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Secret of Mana (remake)

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This article is about the 2018 remake version. For the game's original version, see Secret of Mana.
Secret of Mana
Secret of Mana remake ps4 box art.jpg
Developer Q Studios
Publisher Square Enix
Platforms PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Microsoft Windows via Steam
Release date Worldwide: February 15, 2018
Genre Action role-playing
ESRB:ESRB E10+.svg - Everyone 10+
Mode(s) Single player
Media Blu-ray Disc, Digital download
Input Controller

Secret of Mana, alternatively known as Secret of Mana HD, is a 2018 remake of the 1993 game of the same name. Released on the 25th anniversary year of the original, it is the second main-series title produced by Masaru Oyamada for Square Enix. Rendered in 2.5D widescreen definition with assistance from Q Studios, the remake incorporates identical gameplay to the original, but with a revised script that includes voice acting with additional cutscenes as well as an updated music score from longtime series composer Hiroki Kikuta. Following several months of testing and preview through 2017, the game was released for PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita and Microsoft Windows PCs on February 15, 2018.

The remake is particularly notable for preserving the original story and gameplay, and yet it is also notorious for the sheer volume of bugs, glitches, and other missteps throughout its development that led to negative reception and low sales.

List of changes from the original game[edit]

Gameplay changes[edit]

  • The Mode 7 scene when characters are shot from cannon travel is replaced with a black loading screen.
  • The game loads every few seconds every time a character enters a new room.
  • Buzz Bee no longer gets attacked upon the characters landing in Gaia's Navel on impact.
  • The user interface at the bottom of the screen now also displays MP and the current weapon equipped on the played character.
  • A mini map whose art style is reminiscent of the mobile phone version of the game is displayed on the top right corner of the screen. It can be turned off from the options.
  • Negative status effects are no longer shown in the status menu.
  • Additional cutscenes at inns are added before the characters go to bed.
  • Armor values (Defense, Evade and Magic Defense) and status effect protections for each gear in the inventory are now shown in the equipment menu.
  • Players can now have a full 360º range of movement when walking and attacking instead of four in the original release.
  • Game Log menu is a new addition to the main menu, making it easier to follow the story.
  • Players can now place items, weapons and/or spells on two hotkeys for easier access.
  • Players can now increase the consumable item carry limit to eight or twelve in the options instead of being limited to four in the original release.
  • Characters recover fully their MP upon leveling up.
  • Players cannot chain cast spells like in the SNES version.
  • Players are now not limited to the rubber band AI of the other party members and can go anywhere they want and make them come to you instantly if need be.
  • When the players sleep at the Inns. The players lie on the bed rather than get in the covers. Also when they're shrunk or Moogled, they automaticity get cured even before they lay down on the bed.
  • Players can now run in any direction with the energy meter depleting much slower than in the original version when you could only run in one direction and it would empty the meter completely.
  • Stairs are now treated as flat ground and thus can be traversed faster and without interruption.
  • Attacks doing zero damage are now displayed as MISS instead of 0 for the SNES version.
  • Javelin attacks can now pierce through enemies instead of being stuck to them like in the SNES version.
  • In order to find the Sprite's hidden village, players now need to traverse the Forest of Seasons from spring, to summer, to falls, to winter and then spring again, effectively going back to the spring map from the Moogle village. On the SNES, one would only have to go through summer, falls, winter and spring to unlock the path to the hidden village.
  • The Enemies Mystic Book and National Scar who originally flashed the Devil Magazine picture of a naked woman has been removed in the Playstation 4, Playstation Vita and PC remake.
  • The Playstation 4, Vita and PC now has a Trophies List Achievements.
  • It is no longer possible to get the Sword Orb cheat without casting Dryad's Mana Magic spell.

Story changes[edit]

  • Additional scenes where added when players would visit an Inn. Characters will discuss previous or current game plots.
  • After completing the Underground Palace, Luka will now telepathically reach the player to inform him about an incident in the Water Palace.
  • After completing the Underground Palace, Pamaela is now blocking the path to Pandora Ruins and must be interacted in order to pass. This is in contrast to the SNES version when she would be wandering near the path and the player could opt not to talk to her.
  • The clue for revealing the path to Sprite Village is no longer in verse. Popoi now recites it as follows:
"Walk the seasons from spring to winter. When you reach spring again, the village will appear."
  • Players now are prevented to leave the Wind Palace until they've interacted with the Mana Seed. In the SNES version, they could leave as soon as receiving Sylphid.

Cosmetic changes[edit]

  • Cutscenes are now added for important plot events.
  • This game now features voice acting cutscenes. Also, every character the players talk to has voice acting. Also Randi, Primm, Popoi now talk during battle. Players can choose to hear them in Japanese or English.
  • The sound effects from the original has been replaced.
  • The player can choose between the original soundtrack and the remake soundtrack.
  • Many of the enemy sprite models have been altered.
  • When performing any activity in battle, certain numbers will use different colors vs. the original version: damage points are now yellow, critical damage is orange, HP recovery is green, and MP recovery is blue.
  • When a character lands a critical hit, the victim no longer "gets whacked!" and instead simply "takes a critical hit!".
  • Neko will now leave the Witch's Castle as soon as the player defeat Spiky Tiger whereas he would remain in its cell until the player go outside the dungeon.
  • Jema's name in the original SNES version has been respelled Gemma.
  • Phanna's name in the original SNES version has been renamed Pamaela.
  • Players can now walk behind the altar when Thanatos initially stands in Pandora Ruins. In the SNES, the altar texture extended all the way to the back wall.
  • Stone totems, which can be found in various places, no longer stick out their tongue upon being hit with a weapon.
  • Geshtar can now only be interacted to the front since its character model has been moved to the stairs of its pedestal on the Sandship. On the SNES, it was possible to speak with it at an angle, making its sprite facing to the side.
  • As with the mobile ports, players can now walk on the edge of the narrow path in the Ice Palace, making dodging enemies and reaching switches easier.
  • The top right interactable sphere's text in Mandala Temple has been slightly modified and is no longer referencing Abe Lincoln and Jeopardy!, making its reference Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.
  • The Matango catchphrase "Gontma" no longer means "Goodbye" as it was replaced by "Ognatam".
  • The Tree Palace was renamed Mana Palace.

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# Image Name Type Level HP MP EXP GP Common Drop Rare Drop Location
001 Rabite SOM remake screenshot.png Rabite Animal/Bird 1 20 0 2 4 Candy 4 GP Potos Village Outskirts
002 Lullabud SOM remake screenshot.png Lullabud Plant/Fish 2 36 10 3 8 Medical Herb 16 GP Potos Village Outskirts
003 Mushboom SOM remake screenshot.png Mushboom Plant/Fish 3 60 0 3 7 14 GP Candy Potos Village Outskirts
004 Buzz Bee SOM remake screenshot.png Buzz Bee Insect/Metal 4 65 0 4 11 Candy 22 GP Gaia Lowlands
005 Blat SOM remake screenshot.png Blat Animal/Bird 5 55 18 7 10 Candy 20 GP Gaia's Navel
006 Kid Goblin SOM remake screenshot.png Kid Goblin Demihuman 5 64 0 8 14 28 GP Head Gear Gaia's Navel
007 Green Drop SOM remake screenshot.png Green Drop Slime/Lizard 6 40 0 10 12 Medical Herb 24 GP Gaia's Navel
008 Chobin Hood SOM remake screenshot.png Chobin Hood Demihuman 7 60 0 12 17 34 GP Candy Haunted Forest
009 Eye Spy SOM remake screenshot.png Eye Spy Slime/Lizard 8 100 15 28 30 Chocolate Medical Herb Haunted Forest
010 Polter Chair SOM remake screenshot.png Polter Chair Plant/Fish 8 128 0 21 22 44 GP Barrel Witch's Castle
011 Werewolf SOM remake screenshot.png Werewolf Animal/Bird 9 140 6 30 36 Cup of Wishes Kung Fu Dress Witch's Castle
012 Iffish SOM remake screenshot.png Iffish Plant/Fish 10 140 18 35 29 N/A N/A Undine's Cave
013 Ma Goblin SOM remake screenshot.png Ma Goblin Demihuman 11 150 8 38 36 60 GP Power Vambrace Underground Palace
014 Goblin SOM remake screenshot.png Goblin Demihuman 12 130 18 42 60 Candy Faerie Walnut Underground Palace
015 Chess Knight SOM remake screenshot.png Chess Knight Insect/Metal 12 135 15 36 38 Medical Herb Cup of Wishes Underground Palace
016 Zombie SOM remake screenshot.png Zombie Undead 13 150 20 50 48 Medical Herb 96 GP Pandora Ruins
017 Tomato Man SOM remake screenshot.png Tomato Man Demihuman 14 40 46 65 96 Faerie Walnut Cup of Wishes Pandora Ruins
018 Evil Sword SOM remake screenshot.png Evil Sword Insect/Metal 15 125 24 64 60 Candy 120 GP Pandora Ruins
019 Water Thug SOM remake screenshot.png Water Bandit Plant/Fish 16 145 10 77 65 Candy Cobra Bracelet Water Palace
020 Silktail SOM remake screenshot.png Silktail Animal/Bird 17 130 40 91 79 158 GP Chocolate Forest of Seasons
021 Nemesis Owl SOM remake screenshot.png Nemesis Owl Animal/Bird 18 122 24 100 88 Medical Herb Quill Cap Forest of Seasons
022 Steamed Crab SOM remake screenshot.png Steamed Crab Insect/Metal 18 110 110 80 4 Faerie Walnut Candy Forest of Seasons
023 Crawler SOM remake screenshot.png Crawler Insect/Metal 19 100 16 124 97 Candy Medical Herb Great Forest
024 Pebbler SOM remake screenshot.png Pebbler Animal/Bird 19 186 0 125 96 Chocolate Faerie Walnut Forest of Seasons
025 Kimono Bird SOM remake screenshot.png Kimono Bird Animal/Bird 20 160 48 145 120 Chocolate Fancy Overalls Cave of the White Dragon
026 Sand Stinger SOM remake screenshot.png Sand Stinger Insect/Metal 21 200 10 170 144 Candy Medical Herb Kakkara Desert
027 Pumpkin Bomb SOM remake screenshot.png Pumpkin Bomb Plant/Fish 21 160 4 1 12 24 GP Medical Herb Kakkara Desert
028 Spider Legs SOM remake screenshot.png Spider Legs Insect/Metal 22 230 21 188 156 Chocolate Candy Kakkara Desert
029 Mad Mallard SOM remake screenshot.png Mad Mallard Demihuman 23 200 0 215 174 Candy Medical Herb Kakkara Desert
030 Howler SOM remake screenshot.png Howler Animal/Bird 24 190 16 240 180 Candy Medical Herb Frozen Forest
031 Bluster Gas SOM remake screenshot.png Bluster Gas Non-Corporeal 25 100 20 268 192 Candy Faerie Walnut Frozen Forest
032 Dark Funk SOM remake screenshot.png Dark Funk Non-Corporeal 25 100 20 268 192 Candy Faerie Walnut Fire Palace
033 Shellblast SOM remake screenshot.png Shellblast Slime/Lizard 26 180 16 300 204 Chocolate Cup of Wishes Frozen Forest
034 Specter SOM remake screenshot.png Specter Non-Corporeal 27 200 99 330 213 Faerie Walnut Cup of Wishes Ice Palace
035 Red Drop SOM remake screenshot.png Red Drop Slime/Lizard 27 380 0 330 216 Chocolate Silver Band Fire Palace
036 Blue Drop SOM remake screenshot.png Blue Drop Slime/Lizard 27 380 0 330 216 Chocolate Golden Tiara Ice Palace
037 Robin Foot SOM remake screenshot.png Robin Foot Demihuman 28 125 16 368 244 Chocolate Quilted Hood Fire Palace
038 Mystic Book SOM remake screenshot.png Mystic Book Plant/Fish 28 190 99 370 264 Chocolate Faerie Walnut Ice Palace
039 Weepy Eye SOM remake screenshot.png Weepy Eye Plant/Fish 28 165 80 370 264 Medical Herb Chest Guard Ice Palace
040 Dinofish SOM remake screenshot.png Dinofish Plant/Fish 29 240 25 400 264 N/A N/A Southtown Sewers
041 Grave Bat SOM remake screenshot.png Grave Bat Animal/Bird 30 210 25 446 258 Candy Chocolate Northtown Ruins
042 Ghoul SOM remake screenshot.png Ghoul Undead 31 230 32 450 288 Candy Medical Herb Northtown Ruins
043 Wizard Eye SOM remake screenshot.png Wizard Eye Slime/Lizard 32 200 50 530 504 Chocolate Faerie Walnut Northtown Ruins
044 Imp SOM remake screenshot.png Imp Undead 33 138 64 582 312 Candy Cup of Wishes Northtown Ruins
045 Armored Man SOM remake screenshot.png Armored Man Insect/Metal 34 250 20 633 540 Candy Cup of Wishes Imperial Palace
046 Emberman SOM remake screenshot.png Emberman Slime/Lizard 35 125 36 685 516 Faerie Walnut Chocolate Imperial Palace
047 Mimic Box SOM remake screenshot.png Mimic Box Plant/Fish 36 290 30 740 600 Faerie Walnut Royal Jam Various
048 Dark Ninja SOM remake screenshot.png Dark Ninja Demihuman 36 300 22 740 600 Candy Chocolate Imperial Palace
049 Trap Flower SOM remake screenshot.png Trap Flower Plant/Fish 37 144 50 800 532 Medical Herb Candy Lofty Mountains
050 Bomb Bee SOM remake screenshot.png Bomb Bee Insect/Metal 38 310 40 863 528 Medical Herb Royal Jam Lofty Mountains
051 Eggatrice SOM remake screenshot.png Eggatrice Animal/Bird 39 185 0 928 720 Medical Herb Chocolate Lofty Mountains
052 Fierce Head SOM remake screenshot.png Fierce Head Undead 39 308 80 928 864 Faerie Walnut Unicorn Helm Palace of Darkness
053 Dark Knight SOM remake screenshot.png Dark Knight Insect/Metal 40 200 56 996 1020 Magical Armor Vambrace Palace of Darkness
054 Beast Zombie SOM remake screenshot.png Beast Zombie Undead 41 320 48 1065 708 Chocolate Medical Herb Golden Tower
055 Shape Shifter SOM remake screenshot.png Shape Shifter Slime/Lizard 42 350 0 1140 1500 N/A N/A Passage of Trials
056 Dark Stalker SOM remake screenshot.png Dark Stalker Undead 43 510 60 1219 900 Chocolate Ninja Gloves Republic of Tasnica
057 Nitro Pumpkin SOM remake screenshot.png Nitro Pumpkin Plant/Fish 44 420 20 1300 468 Cup of Wishes Chocolate Passage of Trials
058 Marmablue SOM remake screenshot.png Marmablue Slime/Lizard 45 324 30 1385 816 Faerie Walnut Cup of Wishes Moon Palace
059 Steelpion SOM remake screenshot.png Steelpion Insect/Metal 46 390 52 1472 960 Medical Herb Royal Jam Underground City
060 Metal Crawler SOM remake screenshot.png Metal Crawler Insect/Metal 47 450 44 1563 1020 Chocolate Vambrace Underground City
061 Kimono Wizard SOM remake screenshot.png Kimono Wizard Animal/Bird 48 408 80 1660 1080 Faerie Walnut Royal Jam Underground City
062 Basilisk SOM remake screenshot.png Basilisk Slime/Lizard 49 580 41 1755 1200 Faerie Walnut Cockatrice Cap Underground City
063 Captain Duck SOM remake screenshot.png Captain Duck Demihuman 50 523 22 1850 1440 Royal Jam Duck Helm Underground City
064 Heck Hound SOM remake screenshot.png Heck Hound Animal/Bird 51 550 40 1964 2450 Royal Jam Faerie Walnut Grand Palace
065 Gremlin SOM remake screenshot.png Gremlin Undead 52 423 64 2074 1620 Candy Royal Jam Grand Palace
066 Doom Sword SOM remake screenshot.png Doom Sword Insect/Metal 53 411 32 2190 2640 Cup of Wishes Guardian Ring Grand Palace
067 Turtlance SOM remake screenshot.png Turtlance Slime/Lizard 54 411 32 2190 2640 Chocolate Tortoise Mail Grand Palace
068 National Scar SOM remake screenshot.png National Scar Plant/Fish 55 630 58 2425 2600 Faerie Walnut Amulet Helm Grand Palace
069 Mushgloom SOM remake screenshot.png Mushgloom Plant/Fish 56 628 38 2550 3200 Chocolate Barrel Pure Land
070 Ice Bandit SOM remake screenshot.png Ice Bandit Plant/Fish 57 440 40 2680 2850 Royal Jam Dragon Coil Pure Land
071 Needlion SOM remake screenshot.png Needlion Animal/Bird 58 559 28 2800 2430 Royal Jam Needle Helm Pure Land
072 Griffin Hand SOM remake screenshot.png Griffin Hand Animal/Bird 60 600 99 3090 2560 Chocolate Griffin Helm Pure Land
073 Metal Crab SOM remake screenshot.png Metal Crab Insect/Metal 61 533 28 3230 2846 Vestguard Bow Orb Mana Fortress
074 Eggplant Man SOM remake screenshot.png Eggplant Man Demihuman 62 300 99 3390 2444 Cup of Wishes Watcher Ring Underground City
075 Ghost SOM remake screenshot.png Ghost Non-Corporeal 63 632 99 3540 2160 Royal Jam Imp's Ring Pure Land
076 Tsunami SOM remake screenshot.png Tsunami Slime/Lizard 64 388 99 3700 2100 Amulet Ring Spear Orb Mana Fortress
077 Fiend Head SOM remake screenshot.png Fiend Head Undead 65 1150 99 3868 2280 Vampire Cape Axe Orb Mana Fortress
078 Whimper SOM remake screenshot.png Whimper Insect/Metal 66 230 99 4036 2280 Power Suit Javelin Orb Mana Fortress
079 Wolf Lord SOM remake screenshot.png Wolf Lord Undead 67 280 50 4210 2400 Faerie's Ring Glove Orb Mana Fortress
080 Master Ninja SOM remake screenshot.png Master Ninja Demihuman 68 400 44 4388 2760 Faerie Cloak Boomerang Orb Mana Fortress
081 Mace Menace SOM remake screenshot.png Mace Menace Insect/Metal 69 300 99 4570 3600 Faerie Crown Whip Orb Mana Fortress


# Image Name Type Level HP MP EXP GP Weakness Location
082 Mantis Ant SOM remake screenshot.png Mantis Ant Insect/Metal 3 150 20 10 100 Sylphid Potos Village
083 Tropicallo SOM remake screenshot.png Tropicallo Plant/Fish 7 315 0 80 132 Luna Dwarf Village
084 Spikey Tiger SOM remake screenshot.png Spikey Tiger Animal/Bird 10 520 21 210 288 Undine Witch's Castle
085 Tonpole SOM remake screenshot.png Tonpole Slime/Lizard 11 600 0 50 0 Salamando Undine's Cave
086 Biting Lizard SOM remake screenshot.png Biting Lizard Slime/Lizard 11 770 6 210 348 Salamando Undine's Cave
087 Fire Gigas SOM remake screenshot.png Fire Gigas Non-Corporeal 13 850 66 326 360 Undine Underground Palace
088 Wall Face SOM remake screenshot.png Wall Face Undead 16 920 99 580 720 Gnome Pandora Ruins
089 Kilroy SOM remake screenshot.png Kilroy Insect/Metal 17 900 18 686 650 N/A Dwarf Village
090 Jaberwocky SOM remake screenshot.png Jabberwocky Slime/Lizard 18 950 90 800 768 Salamando Water Palace
091 Spring Beak SOM remake screenshot.png Spring Beak Animal/Bird 20 720 99 1090 864 Gnome Sprite Village
092 Great Viper SOM remake screenshot.png Great Viper Slime/Lizard 22 1330 8 1410 1056 Sylphid Cave of the White Dragon
093 Boreal Face SOM remake screenshot.png Boreal Face Plant/Fish 26 1100 12 2245 1040 Luna Frozen Forest
094 Frost Gigas SOM remake screenshot.png Frost Gigas Non-Corporeal 29 1140 99 3045 1200 Salamando Ice Palace
095 Mech Rider 1 SOM remake screenshot.png Mech Rider Insect/Metal 23 980 18 1595 155 N/A Kakkara Desert
096 Minotaur SOM remake screenshot.png Minotaur Animal/Bird 30 1200 99 3348 1440 Sylphid Fire Palace
097 Dooms Wall SOM remake screenshot.png Doom's Wall Undead 34 1180 99 4750 648 Lumina Northtown Ruins
098 Vampire SOM remake screenshot.png Vampire Undead 35 2550 99 5148 696 Lumina Northtown Ruins
099 Metal Mantis SOM remake screenshot.png Metal Mantis Insect/Metal 34 1220 20 4749 1464 N/A Imperial Palace
100 Mech Rider 2 SOM remake screenshot.png Mech Rider 2 Insect/Metal 37 1258 30 6013 1500 N/A Imperial Palace
101 Lime Slime SOM remake screenshot.png Lime Slime Slime/Lizard 41 3470 99 8000 3000 Salamando Palace of Darkness
102 Blue Spike SOM remake screenshot.png Blue Spike Animal/Bird 43 1980 99 9150 3840 N/A Golden Tower
103 Gorgon Bull SOM remake screenshot.png Gorgon Bull Animal/Bird 44 2470 99 9150 3840 Sylphid Golden Tower
104 Shadow 1 SOM remake screenshot.png Shadow #1 N/A 0 999 0 0 0 Lumina Passage of Trials
105 Shadow 2 SOM remake screenshot.png Shadow #2 N/A 0 800 0 0 0 Lumina Passage of Trials
106 Shadow 3 SOM remake screenshot.png Shadow #3 N/A 0 800 0 0 0 Lumina Passage of Trials
107 Aegagropilon SOM remake screenshot.png Aegagropilon Plant/Fish 46 3016 99 11,050 1800 Luna Mana Palace
108 Hydra SOM remake screenshot.png Hydra Slime/Lizard 48 3382 99 12,439 3600 Salamando Underground City
109 Kettle Kin SOM remake screenshot.png Kettle Kin Insect/Metal 52 1230 33 15,555 3360 N/A Underground City
110 Snap Dragon SOM remake screenshot.png Snap Dragon Dragon 56 1215 6 19,200 12,480 Salamando Grand Palace
111 Hexas SOM remake screenshot.png Hexas Undead 57 3465 99 20,103 14,400 N/A Grand Palace
112 Mech Rider 3 SOM remake screenshot.png Mech Rider 3 Insect/Metal 58 4327 38 21,104 16,000 N/A Grand Palace
113 Dragon Worm SOM remake screenshot.png Dragon Worm Dragon 61 3525 99 24,240 17,460 Sylphid Pure Land
114 Snow Dragon SOM remake screenshot.png Snow Dragon Dragon 63 2800 99 26,588 18,360 Salamando Pure Land
115 Axe Beak SOM remake screenshot.png Axe Beak Animal/Bird 64 2800 99 27,784 20,100 Undine Pure Land
116 Red Dragon SOM remake screenshot.png Red Dragon Dragon 65 3000 99 29,000 21,800 Undine Pure Land
117 Thunder Gigas SOM remake screenshot.png Thunder Gigas Non-Corporeal 66 4462 99 30,277 30,600 Gnome Pure Land
118 Blue Dragon SOM remake screenshot.png Blue Dragon Dragon 67 3200 99 31,570 28,560 Gnome Pure Land
119 Vampire King SOM remake screenshot.png King Vampire Undead 70 4200 99 35,686 22,200 Lumina Mana Fortress
120 Dread Slime SOM remake screenshot.png Dread Slime Slime/Lizard 71 5000 99 38,600 27,000 Shade Mana Fortress
121 Dark Lich SOM remake screenshot.png Dark Lich Undead 72 6666 99 38,600 27,000 Lumina Mana Fortress
121 Mana Beast SOM remake screenshot.png Mana Beast ? 73 9990 99 0 0 N/A Mana Fortress

List of named / notable characters[edit]

Note : the following characters are not mentioned in the in-game character guide


World Map SOM remake artwork.jpg


Icon Name Story-driven Trophy
Earn all trophies SOM remake artwork.png Earn all trophies No PS Platinum Trophy.png
Defeat Mantis Ant achievement SOM remake artwork.png Defeat Mantis Ant Yes PS Bronze Trophy.png
Defeat Tropicallo achievement SOM remake artwork.png Defeat Tropicallo Yes PS Bronze Trophy.png
Defeat Spikey Tiger achievement SOM remake artwork.png Defeat Spikey Tiger Yes PS Bronze Trophy.png
Defeat Biting Lizard achievement SOM remake artwork.png Defeat Biting Lizard Yes PS Bronze Trophy.png
Defeat Fire Gigas achievement SOM remake artwork.png Defeat Fire Gigas Yes PS Bronze Trophy.png
Defeat Wall Face achievement SOM remake artwork.png Defeat Wall Face Yes PS Bronze Trophy.png
Defeat Kilroy achievement SOM remake artwork.png Defeat Kilroy Yes PS Bronze Trophy.png
Defeat Jabberwocky achievement SOM remake artwork.png Defeat Jabberwocky Yes PS Bronze Trophy.png
Defeat Spring Beak achievement SOM remake artwork.png Defeat Spring Beak Yes PS Bronze Trophy.png
Defeat Great Viper achievement SOM remake artwork.png Defeat Great Viper Yes PS Bronze Trophy.png
Defeat Boreal Face achievement SOM remake artwork.png Defeat Boreal Face Yes PS Bronze Trophy.png
Defeat Frost Gigas achievement SOM remake artwork.png Defeat Frost Gigas Yes PS Bronze Trophy.png
Defeat Minotaur achievement SOM remake artwork.png Defeat Minotaur Yes PS Bronze Trophy.png
Defeat Vampire achievement SOM remake artwork.png Defeat Vampire Yes PS Bronze Trophy.png
Defeat Mech Rider 2 achievement SOM remake artwork.png Defeat Mech Rider 2 Yes PS Bronze Trophy.png
Defeat Lime Slime achievement SOM remake artwork.png Defeat Lime Slime Yes PS Bronze Trophy.png
Defeat Gorgon Bull achievement SOM remake artwork.png Defeat Gorgon Bull Yes PS Bronze Trophy.png
Defeat Dark Stalker achievement SOM remake artwork.png Defeat Dark Stalker Yes PS Bronze Trophy.png
Defeat Dark Shadows 1 2 & 3 achievement SOM remake artwork.png Defeat Dark Shadows 1 2 & 3 Yes PS Bronze Trophy.png
Defeat Aegagropilon achievement SOM remake artwork.png Defeat Aegagropilon Yes PS Bronze Trophy.png
Defeat Kettle Kin achievement SOM remake artwork.png Defeat Kettle Kin Yes PS Bronze Trophy.png
Defeat Mech Rider 3 achievement SOM remake artwork.png Defeat Mech Rider 3 Yes PS Bronze Trophy.png
Defeat Blue Dragon achievement SOM remake artwork.png Defeat Blue Dragon Yes PS Bronze Trophy.png
Defeat King Vampire achievement SOM remake artwork.png Defeat King Vampire Yes PS Bronze Trophy.png
Defeat Dread Slime achievement SOM remake artwork.png Defeat Dread Slime Yes PS Bronze Trophy.png
Defeat Dark Lich achievement SOM remake artwork.png Defeat Dark Lich Yes PS Silver Trophy.png
Defeat Mana Beast achievement SOM remake artwork.png Defeat Mana Beast Yes PS Silver Trophy.png
Reach the Ending achievement SOM remake artwork.png Reach the Ending Yes PS Gold Trophy.png
All weapons at level 9 achievement SOM remake artwork.png All weapons at level 9 No PS Gold Trophy.png
All magic at level 8 achievement SOM remake artwork.png All magic at level 8 No PS Gold Trophy.png
Visit all locations on Flammie achievement SOM remake artwork.png Visit all locations on Flammie No PS Silver Trophy.png
Complete the guide achievement SOM remake artwork.png Complete the guide No PS Gold Trophy.png
Defeat all monsters achievement SOM remake artwork.png Defeat all monsters No PS Silver Trophy.png
Obtain all torso gear achievement SOM remake artwork.png Obtain all torso gear No PS Silver Trophy.png
Obtain all head gear achievement SOM remake artwork.png Obtain all head gear No PS Silver Trophy.png
Obtain all arm gear achievement SOM remake artwork.png Obtain all arm gear No PS Silver Trophy.png

Development and release[edit]

As early as 2017, Oyamada floated the possibility of a remake in time for the Secret of Mana 25th anniversary. More details surfaced in the form of gameplay footage later in the year, and the project was submitted to Q Studios for development and conversion. The 2.5D remake was ultimately released on February 15, 2018 on PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, and Windows PCs, with a physical PS4 Blu-ray release available to select retailers. Players who pre-ordered digitally also received two selectable costume sets for the party to wear in-game. Reviews of the remake were initially mixed; but unfortunately, several show-stopping bugs were hit upon by a number of reviewers and players, who then blasted Square Enix for delivering a rushed and/or unfinished game. Although many of the worst bugs are now patched out as of late 2018, the remake remains one of the least-recommended in the series as a whole.


Release Reviewer, Publication Score Comment
PS4 Meghan Sullivan, IGN 7.6/10 "Secret of Mana HD Remaster is a bit of an odd duck. For every one thing it does to enhance the original, it makes a strange, distracting change or doesn’t make an obvious fix. Still, even as I waffled between loving it for its happy colors and lovable cast and feeling frustrated by its fussy AI and uneven difficulty, I always felt a childlike wonder at its relentless charm. Warts and all, this classic RPG remains a treat to pick up and play."
PS4 Jeremy Parish, Polygon 5.5/10 "This new remake marks the third time I’ve revisited Secret of Mana in the past year: First with the Japanese release of Seiken Densetsu Collection for Switch, and then again with the 16-bit game’s inclusion on Nintendo’s Super NES Classic Edition mini-console. The first two experiences reminded me what extraordinary alchemy Squaresoft achieved with Secret of Mana. It was one of those rarities whose inventive charm superseded its many flaws. I suppose, in a sense, the remake reinforces that revelation. Now I’ve played Secret of Mana without its charm, so that only the flaws shine through, and it’s even easier to appreciate what the original game accomplished."
PS4 Kimberley Wallace, Gameinformer 6.5/10 "Square Enix’s attempt to update the classic doesn’t live up the original’s legacy, nor does it improve its more problematic elements."
Compiler Platform / Score
Metacritic 63


  • Fanha is the only of Emperor Vandole's generals that doesn't yield an achievement upon defeat.
  • The Obtain all torso, head and arm gear achievements depict the most protective end-game equipment dropped from rare enemies. They are respectively the Faerie Cloak, dropped by Master Ninjas, the Griffin Helm, dropped by Griffin Hands, and the Faerie's Ring, dropped by Wolf Lords.

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