Sumo by tossing his axe in a straight line toward the nearest foe. Using the Ask/Chat command will see Watts selling sundries. Watts leaves after the battle with the Megapede to return to Dwarf Cave, where he will forge equipment of the mythic silver.

Secret of Mana[edit]

Main article: Watts (Secret of Mana)

Watts is initially met in his smithy behind Dwarf Village when Randi and his party visit. Upon seeing the Rusty Sword, Watts is aghast that the weapon has degraded to such a dreadful state and immediately takes the Sword's Orb collected from the Mantis Ant to whack the rust off and create the Rapier. He becomes so impressed by his own feat that he offers to create Watts's Axe using the excess energy transferred into his hammer. From this point forward, he travels the world to assist the party by reforging any of the eight weapons available.

Trials of Mana[edit]

Main article: Watts (Trials of Mana)

Watts is first alluded to in Dwarf Village by a stand-in at one of the shops, but is not met until he is found in the Dwarf Tunnels. He carries a batch of the explosive nitromyte, used by his kin in mining through tough rock. He will gladly sell the blasting agent for 5000 and then 3000 lucre; but if the party refuses, Watts will reveal that Gnome has gone missing and then run off. The party then chases him down, only to find that a Jewel Eater has been rumbling through the mines. When the beast is slain, Gnome is freed and Watts hands over the nitromyte.

Legend of Mana[edit]

“A master blacksmith who becomes so absorbed when working that he often forgets things.”
In-game Encyclopedia
Main article: Watts (Legend of Mana)

While bringing Bud inside the Ulkan Mines to see Pokiehl, one of the Seven Wisdoms, Watts first appears in the Mine Your Own Business quest, where he is seen mining up a wall. A deep rumble echoing through the tunnels scares the dwarf away, revealing itself to be a giant plant monster. After taking care of it, Watts returns and scolds the hero for wandering aimlessly around such a dangerous place and return to his station.

Watts comes back in Watts Drops the Hammer, where he tells the player he's lost his precious hammer, pleading them to retrieve it. After finding the precious item nearby in the Digger's hideout, the protagonist returns to the dwarf's workshop who angrily takes his hammer back.

The dwarf blacksmith is lastly seen exploring the hero's backyard inside an empty workshop, where he instructs them on how to do use them to forge equipment.

Sword of Mana[edit]

After Julius abducted the heroine back in Wendel, the hero visited the nearby Dwarf Cave and learned about Watts looking for Mythril ore inside the Abandoned Mine to the north of Mushboom Forest. This was incidentally the material the young man needed to traverse Gaia Cave, and so pressed onward to the facility. There he finds Watts berating his Dudbear lackeys for bringing back to the entrance instead of leading him to the precious ore. He happily joins the hero upon hearing he's also looking for mythril and the two of them head inside the mines. After clearing the area, they find a large deposit deep within the cavern and bring it back to the Dwarf settlement with the help of the Dudbears.

Children of Mana[edit]

Watts the King of Ishe was visiting the Mana Village on Illusia Isle when the stone at the base of the Mana Tree cracks and Tess being stuck inside the Mana Tower. He entrusts the protagonist with the Mana Frame and a single Gem to boost their capacities before they continue their mission to save the maiden.

Watts stays for the reminder of the game at Mana Village inside Moti's house along with Panza his personnal assistant and act as the adviser to the player along with Moti. He saves the protagonist from an incoming attack cast by the Mana Lord at the Ice Citadel and later encourages them to go into the Cosmic Rift to defeat the Scion of Mana. He is seens embarking on a boat along with all Illusia residents as the Island fades away into the horizon.

Dawn of Mana[edit]

Watts reprises his role as the King of Ishe in Children of Mana's prequel and is first seen along the four rulers of Fa'Diel organizing a emergency meeting during Chapter 2's interlude. Neither of them could reach an accord and therefore the discussion led to nowhere.

He is later encountered at the end of Chaper 4 teaming up with the Tree Folk guards to fend off the Lorimarian army from destroying the settlement. He then saves Keldric from being engulfed by the Echoes and both set out for Ishe where they would try to muster allies during a year to organize a counterattack.

With their troops gathered from all over the world, Keldric and Watts devised a plan to attack the enemy by surprise and take back the island. Keldric sailed to the nearby Lighthouse and trigger the switch at the top to guide the allies toward Illusia. Watts helped the young boy afterwards by plowing down enemies with his combat tank on their way to the Mana Tree.

Circle of Mana[edit]

Watts makes a cameo appearance in the online game, along with several Secret of Mana characters. He appears in 2 sets of cards.

Rank Attribute Name Classes Quote
UR ワッツ UR 0237 ワッツ.jpg
UR 0238 ワッツ.jpg
UR 0239 ワッツ.jpg
UR 0240 ワッツ.jpg
"Ten years ago... there was only one hero who fought to prevent the disaster... He had the help of a spirit child, but if only he had the help of his closest friends..."
UR ワッツ[鍛冶師] UR 0281 ワッツ 鍛冶師.jpg
UR 0282 ワッツ 鍛冶師.jpg
UR 0283 ワッツ 鍛冶師.jpg
UR 0284 ワッツ 鍛冶師.jpg
"It’s Watts, the dwarfs’ best blacksmith!"

Rise of Mana[edit]

Echoes of Mana[edit]

“This seasoned blacksmith has quite a few decades of experience under his belt, no matter how young he may appear. Due to thick skin formed from years of honing his craft, he could pluck up a hot iron barehanded with an easy grin..”
Square Enix Official Website

Watts works as the village smith in Pinzton, where he can upgrade or modify any gear acquired by the player.

Profile and statistics[edit]

Watts portrait Sword of Mana sprite.png Lv 15 Sword icon Sword of Mana sprite.png 0
HP 106 / 106 Staff icon Sword of Mana sprite.png 0 Wisp Sword of Mana animation.gif 0
MP 0 / 0 Knuckles icon Sword of Mana sprite.png 0 Shade Sword of Mana animation.gif 0
Next 103 Flail icon Sword of Mana sprite.png 0 Luna Sword of Mana animation.gif 0
Pow 20 Sickle Sword of Mana icon.png 0 Salamander Sword of Mana animation.gif 0
Def 18 Bow icon Sword of Mana sprite.png 0 Undine Sword of Mana animation.gif 0
Int 8 Spear icon Sword of Mana sprite.png 0 Dryad Sword of Mana animation.gif 0
Mnd 12 Axe icon Sword of Mana sprite.png 5 Jinn Sword of Mana animation.gif 0
Agi 14 Morning Star icon Sword of Mana sprite.png 0 Gnome Sword of Mana animation.gif 0


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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ワッツ
Rabite icon EOM artwork.png Randi --"Whoa! What's a Rabite doing in a place like this?"
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