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Lucre icon from Echoes of Mana

Lucre (abbreviated L), sometimes referred to as gold (G) or gold pieces (GP), is the principal currency of the Mana series ever since the first game, Final Fantasy Adventure. As with many currencies in role-playing games, lucre is earned in battle or as a component of treasure as found in each world. It gives the player purchasing power for the sundry goods and services offered by shops and inns.

The word "lucre" as used in English is an informal term referring to money, especially that which is acquired by illicit or otherwise dubious means. How it came to be used in the series is as yet unknown.


Final Fantasy Adventure / Adventures of Mana[edit]

In Final Fantasy Adventure, the amount of gold earned varies with each enemy defeated. Accumulated gold is displayed to the right of the status bar below the playfield. Due to the computational limits of the Game Boy hardware, the player can never accrue more than 65535 G at any one time. However, if the player has need of more, they should take note that certain foes may drop bags of gold, rubies, or opal that can be sold for fixed sums.

In the Adventures of Mana remake, they are retroactively referred to as GP, and are still acquired the same way but with the cap removed. The items that can be sold are now named (least value to greatest value) ruby baubles, gold dust, and diamond dice.

Secret of Mana[edit]

Called Gold Pieces or Gold Points in Secret of Mana the standard mechanics remain identical to Final Fantasy Adventure, although salable items are exchanged in favor of small sums of GP from dropped chests. If the chest is not trapped and does not contain an item, it may instead have some GP.

Trials of Mana[edit]

In Trials of Mana, they are named GP in the Western localization of the 2D version. Enemies will drop a fixed sum of lucre with each one defeated. The currency is tallied on the menu screen, but is also displayed while shopping or before resting at an inn.

The 3D remake reverts to the name "lucre," with any spoils tallied at the end of each battle and the total sum displayed in the main menu and while shopping or resting at an inn. Lucre can also be found as treasure in many locations throughout the world. Using an Incense item before battle can increase dropped lucre by fixed percentages for 10 minutes per use. In addition, performing specific actions in battle will increase the amount dropped. Finding Li'l Cactus a certain number of times during his sidequest will both raise the sale value and lower the purchase price of most items in shops, as well as making all inns free at any time.

Also in the 3D remake, the player can unlock no fewer than three achievements by amassing and retaining large amounts of lucre. The heroes' after-battle dialogue may also reference their being extremely wealthy and/or wanting to spend the money.

Echoes of Mana[edit]

Lucre was acquired from a majority of quests, and was used along with the many materials acquired through play to perform upgrades to characters, Memory Gems, and pieces of equippable gear. A daily limited quest was also available that dropped lucre exclusively. Regardless of the difficulty level chosen, this mission would consume one of the player's three allotted attempts per day. Lucre could also be obtained using the permanent Lucre Trove quests

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Spanish Lucres[1] -
Italian Lucri[2] -


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