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Armored Man (Secret of Mana)

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Armored Man
Monster info
Japanese name アーマーナイト
Armor Knight
Type Machine
Element None
Level 34
Common drop Candy
Rare drop Cup of Wishes
Location(s) Imperial Palace
Mana Fortress
Bestiary index
ImpArmored ManEmberman
#044 • #045 • #046
Related enemies
Dark Knight
This article is about Armored Man from Secret of Mana. For the general species, see Tin Knight.

A Armored Man is an enemy in Secret of Mana.

Enemy Stats
250 20 633 540
Strength Agility Intelligence Wisdom
45 25 39 39
Phys. Defense Phys. Evasion Magic Defense Magic Evasion
15 99 0 0
Special Abilities
Defender Lv.6
Treasure Chest Stats
Probability Trap Trap evade Analyzer Lv
1/16 E 32 0
Attack Effects
Undine icon SOM sprite.png Gnome icon SOM sprite.png Sylphid icon SOM sprite.png Salamando icon SOM sprite.png Shade icon SOM sprite.png Lumina icon SOM sprite.png Luna icon SOM sprite.png Dryad icon SOM sprite.png
Neutral Neutral Neutral Neutral Neutral Neutral Neutral Neutral
Frostied SOM sprite.png Petrified SOM sprite.png Silence SOM animation.gif Popoi engulfed SOM sprite.png Balloon SOM animation.gif Speed Down SOM animation.gif Lunar Magic SOM animation.gif Poison needles chest SOM sprite.png
Immune Immune Effective Immune Effective Effective Immune Effective
Effective Weapon(s)
ClaymoreGolden AxeHeavy GloveMorning StarNimbus ChainPower GloveRed Cleaver
“Easy to defeat with weapons.”
Secret of Mana Official Game Secrets

Physical Appearance[edit]

Armored Men are machines made to resemble medieval knights. They wear a gray full suit of armor with green breastplate and brown shorts. Their helmet is adorned with light green wings on both sides and topped with an orange plume. They wield a morning star in their right hand.

In their HD counterpart, the only visible change is their armor palette being a deeper shade of blue.


This enemy behaves the same in all versions of the game. Armored Men first imitate a statue before engaging into combat, appear gray while standing still. Once their target is fast approaching, they spring to life and start slowly creeping up to their prey while failing their morning star if in range. Finally, they occasionally use the spell Defender to boost their defense power.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese メタルクラブ
Armor Knight
Spanish Hombres Armados Amored Man
French Métarmur (SNES)
Homme de fer (HD)
Portmanteau of métal (metal) and armure (armor)
Iron Man
German Drachenritter (SNES)
Rüstritter (HD)
Dragon Knight
Armor Knight