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Fullmetal Hugger

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Fullmetal Hugger
Fullmetal Hugger TOM remake screenshot.jpg
Trials of Mana HD screenshot
First appearance Final Fantasy Adventure (1991)
Latest appearance Echoes of Mana (2022)
Location(s) Cascade CavernToM
Dark CastleToM
Species Crab
Counterpart(s) Grim Mortifier
Background music "Nuclear Fusion"ToM
"Metal Crab" redirects here. For information about the common monster in Secret of Mana, see Metal Crab (enemy).

Fullmetal Hugger is a massive crab boss who appears in some of the earlier Mana games. It first appears in Final Fantasy Adventure. Fullmetal Hugger generally has a large rocky body, with the main part having a reddish color and its legs being either light green or dark blue in color, depending on the game.


Final Fantasy Adventure/Adventures of Mana[edit]

Metal Crab FFA sprite.png

In Final Fantasy Adventure and the Adventures of Mana remake, it is named Metal Crab, and it is fought within the Hidden Waterfall. In the smartphone and PlayStation Vita releases of Adventures of Mana, defeating the Metal Crab earns the player the "Crab Crusher" achievement.

Trials of Mana[edit]

In Trials of Mana, Fullmetal Hugger is the first major boss, and it is encountered in Cascade Cavern where it holds a seal over Lumina. A stronger variant is also fought when the Chosen is neither Kevin nor Charlotte.

Legend of Mana[edit]

In Legend of Mana, its name was changed to Fullmetal Haggar, who is encountered at Madora Beach during the "Summer Lovin'" quest

Sword of Mana[edit]

In Sword of Mana, its name is formatted as Full Metal Haggar, and it is fought in Cascade Cave. When Full Metal Haggar is defeated by the Hero or Heroine, it retreats into the Boison Vine's stomach, and the hero then has to fight Boison Vine.

Echoes of Mana[edit]

The Trials of Mana iteration is fought as a boss in Chapter 4: Soaramame, itself a corrupted memory of the world seen in the source. It is weak against attacks from Dark-aspected characters, but immune to Light attacks.


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