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Popoi SOM remake artwork.jpg
Secret of Mana HD artwork
Popoi SOM mobile artwork.jpg
Secret of Mana Mobile artwork
Popoi clay SOM artwork.jpg
Secret of Mana artwork
Popoi full EOM artwork.png
Echoes of Mana artwork
Popoi RoM artwork.png
Rise of Mana artwork
Popoi FOM screenshot.jpg
Friends of Mana screenshot
First appearance Secret of Mana (1993)
Latest appearance Echoes of Mana (2022)
Homeland Sprite Village
Role Protagonist
Gender Ambiguous
Relatives Grandpa (grandfather)
Species Sprite
Status Dead
Voice actor(s) Jpn: Mariko Mizuno, Emiri KatōSeoM HD/EoM
Eng: Lizzie FreemanSeoM HD
“Don't worry, I'm coming along. We'll get this job done in no time!”
Square Enix Official Website

Popoi is one of the playable characters in Secret of Mana and a recurring character in the Mana series. A Sprite from the world of Secret of Mana, they are mischievous and boastful, but caring. Popoi's age and gender are unknown, but they are 3 ft. 1 in. tall and weigh 71 lbs.


Popoi is a sprite hailing from Sprite Village in the Upperland. There, all the sprites would partake in several activities, like herb picking, fruit harvesting, fishing, and so on. One fateful day, a powerful storm made them fall into a strong current, leading to them being separated from their kinfolk. They ended up being washed up all the way to Gaia's Navel, where the Dwarf Elder found them. The incident caused them to lose their memory. Smelling an opportunity, the Elder decided to adopt the little sprite and make them a star in a shoddy sideshow for gullible tourists.


Secret of Mana[edit]

“A sprite child swept away from his home in the Sprite Forest by a powerful flood. He was saved by the dawrf elder in Gaia's Navel, but lost all his memories as a result of the calamity. He first encounters Randi when trying to save up the money to travel back home.”
Secret of Mana iOS Official Website
“A mischievous and caring sprite. Popoi suffers from amnesia, but joins Randi and Primm on their quest in the hope of restoring their lost memories.”
Secret of Mana HD Official Website

Popoi makes their debut in Dwarf Village, where they perform in a seedy show operated by the Dwarf Elder. A tiny sprite appears on stage after the Rabiteman, the Elder claiming that they have a 50,000 GP debt to pay off. Randi is coerced into giving some money. The donation is enough to make the sprite grow to their original size as the show comes to an end. Backstage, the Popoi and the Elder are revealed to be scheming con artists, both of them giving the money back to the boy after being caught in the act. The whole village is suddenly attacked by a mutated plant, who end up revealing the entrance to the Underground Palace. However, the place is still blocked by a sea of lava cast by Elinee the Witch. Popoi the sprite is revealed to be amnesiac by the shock of the storm that led them to Dwarf Village, and decides to join the boy in his errand in hopes of returning to his homeland. During that time, Watts has finished forging an axe for Randi and decides to travel the world for himself.

Later on, the party returns with ice magic to solidify the pool of lava blocking the entrance to the Underground Palace and befriend Gnome, the earth elemental, the sprite regains some of their memory by focusing their mind on the palace's Mana Seed. Popoi recalls hailing from the Upperland, and the party decides to head to the aformentioned place by Cannon Travel. The landing impact in the Forest of Seasons makes the sprite amnesiac again, the heroes needing to ask the local Moogles for directions. Translating the foreign tongue, Popoi learns that their neighboring village has been invaded by Pebblers. The heroes decide to help the fluffy creatures by defeating the troublemakers. The townsfolk now being able to regain their homeland give a hint to the sprite to open the path to their village. After following the Moogles' advice and circling the seasons in a certain order, the way to Sprite Village is now open. There, Popoi discovers that the whole village is in a shamble and is currently being attacked by Spring Beak. After defeating the giant bird, the party finds Popoi's Grandpa inside the Wind Palace. The poor old sprite has been blinded by the recent imperial attack to break the Mana Seed's seal and is the sole survivor in the village. The old man tells Popoi that sprites are tied to Mana Power and if the humans succeed in breaking all the seals, the fabled Mana Beast might be released again, causing Mana to disappear. If their very source of power vanishes, the sprite will cease to exist in this world. Grandpa urges the sprite to prevent that incident to happen. He then entrusts the wind elemental Sylphid to assist the party in his place and advise them to venture north to meet with the White Dragon in they want to protect Mana.

Popoi's role in the story only comes relevant at the very end of the game, when the party is about the battle with the Mana Beast atop the revived Mana Fortress. Randi is reluctant to engage with the mighty dragon, as this would entail the sprite to disappear. Popoi tries to reason with him, saying that they won't really disappear since their world is separate from them. The boy must think about his own world perishing through the relentless assault of the Mana Beast. This is enough to convince the hero, who, with the help of Primm and Popoi, eventually defeat the very threat plaguing their land. By doing so, the sprite vanishes before their eyes, only their spirit to be found gazing at the starring sky in the epilogue scene.

Legend of Mana[edit]

Popoi Statue LOM sprite.png

Despite not appearing as a character, save statues bear their resemblance in Legend of Mana.

Friends of Mana[edit]

Popoi FOM screenshot.jpg

Popoi makes a cameo appearance in Friends of Mana.

Circle of Mana[edit]

Popoi makes a cameo appearance in the online game, along with several Secret of Mana characters. They appear in 20 sets of cards.

Rank Attribute Name Classes Quote
SR ポポイ SR 0009 ポポイ.jpg
SR 0010 ポポイ.jpg
SR 0011 ポポイ.jpg
SR 0012 ポポイ.jpg
"Hehe! Now you're a great magician too! Don't become a burden to me, big bro!"
UR ポポイ UR 0025 ポポイ.jpg
UR 0026 ポポイ.jpg
UR 0027 ポポイ.jpg
UR 0028 ポポイ.jpg
"I'm so proud of you, Sis! You're my best henchman!"
SUR ポポイ[収穫祭] SUR 0145 ポポイ 収穫祭.jpg
SUR 0145 ポポイ 収穫祭.jpg
SUR 0145 ポポイ 収穫祭.jpg
SUR 0145 ポポイ 収穫祭.jpg
"You prepared more food than you could eat!? Even though you're a little guy, you're so greedy!"
SUR ポポイ[クリスマス] SUR 0185 ポポイ クリスマス.jpg
SUR 0186 ポポイ クリスマス.jpg
SUR 0187 ポポイ クリスマス.jpg
SUR 0188 ポポイ クリスマス.jpg
"Santa is amazing! He's the hero of today who gives presents!"
SUR 聖剣オールスターズ SUR 0285 聖剣オールスターズ.jpg
SUR 0286 聖剣オールスターズ.jpg
SUR 0287 聖剣オールスターズ.jpg
SUR 0288 聖剣オールスターズ.jpg
Heroes from all over the world join hands and weave history today as well. There may be many more holy sword heroes than you think.
SUR ポポイ[大決戦] SUR 0477 ポポイ 大決戦.jpg
SUR 0478 ポポイ 大決戦.jpg
SUR 0479 ポポイ 大決戦.jpg
SUR 0480 ポポイ 大決戦.jpg
"Don't treat me like a child!"
SUR ポポイ[大決戦] SUR 0597 ポポイ.jpg
SUR 0598 ポポイ.jpg
SUR 0599 ポポイ.jpg
SUR 0600 ポポイ.jpg
"Big bro! You're with me! Just pretend you're on a big boat and leave everything to me!"
SUR 最強のトリオ SUR 0945 最強のトリオ.jpg
SUR 0946 最強のトリオ.jpg
SUR 0947 最強のトリオ.jpg
SUR 0948 最強のトリオ.jpg
"Randi, the boy who have pulled out the "Holy Sword", now set out on a world of adventure along with Primm and Popoi in order to seal away the out-of-control mana power."
SUR 大空の大冒険 SUR 0969 大空の大冒険.jpg
SUR 0970 大空の大冒険.jpg
SUR 0971 大空の大冒険.jpg
SUR 0972 大空の大冒険.jpg
"Together with the legendary white dragon that hangs from the sky, the adventure of the three of them continues in order to save the world."
SUR ハロウィン・ポポイ SUR 0997 ハロウィン・ポポイ.jpg
SUR 0998 ハロウィン・ポポイ.jpg
SUR 0999 ハロウィン・ポポイ.jpg
SUR 1000 ハロウィン・ポポイ.jpg
"You want me to stop? Isn't it a waste to stop having fun like this? I'm going to make you even more naughty!"
SUR ポポイ[お正月] SUR 1121 ポポイ お正月.jpg
SUR 1122 ポポイ お正月.jpg
SUR 1123 ポポイ お正月.jpg
SUR 1124 ポポイ お正月.jpg
"I'll tell you your fortune. Whether it's good or not depends on the amount."
SSUR ポポイ SSUR 0105 ポポイ.jpg
SSUR 0106 ポポイ.jpg
SSUR 0107 ポポイ.jpg
SSUR 0108 ポポイ.jpg
"Pranks are the best! With my magic, the hero is just as good!"
SSUR ポポイ[探求] SSUR 0149 ポポイ 探求.jpg
SSUR 0150 ポポイ 探求.jpg
SSUR 0151 ポポイ 探求.jpg
SSUR 0152 ポポイ 探求.jpg
「へへん、どうだオイラの演技力! アイツけっこう涙ぐんでたぜ」
"Huh, what's with your acting skills! He really brought tears to my eyes."
SSUR ランディ&プリム&ポポイ SSUR 0177 ランディ&プリム&ポポイ.jpg
SSUR 0178 ランディ&プリム&ポポイ.jpg
SSUR 0179 ランディ&プリム&ポポイ.jpg
SSUR 0180 ランディ&プリム&ポポイ.jpg
"Friends are those with whom you have laughed, gotten angry, and shed tears. Those memories will last forever."
SSUR ポポイ[サンタ] SSUR 0949 ポポイ サンタ.jpg
SSUR 0950 ポポイ サンタ.jpg
SSUR 0951 ポポイ サンタ.jpg
SSUR 0952 ポポイ サンタ.jpg
"The first wizard of the fairy race is you!"
SSUR ポポイ[ブーメラン] SSUR 1025 ポポイ ブーメラン.jpg
SSUR 1026 ポポイ ブーメラン.jpg
SSUR 1027 ポポイ ブーメラン.jpg
SSUR 1028 ポポイ ブーメラン.jpg
「何でも思い切りがダイジだぜ! ドーンとね!!」
"I'm a Daiji who does everything to the best of my ability! With a bang!!"
LGR ポポイ LGR 0077 ポポイ.jpg
LGR 0078 ポポイ.jpg
LGR 0079 ポポイ.jpg
LGR 0080 ポポイ.jpg
"Hey! There's no response again. This time I won't go easy on you!!"
LGR ポポイ[先生] LGR 0613 ポポイ 先生.jpg
LGR 0614 ポポイ 先生.jpg
LGR 0615 ポポイ 先生.jpg
LGR 0615 ポポイ 先生.jpg
"Instead of this plain magic, I’ll show you something flashy!"
LGR ポポイ[桜] LGR 0625 ポポイ 桜.jpg
LGR 0626 ポポイ 桜.jpg
LGR 0627 ポポイ 桜.jpg
LGR 0628 ポポイ 桜.jpg
"Cherry blossoms are always in bloom in the spring forest, but they're especially beautiful this time of year."
SLGR ポポイ SLGR 0093 ポポイ.jpg
SLGR 0094 ポポイ.jpg
SLGR 0095 ポポイ.jpg
SLGR 0096 ポポイ.jpg
"I just need to find the seeds, right?"

Rise of Mana[edit]

Popoi ROM artwork.jpg

Popoi appears as a recruitable Monster Pet in Rise of Mana.
SR+ Awakening Popoi icon ROM sprite.jpgSR Popoi icon ROM sprite.jpg

Echoes of Mana[edit]

Popoi (I'm the Boss!)
“A mischievous and caring sprite. Popoi suffers from amnesia, but joins Randi and Primm on their quest in the hope of restoring their lost memories.”
Square Enix Official Website

Popoi was a character and obtainable unit. They had three variants.

They were also depicted in numerous memory gems:

Character Bond Dialogues[edit]

'Startin' to think of you like one of my family, bro. Aw man, look at me, gettin' all sentimental!'

'Hey, there goes my favorite lackey! Good lookin' out, bro!'

'Just happy to see me, is it?'

'Training? You can do that later. Let's go have some boss 'n' lackey fun, eh?'

'Bro, you gotta hide me. Sis is comin' and she knows about the prank I pulled!'

'Got some treasure did ya? I'd be beamin', too! Geheh!'

'I don't got the wings and all, but I am a faerie you know? So, uh, handle me with care. Got it?'

'May not look like it, but I'm quite the actor, you know? Geheh!'

'Come to pick up you boss, eh? Now that's a good lackey!'

'Boy, am I bored. Don't suppose your favorite lackey could provide some entertainment, eh?'

General information[edit]

Physical appearance[edit]

Popoi is of short stature, sports yellow eyes with thick, mane-like red hair that extend all the way to the floor. They wear two white feathers resembling horns in some older artwork. They wear a long green robe with wide sleeves, trimmed with several diamonds and flower patterns. The sprite is usually depicted holding a long wooden staff made of twisted branches with blue orbs on top. The same orb can be seen on their chest, with the remake adding a sleeveless yellow tunic to accentuate the jewel. Finally Popoi's large feet are fitted in brown leather boots.


The sprite is one of the most mischevious protagonists in the Mana series, enjoying making pranks to their companions Randi and Primm. They are frequently played as a comic relief foil to the more mild-mannered Randi and hot-headed Primm. Popoi's main character traits seem centered about their love of food, as they are seen contemplating eating Mana Seeds or Matango people. In fact, the sprite blames their upbringing for being so obsessed with food, as the Forest of Seasons offers a wide variety of produce all year round. Popoi also like to make scenarios where he is a powerful wizard and frequently call their companions their "underlings", which tend to irritate Primm to no end. Overall, the sprite is a very optimistic and lively character who enjoys playing tricks to people and doesn't take life too seriously.

Profile and statistics[edit]

Popoi's default weapon is the boomerang, also joining with a bow, and their specialty in battle is attacking magic, which delivers devastating amounts of damage from a safe distance. This is especially important because Popoi is the exact opposite of Randi in terms of parameters: Popoi's attack, defense and HP are the lowest of the team, and they learn special attacks with weapons very slowly.

Initial stats[edit]

  • Level - 1

  • EXP - 0

  • For next level: - 16

  • HP - 40
  • MP - 8
  • Strength - 7
  • Agility - 12
  • Constitution - 10
  • Intelligence - 15
  • Wisdom - 5

  • Attack - 9
  • Hit % - 78
  • Defense - 10
  • Evade % - 3
  • Magic Def - 5
  • Level - 1

  • EXP - 0

  • Next level in: - 16

  • HP - 40
  • MP - 8
  • Strength - 7
  • Agility - 12
  • Constitution - 10
  • Intelligence - 15
  • Wisdom - 5

  • Attack - 9
  • Hit - 78%
  • Defense - 17
  • Evade - 40%
  • Magic Defense - 9


Popoi icon SOM sprite.pngPopoi's Magic
Spell Effect Description MP cost
Undine icon SOM sprite.pngUndine
Freeze SOM animation.gif
Causes a freezing ice storm. Cold air coalesces in the atmosphere then hits the enemy. 2
Acid Storm SOM animation.gif
Acid Storm
Acid rain lowers enemy's defense. Acid rain falls down on enemies, lowering their defense. 3
Energy Absorb SOM animation.gif
Energy Absorb
Takes away enemy's HP. Suck HP from an opponent and turns it into your own. 2
Gnome icon SOM sprite.pngGnome
Earth Slide SOM animation.gif
Earth Slide
Covers enemies in rock slide. Magic that shakes the earth violently, causing earthquakes and damages. 3
Gem Missile SOM animation.gif
Gem Missile
Rains jagged diamonds on Enemies. Hard, sharp diamonds surge from the ground toward the enemy. 2
Speed Down SOM animation.gif
Speed Down
Lowers Evade X and slows attack. Ivy emerges from the ground and entangles the enemy's legs, decreasing its speed. 1
Sylphid icon SOM sprite.pngSylphid
Air Blast SOM animation.gif
Air Blast
Wind-burn damages the enemies. Power vacuum forms around enemy and cut through it. 2
Thunder Bolt SOM animation.gif
Strikes the enemies with lightning. Calls for thunderclouds to fall on the enemy and inflict damage. 4
Silence SOM animation.gif
Confuses the enemies. Stops the air vibrations around enemy, causing it to sealing its ability to cast magic. 2
Salamando icon SOM sprite.pngSalamando
Fireball SOM animation.gif
Sends fireballs at enemies. Magic that burns the targeted enemy with flames and inflicts damage. 2
Exploder SOM animation.gif
An explosion rocks the enemies. Magic that causes a high-heat explosion and damages the enemy. 4
Lava Wave SOM animation.gif
Lava Wave
Magma engulfs the enemies. Magic that causes high-heat lava to erupt from the ground and inflict damage on the enemy. 3
Shade icon SOM sprite.pngShade
Evil Gate SOM animation.gif
Evil Gate
Wave of darkness hits the enemies. Magic which emits the wave of darkness extracted to the enemy. 8
Dark Force SOM animation.gif
Dark Force
Enemy's energy explodes. Black waves of darkness instill fear and damage to enemies. 2
Dispel Magic SOM animation.gif
Dispel Magic
Sets enemy's gauge to 0/halts magic. Magic that makes any accumulated status buffs or magic attacks ineffective. 4
Luna icon SOM sprite.pngLuna
Change Form SOM animation.gif
Change Form
Transforms enemy to weaker level. Bewitching magic that changes the enemy's appearance into a low-level monster. 5
Magic Absorb SOM animation.gif
Magic Absorb
Takes enemy's MP. By a mysterious power, the enemy's magic is absorbed by the caster. 1
Lunar Magic SOM animation.gif
Lunar Magic
Makes enemy/you do curious things. Magic that has unpredictable effects and sometimes affects allies as well. 8
Dryad icon SOM sprite.pngDryad
Sleep Flower SOM animation.gif
Sleep Flower
Lulls enemies to sleep. Petals with mysterious powers dance around an enemy, making it unconscious for a while. 2
Burst SOM animation.gif
Hidden energy strikes enemies. The tree's life force is concentrated and inflicts a great amount of damage. 5
Mana Magic Popoi SOM animation.gif
Mana Magic
Awakens the Mana Sword's full power. Mysterious magic that has something to do with the sword Randi holds. 1



Torso gear[edit]


Other appearances[edit]

Brave Frontier[edit]

Popoi Brave Frontier artwork.webp

Popoi appears as a 4★ and 5★ unit in Brave Frontier.

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius[edit]

FFBE Popoi.webp

Popoi appears in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius as a rare summon.

Heavenstrike Rivals[edit]

Heavenstrike Rivals Popoi.jpg

Popoi appears in Heavenstrike Rivals as a special collab with Secret of Mana.

Last Cloudia[edit]

Last Cloudia Popoi.jpg

Popoi appears in Last Cloudia as a special collab with Collection of Mana.

Merc Storia[edit]

Popoi in Merc Storia artwork.webp

Popoi appears as a wind unit in Merc Storia.

Spelunker Z[edit]

Spelunker Z Randi Primm Popoi.jpg

Primm appears in Spelunker Z.


For this subject's image gallery, see Gallery:Popoi.


  • Early translations of their name spelled it as Popoie.
  • Gold statues of Popoi are used for saving the player's game in Legend of Mana.
  • In the original SNES translation, Popoi is referred to with masculine pronouns while on the Sandship. A guard says "He ate up ALL the ship's food!". Another says "'Zat your friend? Show him outta here!" This was most likely an error as the rest of the game follows the Japanese script in referring to Popoi with gender-neutral words. In the remake, this error is fixed.
    • A potential reconciliation for the sandship dialogue, in-universe, is simply that the characters speaking are not familiar with sprites and assuming Popoi is male.
    • Popoi is the only character in the Mana series with gender neutral pronouns.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ポポイ
Spanish Popoi (Remake) Popoi
French Elfe (SNES)
Popoï (Remake)
German Koboldin (SNES)
Popoi (Remake)