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Krissie SOM remake screenshot.png
Secret of Mana (remake) render
First appearance Secret of Mana (1993)
Latest appearance Secret of Mana HD (2018)
Title(s) Leader of the Resistance
Faction Resistance (leader)
Role Support
Gender Female
Relatives Sagh (father)
Species Human
Voice actor(s)
Eng: Erika Harlacher SeoM HD

Krissie is a supporting character in Secret of Mana.



Secret of Mana[edit]

Circle of Mana[edit]

Krissie makes a cameo appearance in the online game, along with several Secret of Mana characters. She appears in 4 sets of cards.

Rank Attribute Name Classes Quote
R クリス R 0017 クリス.jpg
R 0018 クリス.jpg
R 0019 クリス.jpg
R 0020 クリス.jpg
"We will continue to fight until a peaceful country returns! Everyone, please do your best!"
SSUR クリス SSUR 0025 クリス.jpg
SSUR 0026 クリス.jpg
SSUR 0027 クリス.jpg
SSUR 0028 クリス.jpg
"I won't let anyone die. You must survive at all costs! There is not a single person in this resistance that is unnecessary."
SSUR クリス[双刀] SSUR 0749 クリス 双刀.jpg
SSUR 0750 クリス 双刀.jpg
SSUR 0751 クリス 双刀.jpg
SSUR 0752 クリス 双刀.jpg
"The Emperor uses cowardly tactics, and his minions are powerful. Everyone, please be careful!"
LGR クリス LGR 0725 クリス.jpg
LGR 0726 クリス.jpg
LGR 0727 クリス.jpg
LGR 0728 クリス.jpg
"...hehe. Randi doesn't seem confident usually, but at times like this he's a hard worker."

Echoes of Mana[edit]


While not physically appearing in the game, Krissie was depicted in one memory gem:

General information[edit]

Physical appearance[edit]



For this subject's image gallery, see Gallery:Krissie.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese クリス
Spanish Cris Same as Japanese (3D)
French Lola (SNES)
Chris (3D)

Same as Japanese (3D)
German Sarah (SNES)
Kris (3D)

Same as Japanese (3D)
Rabite icon EOM artwork.png Randi --"Whoa! What's a Rabite doing in a place like this?"
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