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Cup of Wishes

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Cup of Wishes
Cup of Wishes SOM artwork.png
Artwork from Secret of Mana
First appearance Secret of Mana (1993)
Latest appearance Trials of Mana (2020)
Location(s) Various
Effect Restores a fallen ally

The Cup of Wishes, also known as the Angel Grail or Angel's Grail, is a recurring recovery item in the Mana series. It is used to revive a party member who has fainted. The item first appears in Secret of Mana. Though sometimes rare and often expensive when compared with other consumable items, a Cup of Wishes is often a player's only option for full recovery when an inn is not available. It generally appears as a chalice with an ornate design.


Secret of Mana[edit]

Cups of Wishes revive a ghosted ally to full health. They can be bought in most shops & a good selection of enemies can drop it upon death.

Trials of Mana[edit]

HD sprite

Cups of Wishes functions exactly the same as in Secret of Mana, bringing an ally back to life with full HP. They can be purchased in all item shops & a lot of monsters can drop it. They cost 100 lucre in the 2D version and 300 in the 3D version.

In the 2D version, cups of wishes can be grown from the Magic Pot by planting an Item Seed or a Mystery Seed. In the 3D version, they can also sprout from the magic pot should the player use either an item seed, a silver, gold or rainbow item seed. They can also frequently be found by collecting sparkles, opening chests, or by breaking red urns. In fact, cups of wishes are the most common item found during exploration.

Buy 100 lucre2D/300 lucre3D
Sell 50 lucre2D/75 lucre3D
Effect Bring an ally back to life with full HP.
Places to buy AlrantAltenaAstoriaBeiserBeiser's Night Market3DDiinDiorDwarf VillageJadd StrongholdMaiaMintasPaloPeddaSirhtanTomato TownValsenaWendel
Item Drop BuletteChess KnightCopper KnightFire DrakeKid DrazombieKing RabitePeeperPetit PoseidonPrime Slime, PotoShape Shifter2DSilver Knight, SilverwolfSlime2DTomatomanWerewolf2DWolfmahn
Magic Pot Yes (Item SeedMystery Seed2D/Item, Silver, Gold, or Rainbow Item Seeds3D)
Altena (3) • Astoria (1) • Beiser (1) • Beuca Island (2) • Burning Sands (2) • Cascade Cavern (3) • Crystal Desert (3) • Daria (3) • Dark Castle (4) • Diin (1) • Dior (1) • Dragonsmaw (1) • Duskmoon Forest (2) • Dwarf Tunnels (3) • Dwarf Village (1) • Fiery Gorge (2) • Frostbite Fields (2) • Ghost Ship (2) • Golden Road (2) • Gusthall (2) • Heavensway (2) • Jadd Stronghold (2) • Jungle of Visions (1) • Labyrinth of Ice (4) • Lampbloom Woods (2) • Laurent (5) • Laurent Secret Base (1) • Lowenburg (1) • Maia (1) • Mirage Palace (3) • Molebear Moors (3) • Nevarl Fortress (1) • Night Cavern (3) • Oblivisle (1) • Seaside Cavern (3) • Shimmering Ruins (6) • Sirhtan (1) • Palo (1) • Rabite Forest (2) • Temple of Light (1) • Tomato Town (1) • Stonesplit Gap (2) • Valsena (3) • Wendel (1) • Woods of Wandara (3)

Sword of Mana[edit]

Angel Grails remove the the ghost status from an ally, with full health. They can only be bought in shops and not be obtained from defeating monsters.

  • Buy: 40 Lucre
  • Sell 25 Lucre
  • Effect: Bring an ally back to life with full HP.
  • Places to buy: All item shops
  • Item Drop from None

Children of Mana[edit]

Angel Grails bring the hero back to life with full health.

  • Buy: 1,000 Lucre
  • Sell ? Lucre
  • Effect: Bring the hero back to life with full HP.
  • Places to buy: Golden Goods
  • Item Drop from ?

Dawn of Mana[edit]

Angel's Grails restore a downed Keldric with full HP. Like all other items, they are found by breaking objects and defeating enemies.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 天使の聖杯
Tenshi no seihai
Angel Chalice
Spanish Cáliz Angélico
Italian Coppa Angelica Angelic Cup
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