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Potos Village

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Potos Village
Potos Village SOM remake screenshot.png
Potos Village SOM screenshot.png
First appearance Secret of Mana (1993)
Latest appearance Secret of Mana HD (2018)
Greater location Gaia Lowlands
Inhabitant(s) ElliottPotos ElderRandi (formerly) • Timothy

Potos Village is a location in Secret of Mana. It is a small, peaceful settlement surrounded by Potos Falls to the north and Potos Village Outskirts to the south.

Previously Randi's hometown at the start of the game, he is banished by the Potos Elder after learning that he pulled out the Mana Sword, releasing a horde of monsters surrounding the town in the process. Mantis Ant is fought as a boss here, and it costs 5 GP to stay at an inn.


Secret of Mana[edit]

For many years, Potos was a quiet and peaceful village under the protection of the Mana Sword that rested near the falls just beyond its walls. By decree of its elder, none were permitted to go to the falls, as to disturb the sword would bring calamity to the village. At some point, the elder took in the orphaned Randi and raised him as his own, though the boy was an outsider among the locals.

As the story begins, Randi goes adventuring with two local boys named Elliott and Timothy. The three decide to visit the falls despite that if the elder was to catch them in the act, they would be reprimanded. Randi is slow to catch up to the two boys, and the trio discusses what they might find when they arrive at the falls. Timothy is intrigued; but Elliott dismisses the elder's orders as an old wives' tale. Randi loses his footing on the log bridge in front of the falls and tumbles into the river below. The other boys rush back to the village.

Safe for the moment, Randi climbs out of the river and tries to find a way back, only to be stonewalled by high grass. He needs something to cut it down. As he seeks out another route, a voice calls out to him. Randi heads back to the river, where the voice beckons him to take the sword. It then entrusts the blade to him. Randi struggles, but pulls the sword free, at which point a blinding light envelops the area for a moment. He then decides to use the sword as a knife, cutting past the grass and back on a path toward Potos. He is momentarily surprised when a rabite appears before him, but soon cuts it down.

Back at the village, most of the townsfolk are at first relieved to see Randi safe, but a strange man has appeared in the local pub. When Randi finally returns to the elder's house, Elliott and Timothy are at first excited for him; but when the Elder observes that Randi has found the fabled Mana Sword, the boy's fortunes turn sour. His "friends" began to beat him. As Randi tries to move away, an earthquake rips open the entrance to a massive pit. Elliott falls as well, cowering in fear of the giant Mantis Ant that has just appeared.

Another mysterious voice calls out from above the pit, guiding the boy to fight the beast with naught but his rusty sword. With patience and careful timing, Randi survives, and the voice offers to pull him out. The voice belongs to Gemma, a seasoned knight who was passing through when the monsters struck. Randi nervously tries to get rid of the cursed blade, but Gemma refuses, stating that only the person who pulled it free can use it. However, he offers to take Randi to Sage Luka to learn more about what has just transpired.

Upon returning to the Elder's house, Randi is accosted by the residents in an angry mob, now fearing for their very lives as per the legend given to them. They want him out as soon as possible, and the Elder has little choice but to oblige their demands. Randi is thenceforth banished from Potos, though the Elder has instructed the local shopkeeper to provide for his needs before he is to venture out.

And so, Randi sets off for the Water Palace, his destiny sealed.

Echoes of Mana[edit]

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Item(s) Cost
Candy SOM sprite.png Candy 10 GP
Overalls SOM sprite.png Overalls 20 GP
Bandanna SOM sprite.png Bandanna 50 GP
Medical Herb SOM sprite.png Medical Herb 10 GP
Cup of Wishes SOM sprite.png Cup of Wishes 150 GP


Content(s) Location
Sword Orb Defeat Mantis Ant
50 GP Basement of the Potos Elder's house


Note: Achievements are only available in the HD remake.

Defeat Mantis Ant achievement SOM remake artwork.png
Defeat Mantis Ant

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ポトス村
Potos Village
Spanish Potos
French Hameau Potos (SNES)
Village de Potos (3D)
Potos Hamlet
German Quelldorf (SNES)
Potos (3D)
Source Village, being the first town visited. (SNES)
Italian Villaggio Potos Potos Village


Rabite icon EOM artwork.png Randi --"Whoa! What's a Rabite doing in a place like this?"
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