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Burning (status)

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Burning, also known as Ablaze, Blaze, Combustion, Engulfed, or Fireman, is a recurring status aliment in the Mana series.


Acting several times faster than poison, fiery abilities or environments can cause a victim's body to become consumed by the flames they produce, resulting in HP loss and almost certain fainting if not put out. The smoke rising from the victim's charring flesh may be just enough to cloud their vision. It usually wears off with time away from flames, or it can be doused with a Medical Herb or by summoning healing magic.


Secret of Mana[edit]

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Called engulfed status in Secret of Mana and blaze status in Secret of Mana HD, this status aliment makes the afflicted ablaze, temporarily losing the ability to imput command and gradually losing HP with each ticking sound, lasting about 7 to 9 seconds. While set on fire, the target tries to move in place helplessly wile flames burn its body.

The aliment can be removed either by casting Remedy or using a Medical Herb.

Here is a list of enemies that can inflict blaze to characters.

There is only one accessory the player can wear to become immune to blaze.

There are two spells that Primm can use to inflict blaze to enemies.

Trials of Mana HD[edit]

Riesz afflicted with burn status

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Secret of Mana

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