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Poison (status)

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Riesz in Trials of Mana being afflicted by poison

Poison, also called Poisoned, is a recurring status aliment in the Mana series.


Poison gradually depletes a target's hit points by a small amount per second, and may cause the victim to faint if not squelched before it can wear off. Upon being afflicted by poison, the target may have green or purple bubbles overhead. This status effect can usually fade by itself after a while or be removed immediately by using a Medical Herb or summoning healing magic.


Final Fantasy Adventure/Adventures of Mana[edit]

Pois status

In Final Fantasy Adventure poison (rendered POIS on the screen) makes Sumo lose HP rapidly for a while. This can be restored by the Magic of Heal or Pure potion.

In Adventures of Mana, poison has the same effect than Final Fantasy Adventure, but the names of the restoratives have changed to the Heal spell or the Antidote item.

Like other status aliments, poison can only be inflicted by enemies. Below is a list of all monsters who can potentially poison Sumo.

Secret of Mana[edit]

poisoned Randi

Called poisoned status in Secret of Mana and Poison status in Secret of Mana HD, makes the targeted character or enemy gradually lose HP until they reach 1 HP. The duration of the aliment typically lasts around 7 to 9 seconds. On Randi, Popoi, and Primm, poison make their sprite turn blue/purplish and start a ticking sound for the duration of the aliment, whereas for the enemies only the ticking sound is displayed.

Poison can be inflicted either on player characters or on monsters, and some trap chests can also poison players.

The aliment can be removed either by casting Remedy or using a Medical Herb.

Here is a list of enemies that can inflict poison to characters.

Here are two weapons the player can equip to inflict poison.

Here are two accessories the player can wear to become immune to poison.

Trials of Mana[edit]

Poison status

Poison in Trials of Mana slowly depletes about 1/10th of HP of a character or an enemy every in-game second. Poison can kill the target if its HP are completely depleted. When a character is afflicted, it has tiny green bubbles coming out of its head.

There are multiple ways to get rid of the Poison status.

  1. Using a Medical Herb, Marmpoto Oil, Salt Bottle, or Stardust Herb
  2. Using the Minor Mallet
  3. Casting Twinkle Rain
  4. Another status effect is applied onto the target
  5. Being hit by Fetid Breath (glitch)
  6. The target's HP reach 0
  7. Ending a battle (automatically revive downed allies and remove status effects)
  8. Exiting the current area (if not trapped in)

Here are the enemies that can inflict Poison.

Here are the enemies that are immune to being poisoned.

Here are some moves that can inflict Poison.

Poison status

In Trials of Mana HD Poison depletes the affected's HP at a rate of 3% of their max HP per tick, each tick occurring roughly every 2 seconds. This is based on the character's max HP, excluding bonuses from abilities. If untreated, the total amount of damage ticks poison can make is eleven before fading out on its own, making a target potentially lose a maximum of 33% of their max health. The status aliment is removed by either casting Twinkle Rain, or by using a Medical Herb, a Marmpoto Oil or a Salt Bottle. When a character is afflicted, it has tiny green bubbles coming out of its head. Environmental hazards called poison gas and poison water automatically poisons a character on contact.

Here are the enemies that can inflict Poison.

Here are the enemies that are immune to being poisoned.

Here are some moves that can inflict Poison.

Here are the accessories or shields that can turn playable characters immune to poison.

Here are some abilities that are affected by poison status.

Legend of Mana[edit]

Poison menu icon LOM sprite.png

Poison deals 3% maximum HP of damage to targets per tick, but won't kill the afflicted if said HP is less than 3%. Poison is one of the four damage-dealing status effect (with Blaze, Petrify, and Snowman) and is aligned with Aura. Upon being afflicted with poison, purple bubbles with come out of the target.

Here are the monsters/pets that can inflict poison.

Here are the spells (Aura) that can inflict poison.

Sword of Mana[edit]

Poison status SwoM sprite.png

Poison depletes a 1/20th of the afflicted's maximum HP for about 10 seconds. It can be removed by a Prestoveggie.

Here are the enemies who can potentially inflict poison.

Here are the weapons for the player characters to equip that can potentially inflict poison.

Here are the piece of equipment that can make characters immune to poison.

Children of Mana[edit]

Poison status COM sprite.png

Poison gradually depletes a player character's HP for a short while. This can be removed by a Stardust Herb or by Dryad's Nature’s Aura. Some hazards, such as poison pools and green mushrooms in Brightwood can inflict poison.

Here are the gems that can influence susceptibility to poison.

Dawn of Mana[edit]

Poison gradually deplete a target's HP for about 10 seconds. It can be inflicted to enemies by Shade's Hexorb. Keldric can be immuned to poison by wearing the Master of Darkness emblem.

Heroes of Mana[edit]

Poison gradually depletes a unit's HP for a short while. The afflicted unit will have green bubbles coming out of its head.

Here are the equipment a playable unit can wear to prevent being poisoned.

Here are the magic spells capable of inflicting poison.

Echoes of Mana[edit]

Poison is indicated by a brew of green bubbles over the head of the victim as well as next to their portrait. It causes ~10% HP loss every 2 seconds


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