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An original PlayStation unit
This article is about the original PlayStation console. For other systems in the PlayStation line and other uses in general, see PlayStation (disambiguation).

The PlayStation, officially abbreviated PSX and retroactively referred to as the PS1, was a family of fifth-generation CD-ROM-based video game consoles manufactured by Sony Computer Entertainment between 1994 and 2006.


The PlayStation reportedly began life as a product of an under-the-radar partnership between Sony and Nintendo, wherein the pair was working on an add-on unit for the SNES in response to Nintendo's chief rival Sega releasing the Sega CD (Mega CD) accessory for the Genesis (Mega Drive) console. Based on photos of what appeared to be a prototype model of the device, the "Play Station eXperimental", also dubbed the "SNES CD", would have utilized an undocumented expansion port on the underside of the SNES together with a special memory buffer Game Pak to facilitate operation. However, the Nintendo-Sony partnership broke down fairly early in the PSX development phase; thus, Sony was left to develop the console that would become the original PlayStation on its own.

Released in early 1994, the PlayStation successfully showcased the then-unlimited potential of the CD-ROM, capable of storing games with advanced polygonal graphics, CD-quality sound, and full motion video simultaneously where Nintendo's cartridges could not. For this reason alone, developers including Square left Nintendo and made deals with Sony instead.

Though mostly unchanged for the majority of its life, the PlayStation received a second, smaller iteration dubbed the PSone in the early 2000s. This version was much lighter and more compact compared to the original, and was even designed to integrate with automotive entertainment systems via accessories like a car power adapter and a custom color LCD screen attachment.

With the variety of games released during its lifetime, the PlayStation was Sony's most successful console of its time, selling well over 100 million units before it was discontinued in 2006. This feat inspired a much broader line of consoles under the PlayStation brand that continues to the present day.

Like the Super Nintendo before it, the PlayStation also was revived for modern TV setups in 2018 as the PlayStation Classic. Despite a solid selection of 30 games that varied by region, this iteration received mixed reviews for its questionable design choices and awkward presentation of its library.

Within the Mana series, only one title was released for the PlayStation, Legend of Mana, which was released in 1999.

Behind the scenes[edit]

Secret of Mana was originally planned as a game for the add-on PlayStation, but various circumstances at the time had forced Square to shift development back to the SNES ahead of the game's eventual release. Much of its dialogue as well as several associated scenarios were dropped, and further omissions were made during localization for the West in order to fit the game onto a cartridge.

Mana titles on PlayStation[edit]

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