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Secret of Mana characters

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Mana characters
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This is an exhaustive list of all the characters in Secret of Mana.

Character list[edit]

Nb Name Hometown Description
01 Randi SOM remake screenshot.png
Potos Village The hero. Randi is a young boy who possesses immense courage. Upon hearing a mysterious voice he discovers the Mana Sword. Armed with the power of the Mana Sword, he sets forth on this quest to learn how to harness Mana
02 Primm SOM remake screenshot.png
Pandora A young noblewoman from the Kingdom of Pandora. She rebels against her father's plan to arrange her mariage. After saving Randi from an ambush, she accompanies him on his journey to restore the power of Mana. Primm is also on her own quest to save her beloved Dyluck.
03 Popoi SOM remake screenshot.png
Sprite Village A mischievous and caring sprite. Popoi suffers from amnesia, but joins Randi and Primm on their quest in the hope of restoring their lost memories.
04 Gemma SOM remake screenshot.png
Republic of Tasnica A seasoned knight intent on recovering the Mana Sword in order to defeat the empire. Gemma meets Randi on his travels and helps guide him on his quest to protect Mana.
05 Luka SOM remake screenshot.png
Water Palace Luka is the wise guardian of the Water Palance. She assists Randi on his journey to restore the power of Mana.
06 Dyluck SOM remake screenshot.png
Kippo Village A noble and strong-willed major in Pandora's army, as well as Primm's love interest. He was captured during an expedition into the Haunted Forest and put into trance. Primm wants to save Dyluck whilst her father will stop at nothing to thwart their romance.
07 Pamaela SOM remake screenshot.png
Pandora A childhood friend of Primm. Her possession by Thanatos seemed to have revealed some buried feelings for Dyluck.
08 Dwarf Elder SOM remake screenshot.png
Dwarf Elder
Dwarf Village The seasoned dwarf elder of Dwarf Village. Despite his con act, he seems genuinely concerned about Popoi.
09 Watts SOM remake screenshot.png
Dwarf Village A Dwarf blacksmith with a travel itch. He starts following Randi and his crew upon hearing about the Mana Sword.
10 Neko SOM remake screenshot.png
??? A cunning catfolk merchant who loves to show up in areas you least expect him. For outrageous prices, he can truly help when you're in a pinch.
11 Moogle SOM remake screenshot.png
Moogle Village A remote tribe of cute creatures inhabiting the Forest of Seasons. Their village has been invaded by Pebblers as of late.
12 Grandpa SOM remake screenshot.png
Sprite Village The only survivor of Sprite Village after the Empire raid and Popoi's grandfather. The attack made him blind.
13 King Truffle SOM remake screenshot.png
Matango The regal ruler of Matango. He's very friendly towards Randi and crew, helping the group taking care of Flammie.
14 Sergo SOM remake screenshot.png
??? A former sailor of the seven seas, he was captured by the Republic and forced to wark in the engine room until Randi showed up.
15 Mara SOM remake screenshot.png
Republic of Tasnica An undercover informant from the Republic of Tasnica, who took over her husband's duties after he was killed by the Vandole Empire.
16 Krissie SOM remake screenshot.png
??? The leader of the Resistance against the Empire secretly working in Northtown. She assists Randi and his companions numerous times after their initial meeting.
16 Jehk SOM remake screenshot.png
Lofty Mountains Sage Joch's pupil who keep intruders away from the Passage of Trials during his master's absence. He seems to know more than it appears.
17 Joch SOM remake screenshot.png
Lofty Mountains A wise old man with an odd sense of humor. He entrusts the party to face their fear in a round of trials before sending them to the Sunken Contient.
18 Geshtar SOM remake screenshot.png
Vandole Empire A general under Emperor Vandole, he works as the emperor's henchman, causing terror throughout the world.
19 Thanatos SOM remake screenshot.png
??? A dark sorcerer entrusted by Emperor Vandole to help him claim the Mana Fortress. Thanatos performs terrifying magic in his pure spiritual form of the Dark Lich. However, Thanatos has a cunning plan of his own.
20 Sheex SOM remake screenshot.png
Vandole Empire The third of Emperor Vandole's generals. Sheex is the emperor's trusted underling, known for his skills in stealth and incursion. He possesses a power that turns him into an Aegagropilon.
21 Fanha SOM remake screenshot.png
Vandole Empire A fierce enemy of Randi, Primm, and Popoi. She is the strongest female general under Emperor Vandole. Not what she seems, Fanha loyally follows Thanatos in his attempts to claim the Mana Fortress.
22 Emperor Vandole SOM remake screenshot.png
Emperor Vandole
Vandole Empire Leader of the Vandole Empire and nemesis of Randi, Primm and Popoi. Emperor Vandole plans to take control of all Mana power and unleash the might of the Mana Fortress.
23 Undine SOM remake screenshot.png
Water Palace The Water Elemental and first Mana Spirit Randi and crew meet during their adventure. She's a long time friend of Luka whom she frequently visits.
24 Gnome SOM remake screenshot.png
Underground Palace The Earth Elemental and one of Popoi's favorites. After the initial confrontation, he calls the little sprite boss out of sheer respect.
25 Sylphid SOM remake screenshot.png
Wind Palace The Wind Elemental and third Mana Spirit to be encountered. He stayed near Popoi's Grandpa after the Empire raid.
26 Salamando SOM remake screenshot.png
Fire Palace The Fire Elemental who was captured by the Scorpion Army and put in a giant oven to attract rich tourists somewhere in the Crystal Forest.
27 Shade SOM remake screenshot.png
Palace of Darkness The Dark Elemental found deep within the Palace of Darkness by Randi and crew. He claims that he was once king of Mavolia.
28 Lumina SOM remake screenshot.png
Gold Tower The Light Elemental who was locked inside the Gold Tower by King Mammon and forced to transform the island into pure gold.
29 Luna SOM remake screenshot.png
Moon Palace The Moon Elemental residing deep within the Sea of Wonder near Kakkara Desert. She quickly joins the teams upon them reaching the Moon Palace.
30 Dryad SOM remake screenshot.png
Tree Palace The Wood Elemental and last Mana Spirit to join the party. Thanatos sealed her most powerful magic, making her feel useless.
31 Cannon Man SOM remake screenshot.png
Cannon Man
Kippo Village A battalion of identical twins running the Cannon Travel Centers of all around the world. Whether those are the same person or not remains a mystery.
32 Shopkeeper SOM remake screenshot.png
Various The groovy shop and innkeepers of various towns that always seem to be able to dance endlessly, at least in front of costumers.
33 Elliott SOM remake screenshot.png
Potos Village One of Randi's friends in Potos Village. He is a bit of a brat and a bully to the hero, but is quickly revealed to be a pushover.
34 Timothy SOM remake screenshot.png
Potos Village One of Randi's friends in Potos Village. He's not much of a talker, but always seems to appear alongside Elliott.
35 Potos Elder SOM remake screenshot.png
Potos Elder
Potos Village The village chief. He took care of Randi and raised him as his own child after a mysterious woman left her baby to him.
36 Elinee SOM remake screenshot.png
Witch Castle A frightful witch who turned the people of Pandora into zombies in exchange for magical herbs that have stopped growing in the Hunted Forest.
37 Scorpion Boss SOM remake screenshot.png
Scorpion Boss
??? The leader of the Scorpion Army who proves to be a recurring nuisance for Randi and crew during their travels.
38 Minion SOM remake screenshot.png
??? The faithful henchmen of the Scorpion Army. Their resilience only matches their stupidity sometimes.
39 Elman SOM remake screenshot.png
Pandora A pandoran nobleman and Primm's father. He tried to convince the king to send Dyluck and his men to capture Elinee to secure an arranged marriage with her daughter.
40 Morie SOM remake screenshot.png
Commander Morie
Republic of Tasnica An aspiring military officer from the Republic of Tasnica currently serving on the Republic's Sandship. His rude behavior is the bane of his grandfather Meria.
41 Meria SOM remake screenshot.png
Admiral Meria
Republic of Tasnica The chief commander of the Republic's Sandship. Though a strong leader, he seems too lenient of his gandson's antics. He's a good friend of Gemma.
42 Walrusker SOM remake screenshot.png
Todo Village Anthropomorphic walruses indigenous to the northern continent. They have settled in Todo Village.
43 Rudolph SOM remake screenshot.png
Crystal Forest Santa's very own reindeer who lives in the middle of Crystal Forest with him. He alerted Randi and friends his master has been captured in the Ice Palace.
44 Santa Claus SOM remake screenshot.png
Santa Claus
Crystal Forest The one and only Father Christmas. He was transformed into the Frost Gigas after wishing to the Mana Seed of Fire for people to believe in him again.
45 Pecard SOM remake screenshot.png
??? A lone lighthouse keeper scouting the vast ocean atop Lighthouse Isle. He seems to know a lot about the Sunken Continent.
N/A Serin SOM artwork.png
??? The late Mana Knight who was tasked to protect the Mana Tree from evil, but fell near Potos Village at the hands of the Empire. He is Randi's father.
N/A Mana Tree SOM artwork.jpg
Mana Tree
??? The Mana Maiden who took transformed into the Tree of Mana, deep in Pure Land. The source of Mana in the world and also Randi's mother.
N/A Flammie SOM remake artwork.jpg
Cave of the White Dragon A stray white dragon and last of its kind. He is rescued by Randi and crew after his mother was killed by a Viper. He serves as the primary mode of transportation in the second half of the game.
N/A Defeat Mana Beast achievement SOM remake artwork.png
Mana Beast
??? A fearsome Benevodon tasked by the gods to stop human hybris from completely depleting Mana from this world by activating the Mana Fortress.
N/A Shopkeeper SOM remake screenshot.png
King Amar III
Kakkara The ruler of the Kingdom of Kakkara. He is devastated by the state of the parched oasis and fear the worst for the villagers.
N/A Robin Foot SOM remake screenshot.png
Kakkara Desert A friendly Robin Foot operating a ferry between the Kakkara Desert and the Moon Palace. He helped Randi and friends crossing the Sea of Wonders on their way to the Moon Palace.
N/A King Mammon SeoM artwork.png
King Mammon
Gold City The greedy ruler of Gold Isle who locked Lumina the Light Mana Spirit in the Gold Tower to transform the island into a golden paradise.

Other Minor Characters[edit]

  • King of Pandora
  • Nobleman's Son
  • King of Tasnica
  • Sagh (Krissie's father)