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Shrink (status)

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Shrink, also known as Pygmize, Pygmized, Minor, or Wimp, is a recurring status aliment in the Mana series.


This ailment reduces the target's size so that their Attack and Defense attributes drop to either 1 or 0, meaning one well-timed strike against a miniaturized party member could wipe them out while they cannot return fire. Magic, however, may not face a penalty, making this status less of a challenge and more of an annoyance than others. It may clear after some time has passed; or the player can use a Medical Herb to put some meat back on the bones of the shrunken.


Secret of Mana[edit]

Primm Pygmy SOM sprite.png

Called pygmized status in Secret of Mana and pygmize status in Secret of Mana HD, transforms the afflicted into a tiny version of itself, severly reducing its attack and defense power by throwing punches and kicks instead of the equipped weapons. contrary to the Moogle status, characters can still use magic and items. The Midge Mallet can be used to inflict and remove the pygmize status to characters. Only characters can receive this status aliment.

The aliment can be removed either by casting Remedy or using a Medical Herb.

Here is a list of enemies that can inflict pygmize to characters.

There is only one accessory the player can wear to become immune to pygmize.

Trials of Mana[edit]

Sword of Mana[edit]


Secret of Mana

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