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Faerie Walnut

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Faerie Walnut
Faerie Walnut SOM artwork.png
Artwork from Secret of Mana
First appearance Secret of Mana (1991)
Latest appearance Trials of Mana (2020)
Location(s) Various
Effect Restores some MP
Related items
Green glob
Blue blob

Faerie Walnut, also called Magic Walnut, is a recurring restorative item in the Mana series. They make their first appearance in Secret of Mana. They recover a significant amount of MP to a character. Faerie Walnuts have always been depicted as oblong nuts with a brown or tan hue.


Secret of Mana[edit]

Faerie Walnuts restore 50 MP to a single ally upon consumption. They can be bought in mid to late towns & from Neko & a can be obtained by defeating some monsters.

Trials of Mana[edit]

HD sprite

The Faerie Walnut restores 50 MP to a single ally. It can be bought in items shops post Valsena in the 2D version and all item shops in the 3D version. Only two enemies may drop the nut upon defeat.

In the 2D version, the sweet treat can be grown from the Magic Pot by planting an Item Seed or a Mystery Seed. In the 3D version, candies can also sprout from the magic pot should the player use either an item seed, a silver, gold or rainbow item seed. They can also frequently be found by collecting sparkles, opening chests, or by breaking red urns.

Buy 50 lucre2D/150 lucre3D
Sell 25 lucre2D/37 lucre3D
Effect Restore 50 MP to an ally.
Places to buy AlrantAltenaAstoria3DBeiserBeiser's Night Market3DDiinDiorDwarf Village3DJadd StrongholdMaia3DMintasPaloPeddaSirhtanTomato TownValsenaWendel3D
Item Drop Mushgloom2DTezla
Magic Pot Yes (Item SeedMystery Seed2D/Item, Silver, Gold, or Rainbow Item Seeds3D)
Altena (3) • Crystal Desert (3) • Dark Castle (2) • Dragonsmaw (3) • Frostbite Fields (1) • Golden Road (1) • Jungle of Visions (3) • Koropokkur Woods (1) • Maia (1) • Mirage Palace (2) • Night Cavern (4) • Sanctuary of Mana (1) • Valsena (1) • Woods of Wandara (3)

Sword of Mana[edit]

The Magic Walnut recovers 80 MP to an ally upon consumption. They can be bought in items shops and a decent amount of enemies can drop it after defeat.

Children of Mana[edit]

The Magic Walnut recovers 80 MP to the protagonist after use. They can be bought at the Golden Goods in Mana Village.

  • Buy: 150 Lucre
  • Sell ? Lucre
  • Effect: Restore 80 MP to the hero
  • Places to buy: Golden Goods
  • Item Drop from ?

Dawn of Mana[edit]

While not appearing in Dawn of Mana two similar items, the Green glob and the Blue blob restore 25% & 50% of Keldric's max MP respectively.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 魔法のくるみ
Mahō no kurumi
Magic Walnut
Spanish Nuez Mágica Magic Nut
French Noix magique Same as Spanish
Italian Noce Magica Same as Japanese
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