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iOS and iPadOS are two mobile operating systems created by Apple Inc. for use with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. First named "iPhone OS" at its debut in the summer of 2007 alongside its namesake phone, the platform exists as a branch of the company's macOS operating software for its Mac computers, and so is designed to provide many different functions on each device according to its capabilities. While the first major version was largely static in its design, future versions allowed developers such as Square Enix to build custom applications ("apps") for use by owners of Apple devices. Beginning with version 13, iOS was in turn split into iOS (for iPhone and iPod touch) and iPadOS (for iPad). The current major version of both is 17.0, released September 18, 2023, with various exceptions for devices aged 2-7 years from their original release.

Games and other third-party software for the two platforms are purchased/acquired and downloaded exclusively from the App Store built into every device.

Mana titles on iOS[edit]

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