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Flammie (Secret of Mana)

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Flammie (Secret of Mana)
Flammie SOM remake artwork.jpg
Secret of Mana (remake) render
First appearance Secret of Mana (1993)
Latest appearance Secret of Mana HD (2018)
Title(s) Legendary White Dragon
Homeland Cave of the White Dragon
Role Supporting
Gender Male
Species White Dragon
Status Presumed dead

Flammie is a supporting character in Secret of Mana.



Secret of Mana[edit]

“The loveable child of the legendary white dragon. Despite his cute appearance, he possesses unbelievable flying skills passed down form his father. He can be called by using his favorite toy, a little hand drum.”
Secret of Mana iOS Official Website

On the advice of the Matango residents, the party tracks down a lead on a dragon seen overhead. They head north toward a cave where the dragon might be, but are quickly attacked by a Great Viper, which they battle and defeat. As they enter the cave, there is naught but a newborn dragon cowering, as its parents were recently slaughtered by the giant snake. Primm approaches it and attempts to befriend it, ultimately succeeding and leading the party to ponder what to do next. It is still much too large for them to bring it along, so they decide to leave it with King Truffle, who is aware of a legend concerning a hero on a white dragon. He gladly volunteers to care for the dragon in the party's stead.

The party resumes its mission to locate and protect the Mana Seeds, communing with those of Fire and Water. They then travel by cannon to the Imperial continent and meet with Mara in Southtown, who directs them through the sewer to reach Northtown and hook up with the Resistance there.

After exploring the Northtown Ruins and rescuing the people trapped there by Thanatos, the party as well as the Resistance are summoned to meet with Emperor Vandole in the Imperial Palace. This turns out to be a trap and all are thrown into the palace dungeon. The party then frees the Resistance and makes their way through the demon-ridden castle to the roof, where Geshtar ambushes them in Mech Rider 2. The party defeats Geshtar, but he has sprung a trap and causes the Palace to collapse. Truffle arrives not a moment too soon with the young dragon, a male named Flammie. The dragon has matured extremely quickly, enough that he can now be ridden; and he has been more than eager to meet his new family. He has also been trained to answer the beat of his favorite toy, which Truffle dubs the Flammie Drum. After dropping Truffle off at Fung Castle, the party is free to resume its quest.

Flammie remains with the party for the remainder of their quest, able to carry them to remote areas otherwise unreachable by other means: Gold Isle, Lighthouse Isle, Tasnica, the Lofty Mountains, the Moon Palace, the Pure Land, and the Grand Palace. He is further able to help the party reach the Mana Fortress when it rises from the sea.

As white dragons of this world are sustained by mana power, it can be assumed that Flammie faded from existence after the Mana Beast was felled

General information[edit]

Physical appearance[edit]


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese フラミー
Spanish Flammie Same as English
French Flammy (SNES)
Flammie (3D)

Same as English (3D)
German Lufti (SNES)
Flämmchen (3D)
From Luft (air) (SNES)
Tiny flame(3D)


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