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Queen of Altena

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Queen of Altena
Queen of Altena HOM artwork.jpg
Heroes of Mana artwork
First appearance Heroes of Mana (2007)
Latest appearance Circle of Mana (2014)
Title(s) Queen of Altena
Homeland Altena, Kingdom of Magicians
Faction Her own
Role Support
Gender Female
Relatives Valda (daughter)
Richard (son-in-law)
Angela (granddaughter)
Species Human
Status Dead

the Queen of Altena is a character in Heroes of Mana.



Heroes of Mana[edit]

General information[edit]

“A wielder of the Mana Goddess's magic, she had the power to control the weather, including the constant blizzards that covered her country. But even those powers were no match for Esina's mirror. She was killed in the battle to defend her own castle.”

Physical appearance[edit]


Profile and statistics[edit]


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