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Bronze Armor

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Bronze Armor
File:Bronze Armor FFA artwork.jpg
Final Fantasy Adventure artwork
First appearance Final Fantasy Adventure (1991)
Latest appearance Adventures of Mana (2016)
Japanese name ブロンズアーマーFFA<br/BuronzuāmāFFA
Bronze ArmorFFA
Location(s) Various

The Bronze Armor, also simply known as Bronze, is a recurring armor in the Mana series.


Final Fantasy Adventure / Adventures of Mana[edit]

The Bronze Armor is Sumo's initial torso gear.

Bronze ArmorAoM
GameBoy Sprite Armor FFA sprite.png
Defense +3
Effect(s) None
Buy None

Sword of Mana[edit]

The Bronze Armor is a Dryad-elemental armor.

Bronze Armoret
DS Sprite Armor iconSword of Mana sprite.png
Material Menos Bronze
Price 50
Slash Def. 2
Bash Def. 3
Jab Def. 2
Elem. Power 0
Extra Effect None
Forge Limit 5


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