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Moogle (status)

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Moogle is a recurring status aliment in the Mana series.


By far the most unusual of afflictions, this status turns the victim into a cute, fuzzy, defenseless moogle. Though brief, the victim also loses the ability to attack and use items, and may lose control over movement. A brush with some mole whiskers or exposure to certain enchanted items can remove it quickly.


Final Fantasy Adventure/Adventures of Mana[edit]

Moogle FFA mobile sprite.png

Shortened to Moog in the original, this status causes the player's directional inputs to become scrambled so that Sumo cannot be controlled normally. Like other ailments, it wears off with time, or otherwise can be removed while Sumo is with Chocobo by chatting with her. It can also be removed with Mole Whiskers, though due to a bug in the game, the curative cannot be applied unless equipped in advance. Unlike other conditions, Moogled has its own music track in place of the usual crisis music.

Secret of Mana[edit]

Moogle Randi SOM sprite.png

Called moogled status in Secret of Mana and moogle status in Secret of Mana HD, this transfoms the afflicted into a Moogle, making it unable to attack, use items or cast magic. The Moogle Belt can either transform characters into moogles or remove the status. Only player characters can be hit by the moogle status.

The aliment can be removed either by casting Remedy or using a Medical Herb.

Here is a list of enemies that can inflict moogle to characters.

There is only one accessory the player can wear to become immune to moogle status.

Trials of Mana[edit]

Moogle status

In Trials of Mana HD, Moogle status transforms the afflicted into a moogle, making it unable to use melee attacks or moves, while still being allowed to move and use items. The Moogle Pin can inflict and remove this status at will.

Here is a list of enemies that can inflict the moogle status.


Secret of Mana