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Rise of Mana

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Rise of Mana
Rise of Mana logo.png
Developer GoShow (娯匠)
Publisher Square Enix
Platforms iOS, Android, PlayStation Vita
Release date iOS:
Japan March 6, 2014

Japan June 26, 2014

PS Vita:
Japan May 14, 2015
Genre Action role-playing, MMO
Mode(s) Single player, multiplayer
Media Digital download

Rise of Mana was an action RPG and spin-off of the Mana series, developed by Japanese studio GoShow and released for Square Enix. Released first on iOS March 6, 2014, an Android version followed on June 26, 2014. Nearly one year later, a version for Sony's PlayStation Vita landed in May 2015.

While Rise of Mana was modestly successful as an online game occasionally collaborating with other Square Enix properties such as Final Fantasy, it, like Circle of Mana before it, closed for unspecified reasons in March of 2016. Various media outlets at the time reported that the company was considering a standalone offline version; however, no such release was ever confirmed.


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