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Ice Palace

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Ice Palace
First appearance Secret of Mana (1993)
Latest appearance Secret of Mana HD (2018)
Greater location Ice Country
Inhabitant(s) Santa Claus (temporarily)
Background music "A Bell is Tolling"

The Ice Palace is a location in Secret of Mana. It's a large maze-like mansion filled with traps and pitfalls. It's connected to the Crystal Forest to the south.

The party explore the mysterious building in search of the Mana Seed of Fire.


Secret of Mana[edit]



Content(s) Location
Glove Orb In a small room guarded by two Specters reached by choosing the right path on the first split.
Boomerang Orb Defeat Frost Gigas


Note: Achievements are only available in the HD remake.

Defeat Frost Gigas achievement SOM remake artwork.png
Defeat Frost Gigas

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese クリスタルパレス
Crystal Palace
Spanish Santuario del Hielo (3D) Ice Sanctuary (3D)
French Palais de Glace (SNES)
Palais de Cristal (3D)
Same as English (SNES)
Same as Japanese (3D)
German  Eispalast (SNES)
Eistempel (3D)
Same as English (SNES)
Ice Temple (3D)


Rabite icon EOM artwork.png Randi --"Whoa! What's a Rabite doing in a place like this?"
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