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Sergo SOM remake screenshot.png
Secret of Mana (remake) render
First appearance Secret of Mana (1993)
Latest appearance Secret of Mana HD (2018)
Title(s) Pirate
Homeland Potos Village
Faction Mana Clan
Role Support
Gender Male
Species Human
Status Alive
Voice actor(s)
EN: Brook ChalmersSeoM HD

Sergo is a supporting character in Secret of Mana.



Secret of Mana[edit]

Circle of Mana[edit]

Sergo makes a cameo appearance in the online game, along with several Secret of Mana characters. He appeared in 3 sets of cards.

Rank Attribute Name Classes Quote
N セルゲイ N 0009 セルゲイ.jpg
N 0010 セルゲイ.jpg
N 0011 セルゲイ.jpg
N 0012 セルゲイ.jpg
"My name is Sergei, and I'm the greatest pirate on the world's oceans! Isn't that just adorable?"
R セルゲイ R 0013 セルゲイ.jpg
R 0014 セルゲイ.jpg
R 0015 セルゲイ.jpg
R 0016 セルゲイ.jpg
"You want to get out of here? Well, you have friends.... All right, I'll take care of it!"
SUR セルゲイ SUR 0565 セルゲイ.jpg
SUR 0566 セルゲイ.jpg
SUR 0567 セルゲイ.jpg
SUR 0568 セルゲイ.jpg
"My name is Sergei. I am a great pirate who has ranged the seas of the world."

General information[edit]

Physical appearance[edit]


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese セルゲイ
Spanish Serguei Same as Japanese
French Sergio (SNES)
Sergueï (3D)

Same as Japanese (3D)
German Felix (SNES)
Sergius (3D)


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