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Shade HOM artwork.jpg
Heroes of Mana artwork
First appearance Secret of Mana (1993)
Latest appearance Echoes of Mana (2022)
Title(s) Mana spirit of darkness
Homeland Various
Faction Mana Spirits
Role Support
Gender Male
Relatives Mana Spirits
Species Mana Spirits
Status Alive
Voice actor(s) Eng: Kane Jungbluth-MurrySeoM HD

Shade is one of the eight Mana Spirits in the Mana series, and he first appears in Secret of Mana. Typically appearing as a cyclops bat-like demon with claw-like projections surrounding his eye, Shade represents the element of darkness and shadow. As such, his powers include manipulation of so-called dark matter as well as negating various magic supports. His arsenal may also include status-altering abilities as added effects of his core skills.

Befitting his element, Shade is frequently portrayed as dark and brooding, placing him in direct opposition to Wisp, with whom he occasionally clashes. He is not always evil, but perceives himself as possessing superior power versus the other Spirits, often choosing to test would-be summoners with demonstrations of his might. He uses various dark creatures to accomplish these feats.


Secret of Mana[edit]

Shade is one of the three Mana Spirits to join the party during Jehk's errand, and is acquired after defeating the Lime Slime in the Palace of Darkness at the foot of the Lofty Mountains. Shade sends the creature as a means of testing the heroes' resolve. According to dialogue exclusive to the 3D remake, Shade was a onetime king of the netherworld of Mavolia before he was displaced and banished to the mortal plane, becoming the guardian of the Palace.

Granting his powers to Popoi alone, the sprite gains the ability to call Dark Force, Evil Gate, and Dispel Magic.

Trials of Mana[edit]

Shade is the fourth Mana Spirit to join the party, obtained after his release from the spectre Gova aboard the Ghost Ship. Cursed as he was to wander the seas, Shade was lost during an ancient conflict, as was the Darkstone. Shade himself survived and told the party that he was aware of darkness once again at work in the world. As soon as he joins, the Ghost Ship vanishes off the coast of Beuca Island, never to be seen again.

Moves learned or enhanced include Dark Force, Evil Gate, Dispel Magic, Annihilate, Dark Rain, Dark Saber, Dark Curse, and Fetid Breath.

Heroes of Mana[edit]

“The spirit of shadows, with dark powers that can envelop all. There is no malicious intent behind the creepy pompousness he exudes.”

Circle of Mana[edit]

Shade makes a cameo appearance in the online game, along with several other characters from the Mana series. He appears in 2 sets of cards.

Rank Attribute Name Classes Quote
SUR シェイド SUR 0529 シェイド.jpg
SUR 0530 シェイド.jpg
SUR 0531 シェイド.jpg
SUR 0532 シェイド.jpg
「…よくぞ、我が迷える魂を解放してくれた。 よろこんで力をかそう」
"...Well done, you have freed my lost soul. I will be glad to help you."
SUR ウィスプとシェイド SUR 0757 ウィスプとシェイド.jpg
SUR 0758 ウィスプとシェイド.jpg
SUR 0759 ウィスプとシェイド.jpg
SUR 0760 ウィスプとシェイド.jpg
"Spirits do not appear before people with evil hearts."

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Italian Tenebra Darkness
Rabite icon EOM artwork.png Randi --"Whoa! What's a Rabite doing in a place like this?"
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