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Salamander COM artwork.jpg
Children of Mana artwork
First appearance Secret of Mana (1993)
Latest appearance Echoes of Mana (2022)
Title(s) Mana spirit of fire
Homeland Various
Faction Mana Spirits
Role Support
Gender Male
Relatives Mana Spirits
Species Mana Spirits
Status Alive
Voice actor(s) Eng: Charger TomleeSeoM HD
Mea Starr TavaresToM HD

Salamander, also known as Salamando, is one of the eight Mana Spirits in the Mana series, making his first appearance in Secret of Mana. Based on mythic depictions of fire-lizards that may or may not be salamanders, this serpentine spirit is associated with the element of fire. Often hot-tempered and full of unbound energy, Salamander's pyrokinetic skills heat ambient air to create fireballs, fire streams, and walls of flame. He also takes pleasure in causing explosions, and can draw upon the power of fire to boost an ally's physical strength.


Secret of Mana

Salamander is the fourth Spirit met by the heroes, found imprisoned in a pot-bellied stove when the Scorpion Army hatches a hair-brained scheme to make a resort village in the Ice Country, after stealing him from the Fire Palace west of Kakkara. Relieved but still fuming over his unexpected predicament, Salamander is champing at the bit to join.

As one of only two offensive spirits to serve Primm, Salamander grants to her Flame Saber, Blaze Wall, and Fire Bouquet. Popoi receives Fireball, Exploder, and Lava Wave, at one point developing an obsession with him.

Trials of Mana

Salamander is one of only two quasi-optional spirits to join the heroes, and can be fifth or sixth in order with Undine as the other. The party must ride Vuscav to the Burning Sands via the port of Sirhtan and then head south past the village of Diin to reach the Fiery Gorge. Bil and Ben will be fought outside; but take the south fork from the entrance to meet Belladonna, who will have activated the Firestone. Salamander joins soon after this event, fired up to go after her in revenge of her heinous act.

Moves learned or enhanced include Fireball, Explode, Flame Saber, Blaze Wall, Enfeeble, Strengthen, Fire Cloud, and Fire Diversion.

Heroes of Mana

“The spirit who controls the power of scorching fire. Hot-blooded and prone to action. He acutely senses the world's danger, and decides to accompany Roget and crew to lend his fiery strength.”

Circle of Mana

Salamander makes a cameo appearance in the online game, along with several other characters from the Mana series. He appears in 1 set of cards.

Rank Attribute Name Classes Quote
SUR サラマンダーとウンディーネ SUR 0725 サラマンダーとウンディーネ.jpg
SUR 0726 サラマンダーとウンディーネ.jpg
SUR 0727 サラマンダーとウンディーネ.jpg
SUR 0728 サラマンダーとウンディーネ.jpg
"Spirits do not appear before people with evil hearts."

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Italian Salamandra Salamander
Rabite icon EOM artwork.png Randi --"Whoa! What's a Rabite doing in a place like this?"
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