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Android is a family of operating systems for smart devices, developed by Google beginning in 2008. Based on freely available source code from the Linux family of operating software, Google regularly makes Android available to its partners in the Open Handset Alliance. Members in turn are free to customize the platform with various modifications as suit the needs of their products. Users of the platform are also free to customize various aspects of their individual experience, often to a greater extent than the competing iOS platform. The current major version of Android is version 14, which began circulating in Fall 2023. Along with cellular telephones and tablet computers, Android has been adapted for other consumer electronics like smartwatches, smart speakers, and television equipment.

Like iOS before it, Android allows its developers and users to run custom applications (apps), including games. To this end, Square Enix maintains a catalogue of games that is identical to the catalogue curated on iOS. Google primarily distributes apps through its Google Play Store, formerly known as the Android Market.

Mana titles on Android[edit]