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PlayStation 4

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A PlayStation 4 Slim

The PlayStation 4, later shortened to PS4 officially, is an eighth-generation home video game console produced by Sony Interactive Entertainment from 2013 onward.


The second Sony console to be based on Blu-ray Disc, the PlayStation 4 is the successor to the PlayStation 3, improving upon the previous generation by using PC-like hardware to render advanced high-definition graphics as well as the ability to record, capture, stream, and share gameplay in real time. While it also follows in its predecessor's use of the PlayStation Network for digital games and other media content, the PS4 is not backward-compatible with previous generations of the PlayStation family. Select titles, however, have been repackaged and converted to be available on the PlayStation Store.

As with the PS3 before it, the PS4 received several upgrades aimed at improving energy consumption and reducing materials use. Sony also released a variant dubbed PS4 Pro that boasts superior processing power as well as the ability to render in 4K ultra-high definition (UHD).

Mana titles on PlayStation 4[edit]

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