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Snowman (status)

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Snowman, also known as Freeze, Frost, Frostied, and Frozen, is a recurring status aliment in the Mana series.


A possible effect of water-elemental magic and enemy attacks in arctic areas, this effect will freeze the victim in place with everything but a hat, scarf, and corncob smoking pipe. While a snowman, the victim can be shoved around, but cannot act until they thaw out.


Final Fantasy Adventure and Adventures of Mana[edit]

Sumo's Blizzard magic will snowman an enemy when it connects, allowing him to use said enemy as a weight on any switches in the same room.

Secret of Mana[edit]

Frostied SOM sprite.png

Called frostied status in Secret of Mana and frost status in Secret of Mana HD, this status transforms the afflicted into a snowman, making it unable to input command for a short while.

The aliment can be removed either by casting Remedy or using a Medical Herb.

Here is a list of enemies that can inflict frost to characters.

Here are the accessories the player can wear to become immune to frost.

There is only one spell that Primm can use to inflict frost to enemies.

Trials of Mana[edit]

Freeze status

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Secret of Mana

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