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Minerva HOM artwork.webp
Heroes of Mana artwork
Minerva TOM remake screenshot.png
Trials of Mana HD screenshot
First appearance Trials of Mana (1995)
Latest appearance Trials of Mana (2022)
Title(s) Late Queen of LaurentToM
Homeland Laurent, Kingdom of Winds
Faction Galura (formerly)
Her own, alongside King Joster
Role Ally
Gender Female
Relatives Galura (mother)
Joster (husband)
Riesz (daughter)
Elliot (son)
Species Human
Status Dead
Voice actor(s) Eng: Dana SimoneToM HD

Minerva is a supporting character in Heroes of Mana and recurring character in Mana series.



Heroes of Mana[edit]

“A leader of Laurent's Amazons, and daughter of Galura. As Joster's fiancée, they share a dream of building the nation of Laurent. Her mother was mercilessly killed; she herself has been taken hostage by Olbex.”

Trials of Mana[edit]

General information[edit]

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