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Master Ninja (Secret of Mana)

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Master Ninja
Monster info
Japanese name マスターニンジャ
Master Ninja
Type Demihuman
Element None
Level 68
Common drop Faerie Cloak
Rare drop Boomerang's Orb
Location(s) Mana Fortress
Bestiary index
Wolf LordMaster NinjaMace Menace
#079 • #080 • #081
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This article is about Master Ninja from Secret of Mana. For the general species, see Evil Ninja.

A Master Ninja is an enemy in Secret of Mana.

Enemy Stats
400 44 4,388 2,760
Strength Agility Intelligence Wisdom
66 77 75 75
Phys. Defense Phys. Evasion Magic Defense Magic Evasion
100 99 323 99
Special Abilities
Exploder Lv.7
Stone Saber Lv.7
Treasure Chest Stats
Probability Trap Trap evade Analyzer Lv
1/16 F 72 8
Attack Effects
Undine icon SOM sprite.png Gnome icon SOM sprite.png Sylphid icon SOM sprite.png Salamando icon SOM sprite.png Shade icon SOM sprite.png Lumina icon SOM sprite.png Luna icon SOM sprite.png Dryad icon SOM sprite.png
Neutral Neutral Neutral Neutral Neutral Neutral Neutral Neutral
Frostied SOM sprite.png Petrified SOM sprite.png Silence SOM animation.gif Popoi engulfed SOM sprite.png Balloon SOM animation.gif Speed Down SOM animation.gif Lunar Magic SOM animation.gif Poison needles chest SOM sprite.png
Immune Immune Immune Immune Immune Immune Immune Immune
Effective Weapon(s)
ClaymoreGolden AxeHeavy GloveMorning StarNimbus ChainPower GloveRed Cleaver
“Very powerful attacks. Finish him off quickly.”
Secret of Mana Official Game Secrets


Master Ninjas are the first enemy encountered and also the weakest in the game. They move by hopping energetically. They attack by biting their opponent, and by twirling forward.

In Secret of Mana HD they have the additional effect of defending themselves by putting their ears on their eyes and dashing on their opponent.