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Flammie (Trials of Mana)

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Flammie TOM remake artwork.jpg
Trials of Mana HD artwork
Flammie 2 TOM artwork.jpg
Trials of Mana artwork
Befriending Flammie framed EOM artwork.png
Echoes of Mana artwork
First appearance Trials of Mana (1995)
Latest appearance Echoes of Mana (2022)
Title(s) The Winged Defender
Homeland Celestial Peak
Faction The heroes'
Role Support
Gender Female
Species White Dragon
Status Alive

Flammie is a supporting character in Trials of Mana.


The fabled Winged Defender is revered by the Laurentian people, protecting heir kind and overseeing both land and sky. and is said to only appear before Amazons.


Trials of Mana[edit]

“Flammie -- Known as the Winged Defender, Flammie is said to protect the mountains and sky. She's actually a cute, young dragon who really likes her new name.”
Adventure Log

With the siege of the Sanctuary of Mana imminent, the party must find a way through the portal at Oblivisle. If Riesz is in the party, she suggests returning to Laurent for the "Winged Defender". They are met at the foot of the mountain by an Amazon guardswoman who opens the gate. Making the treacherous climb, they meet the dragon pup at the top; while Faerie has reservations about "his" small size, Riesz steps in to correct Faerie and bond with her. She successfully directs Flammie to take them to the Sanctuary.

By the time the heroes arrive on the hallowed grounds, carnage has already been wrought as two of the three villainous factions fell before the lead hero's adversary, each seeking to make contact with both the Mana Sword and with the dark realm Mavolia to conquer the mortal realm. The hero successfully removes the Sword nonetheless, and receives the Mana Goddess's blessing along with the Flammie Drum to call the dragon. In a split second, Faerie is abducted and the heroes must leave the Sanctuary on Flammie to search for her. Though they must exchange the Sword for Faerie, the latter rejoins the party unharmed; but the Benevodons have already woken and are bent on destroying the world.

As our heroes prepare to eliminate the Benevodons, Dangaard awaits high above Gusthall. Flammie is called and takes the heroes to the skies to battle the gryphon.

In Riesz's epilogue, both her and her brother Elliot are seen meeting with the Winged Defender.

Flammie is also used in post-game to enter the portal to Anise's stockade, a dungeon exclusive to the HD remake.

Echoes of Mana[edit]

Flammie appeared in Chapter 4: Soaramame: Wings for Wear, when Baashear and the harvester landed on her upon first visiting the echo. She helped the protagonist, Riesz and Hawkeye defeat the Ebon Knight and reach the portal to the Sanctuary of Mana.

The female white dragon also appeared in two memory gems: