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Diana LoM anime artwork.png
Legend of Mana: The Teardrop Crystal anime artwork
Diana LoM remastered artwork.png
Legend of Mana Remaster artwork
First appearance Legend of Mana (1999)
Latest appearance Echoes of Mana (2022)
Title(s) The Jumi of Diamond
Leader of the Jumi
Lady Diana (by Esmeralda)
Faction Leader of Jumi and Guardian
Role Support
Gender Female
Species Jumi
Voice actor(s) Manami Numakura (Anime)
“Do not call me by that name. I am no longer a Jumi.”
In-game dialogue

Diana is a major supporting character in Legend of Mana and a recurring character in the Mana series.


Diana is the Jumi of Diamond and the Leader of the Jumi people. The lived together with her kin in Etancel, the Bejeweled City. Rubens the Jumi of Ruby, was appointed as her Knight and second-in-command. Her ruling style was widely criticized among her peers as she desperately tried to keep her tribe alive using Florina, the chosen Clarius, to revive her fallen comrades during the Deathbringer's army attack. This depleted the Jumi of Fluorite's strength to great extent as Jumi who shed healing tears do so at the cost of their health. Her main detractor was Alexandra, the Jumi of Alexandrite and newly appointed Knight to Florina during Lady Blackpearl's disappearance. Outraged by the treatment the Jumi of Diamond and the tepid reaction of her comrades, Alexandrite decided to kidnap Florina, threatening the whole tribe toward severe depopulation since she was the only Jumi able to heal with her tears. Later on, following the tragic hunting of the Jumis during the search of the seventh Mana Stone, most of the jewel folk died by lessening their energy flow through their core to protect the secrets of their clan. Mages were also after the Jumi's cores due to alleged rumors about them harboring rare mystical proprieties. The remaining Jumi population left their homeland of Etancel and concealed their identities to the best of their abilities.

Believing Florina to be dead, Diana turned herself into a stone statue to protect her own core, and was eventually acquired by Krissie, a rich art collector from Geo. She remained there in the storage room and came into possession of one of Esmeralda's sister's core. She was hopeless at hiding and surviving from being hunted by the Jewel Hunter until she wrote a note to Sandra telling her to steal her core. Later, she locked her heart and threw away the three keys, crystallizing her. Her heart was unlocked by main character, Pearl, and Elazul, and was about to tell them about Jewel Hunter's intentions until Sandra stole her core. She later ends up in the Underworld being turned to stone even though her core flashes whenever Elazul or Pearl are nearby.


Legend of Mana[edit]

“The leader of the Jumi, and a Jumi of Diamond herself. She tried to keep the Jumi from extinction, but her hard-headed dictatorship caused her to lose support.”
In-game Encyclopedia

The Lucky Clover[edit]

While searching for her sister's cores, Esmeralda and the protagonist discover Lady Diana in the storage room. The Jumi of Diamond tells them she's no longer a Jumi and that their tribe is fated to die soon. She encourages Esmeralda to surrender, but the young Jumi replies she doesn't want to give up as the fallen can still be healed by Florina. Diana believes the Clarius to be dead, and urges Esmeralda to take her sister's core and leave thsi place before the Jewel Hunter finds her, too. She then adds she sent a message to Sandra, telling her to come steal her core. The Jumi of Diammond has made her decision and wishes for Esmeralda to choose her own path as well.

Elazul and the protagonist return to the storage room after hearing from Inspector Boyd that Esmeralda was kidnapped by Sandra. Diana teleports them both to the battle arena where they see the Jewel Hunter rips her core from her chest and leave. Upon returning to the storage room, the Jumi of Diamond reveals that she knew that unfortunate event would happen. She also believes Sandra to act this way out of revenge and promise to tell them more should Elazul bring Pearl to her.


Pearl agrees to meet with Diana in Geo. Upon returning to the basement, she is surprised to see the Ruler of the Jumi in a petrified state. They ask the owners why did she turn into stone, but they don't seem to have a good answer. Pearl replies it must be part of the Jumi pairing ceremony, where a Jumi must first gather the keys of the heart. They could use these keys to awaken the stone Guardian and become their knight. The protagonist and Pearl decide to gather the three keys scattered around Geo. As they head back, they find Diana's statue in the battle arena. Elazul joins them, and the keys are used to reanimate the Jumi of Diamond. She then reveals the true motives of Sandra are to enact revenge against the Jumi people. She tells that in ancient times, Jumi used their tears to heal all races, but then that period came to and end, and her people stopped producing tears and secluded themselves in the Bejeweled City. Sandra's voice is heard, claiming she used Florina's tears to revive fallen comrades at will at her life's expanse. She drops from the ceiling and takes the Diana's core before exiting. In her last breath, the Jumi of Diamond pleads for them to find Lady Blackpearl, as she is the only one capable to stopping Sandra.


Diana appears in her room in the Underworld, crystallized like during the 'Alexandrite' event. The only responsive part of her is her core when Elazul or Pearl tries to talk to her.

Teardrop Crystal[edit]

Diana is revived by the protagonist's tears in the climax of the Teardrop Crystal quest along with every other slain Jumi. Together, they cry tears of crystal, summoning a great storm to undo the petrifying process on the main character. They do this with their tears, despite the unknown amount of life force it takes from their bodies. After a scene, the Hero is revived.

Circle of Mana[edit]

Diana makes a cameo appearance in the online game, along with several other characters from the Mana series. She appears in 3 sets of cards.

Rank Attribute Name Classes Quote
UR ディアナ UR 0069 ディアナ.jpg
UR 0070 ディアナ.jpg
UR 0071 ディアナ.jpg
UR 0072 ディアナ.jpg
"Tamami is dying. But if you can see the flame of hope, live as Tamami."
SUR ディアナ SUR 0085 ディアナ.jpg
SUR 0086 ディアナ.jpg
SUR 0087 ディアナ.jpg
SUR 0088 ディアナ.jpg
"One light is hidden by another light... The only one who can stop it is Lady Pearl... Find her..."
SUR ディアナ[決意] SUR 0521 ディアナ 決意.jpg
SUR 0522 ディアナ 決意.jpg
SUR 0523 ディアナ 決意.jpg
SUR 0524 ディアナ 決意.jpg
"If you can see the flame of hope, live as a jewel."

Echoes of Mana[edit]

The Teardrop Crystal

While not physically appearing in the game, Stella was depicted in one memory gem:

Legend of Mana: The Teardrop Crystal[edit]

General information[edit]

Physical appearance[edit]


Diana in the anime

Based on her in-game encyclopedia description and comments made by Sandra, it can be deduced that during the time of the war waged between the Jumi and the Deathbringer, Diana was once a domineering leader, ruling her people with an iron-fist for the sake of preventing their extinction. To achieve this end, however, she had proven rather ruthless, as she unflinchingly elected to sacrifice Florina, the last Clarius of the Jumi, exploiting her tears of panacea at the expense of her life.

During the events of Legend of Mana, it is quite evident that Diana is but a mere shadow of what she once was; aware that the Jumi's certain annihilation is nigh, she has grown to become rather despondent and nihilistic, hopelessly choosing to give up the struggle and thereafter engaging in self-petrification.


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