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Eye Spy (Secret of Mana)

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Eye Spy
Eye Spy SOM sprite.png
Eye Spy SOM mobile sprite.png
Eye Spy SOM remake screenshot.png
Monster info
Japanese name あいすぱい
Aisu pai
Eye Spy
Type Amorphous
Element Lumina
Level 8
Common drop Chocolate
Rare drop Medicinal Herb
Location(s) Haunted Forest
Witch's Castle
Bestiary index
Chobin HoodEye SpyPolter Chair
#009 • #010 • #011
Related enemies
Wizard Eye
This article is about Eye Spy from Secret of Mana. For the general species, see Eye Spy.

An Eye Spy is an enemy in Secret of Mana.

Enemy Stats
100 15 28 30
Strength Agility Intelligence Wisdom
13 1 20 20
Phys. Defense Phys. Evasion Magic Defense Magic Evasion
0 0 0 0
Special Abilities
Cure Water Lv. 0
Moogle (projectile)
Treasure Chest Stats
Probability Trap Trap evade Analyzer Lv
1/16 A 24 0
Attack Effects
Undine icon SOM sprite.png Gnome icon SOM sprite.png Sylphid icon SOM sprite.png Salamando icon SOM sprite.png Shade icon SOM sprite.png Lumina icon SOM sprite.png Luna icon SOM sprite.png Dryad icon SOM sprite.png
Neutral Neutral Neutral Weak Neutral Neutral Neutral Neutral
Frostied SOM sprite.png Petrified SOM sprite.png Silence SOM animation.gif Popoi engulfed SOM sprite.png Balloon SOM animation.gif Speed Down SOM animation.gif Lunar Magic SOM animation.gif Poison needles chest SOM sprite.png
Effective Effective Effective Effective Effective Effective Immune Effective
Effective Weapon(s)
ChakramChain WhipFrizbarHerald SwordHyper-FistPartisan
“Summons Chobin Hoods.”
Secret of Mana Official Game Secrets


Eye Spys are curious creatures that cannot attack the player characters directly, as they are bolted to the ground. They can, however, summon up to two Chobin Hoods to assist them in battle, damage their opponent by contact, and transform them into Moogles by shooting a laser beam our of their giant eye. On top of that, they can cast Cure Water to regenerate HP to themselves or other enemies, making they quite annoying.

In Secret of Mana HD them seem a tiny bit more aggressive, spamming their Moogle beam and Cure Water every chance they get if not targeted.